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  1. When I have points, I feel like I can build for flavor. Champions gives that for me. Fantasy Hero doesn't.
  2. Usually the points spent on characteristics are so minimal that I don't seriously consider buying characteristics with limitations. I'm buying five points of STR or four points of DEX. It's not like I'm buying thirty or thirty-five points of some characteristic so that some of the benefit I get from the characteristic could be optional. I probably need what STR I buy to carry stuff, use weapons, make STR rolls, and add to figured characteristics in editions with those. I need the DEX roll, to help out on DEX skill rolls, etc. I need the INT for perception rolls, skill rolls, how ma
  3. Is Pellegrino that drink you get from squeezing pelicans really hard?
  4. < yell > I want a million dollars! < /yell >
  5. Iron Man was thought to be very obscure when it was first announced that Marvel was doing a movie about him. He was A-list for Marvel but less than an unknown outside of established comic fans. I read a lot of articles about how Marvel was taking a huge risk by making a big money picture with such an unknown character. Face it, outside of comic fans, all of Marvel's characters outside of Spider-Man, Hulk and Captain America were unknown. Thor was known through mythology but not as a comic book character. Hulk and Captain America were known from cheesy TV sho
  6. Juan Williams, co-host of the Fox News afternoon talk show “The Five,” has tested positive for COVID-19. He was informed that he had tested positive Thursday after a routine Monday weekly test at the Fox News NY headquarters. So basically he exposed everyone at their studios last week and this week. Supposedly the network enforces CDC rules on masks and distancing while people are off the air. While on the air, the hosts of The Five have been sitting seven feet apart...despite several of them insisting alternately that the virus is a Democrat hoax or that it is a virus
  7. Biden has asked Fauci to serve as his chief medical adviser in addition to staying on in his longtime role as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/528677-biden-asked-fauci-to-serve-as-chief-medical-adviser
  8. I like combining H2O and frozen H2O. That makes up maybe 99.5% of what I drink in a typical week.
  9. A Guided Tour Inside Nuclear Worship
  10. SSN: Strategies for Submarine Sandwiches
  11. Against All Enemies Great and Small
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