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  1. I'd like to reiterate that I don't have a particular problem with giving a -1/4 limitation because it's been given out in published characters. But Saint Isidore of Seville is officially the Catholic Church's Patron Saint of Computers. That indicates to me that a character could use magic to gain a blessing from Saint Isidore or Summon Saint Isidore himself and hack the hell out of whatever computer system exists. If computers can be accessed or created magically, what piece of technology couldn't be duplicated? The Asgardians in Marvel Comics fly around in
  2. The landlord must know about the place because the story says there was an unlocked front door to the place which the woman locked.
  3. Well, they lose overall but you have to look at their goals. The Joker wants to terrify Gotham and kill people. He generally succeeds in doing that even though he's later caught. Many times the villain steals loot and is later apprehended but all the loot isn't recovered (or at least the parts of the loot which are critical to future plans aren't recovered. Villains like Klaw have committed crimes in an attempt to get permanent power-ups. And gets that permanent boost despite getting caught and (temporarily) imprisoned. Sabretooth wants to get in
  4. One of the fun things about the Bernie Sanders bill to increase the minimum wage: The person running the Senate forgot to close the vote on the bill before going on to new business. So the vote on Bernie's bill broke an all-time record for how long the vote was held open for it at over 9 hours total before they realized their mistake and closed the window for voting (or changing your vote).
  5. Are they absolutely sure that isn't the Flying Dutchman?
  6. That would be interesting to thumb through. My grandmother had a globe that was made after WWI but before WWII. I found it endlessly fascinating to look at how much the lines on the map had changed. And they've changed significantly more since those days when I was a kid.
  7. My wife is breathing somewhat better this morning. She spent from yesterday afternoon through this morning at home on oxygen. I spent most of yesterday certain that I'd have to take her to the emergency room, so somewhat better is good. ==== The refrigerator is running but I'm too tired to catch it: ba dum bum < cymbals crash > ==== The guy came to look at the RV. There's a clamp on the old battery which he can't remove. But he lifted up the new battery into place and we started the engine so he could see how it ran. It was runn
  8. After reading the article, I still don't feel that I grasp whatever point the scientists were trying to make with their theory.
  9. Yeah, I'm with you there as well. There's little a robot does that a properly-enchanted golem couldn't. And mystic armor can do pretty much anything that power armor can do.
  10. I think teen school is setting is hot right now because there's so much on TV about such things. There's also the high school for assassins in training on one of the premium cable channels. Many anime fans crossing over to RPGs are accustomed to a school setting as well (even if you leave out My Hero Academia). If I had a second choice, I would have picked stock modern Champions campaign. I like to see how other people envision heroes fitting into a modern setting (specifically "heroes" rather than "people who happen to have powers and costumes").
  11. Sounds like a surveillance room. Could be anything from a pervy landlord to a Cold War spy thing to the local police. Alternately, it could explain why the keys are never where you left them and why the socks go missing from the dryer.
  12. It wouldn't be unusual for someone who screams at a judge to be found in contempt and be facing problems from that. IMO, he got off lucky by avoiding that.
  13. I don't know much about WandaVision but John Stamos could be the Iron Man from an alternate reality. And Joey from Full House could be his version of Rhodey.
  14. When my grandfather retired, he taught himself to play the banjo (earlier in life, he'd taught himself to play the fiddle). I always thought that was really neat and told myself when I retired, I'd teach myself to play both instruments. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of the fine motor control in my fingers before I retired. So it didn't seem practical to attempt to learn instruments which depend on your fingers working. I threatened to learn the tambourine or the kettle drums but strangely enough my wife, who is an instrument buff, didn't seem to be very suppor
  15. My refrigerator/freezer has been out for three days. Supposedly the repairman has fixed it but it'll be 24 hours before it starts to put out a significant amount of cooling. ==== My wife is having breathing problems. Her blood oxygen is down to 93 while she's awake but she's visibly and audibly struggling. ==== The guy who's wanting to buy our RV is pressuring us to buy a battery so he can hear it running then empty all of our crap out of it. He's willing to take out the old one and install the new one but he wants us to go through th
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