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  1. As I was reading the description but before reading the options, I was thinking ablative. But I'm not sure the mechanics of doing ablative with DCV. If someone autofires against you, are you using up DCV per shot? Per theoretical hit?
  2. Royal Pain is MI5's resident mentalist and is most often seen in costume providing an intimidating security presence for the Queen at public appearances. He's best known for his psychic pain attack which feels somewhat like you're being roasted alive but he has (at the least) the full suite of abilities you might expect from one of the world's top mentalists. The full range of his abilities are officially a State Secret and the British press are restricted in what they're able to print of his powers and activities. Royal Pain is considered an asset for both MI5 and MI6 (considered, that is, by the public and by many foreign intelligence services though both British services would deny he is a joint asset) and is thought to have gotten his hands very dirty in a variety of situations around the world. But all in service to the Crown, of course.
  3. Things that should be in fortune cookies...crab meat filling.
  4. If I were a street-level super, I might join up in an effort to keep her in line. I mean, I'd like it if she wanted to turn over a new leaf and be a hero. But I wouldn't trust her to not gun down everyone in her way and deliberately create huge amounts of collateral damage while thinking that was heroic behavior. After all, sometimes a city is trashed in Superman's battles. But that's a side effect of how powerful some of his foes are rather than a side effect of being a hero. I wouldn't trust that Harley Quinn would recognize that subtle difference when trying to stop a bank robbery, for example. (No, Harley, blowing up the bridge to stop the bank robber's get-away car is NOT on the table as a valid strategy!)
  5. The amazing thing to me is that no one suspects that Thanos is still alive and has the Infinity stones. Think about it. Thanos is on the alien planet all alone wanting to retire. He knows that everyone will figure out it was him who snapped half of everyone out of existence and that armies of angry people will come after him looking for revenge. So he's either going to have to live out the rest of his life on the run, kill off everyone who comes after him, or come up with a real plan (aka not retiring to a rural planet while waiting for people to come after him). So he uses the Infinity Gauntlet to create a duplicate Thanos who "remembers" that he used the Infinity Gauntlet to destroy the Infinity Stones. Then the real Thanos flies off on a spaceship, leaving the duplicate behind to take the fall from whoever comes looking for revenge. Once the duplicate is killed, the heat is off and everyone will stop looking for him. The Avengers detect the power flare of Thanos creating the duplicate and kill the duplicate on schedule. The real Thanos has quietly retired to some base he'd set up in advance and is living a life of luxury while watching his erstwhile hunters running around like self-satisfied fools.
  6. When I was a kid, I did the "garbage can lid as Captain America's shield" thing rather doing than the pretend sword thing.
  7. Foxbat Squirrel Girl Scott Free Miles Morales Ms. Marvel
  8. http://actnow.prochoiceamerica.org/signup/20190517_stop-banning-abortion_acq_ab-ck/ Get NARAL's free "Stop Banning Abortion" sticker!
  9. Don't give me the stat if you don't want one of my characters someday to sell it back for the points. If selling stats back for the points is something that is still part of the rules, I'm going to take advantage of that sometimes. If a character's strength can be zero, I see no reason why a character's OMCV can't be zero
  10. The problem of HERO not having money with which to license a setting has already been mentioned. But I'd like to point out there's a huge difference between a cool setting and an already popular setting. There's a lot of cool settings which aren't particularly popular already. Joel Rosenberg passed away in 2011 and his fantasy Guardians of the Flame series is for all practical purposes at this point abandoned. It is a very cool setting. One of the greatest wizards of the world challenged the head of the Mage's Guild for supremacy. Their battle caused widespread devastation (incidentally inconveniencing the most powerful religious sect in the world) and the challenger was forced to flee the dimension in a one way trip. He ended up on Earth, where time moves more slowly, and spent time licking his wounds and coming up with a plan which might allow him to return and get revenge. He eventually managed to use his remaining power to subtly manipulate events on his homeworld to prepare things. At the same time, he became accustomed to life on Earth where he had relatively little access to magical power compared to his homeworld. He decided would have to send pawns ahead to open a gate for his return. To get those pawns accustomed to the setting of his home world, he posed as a GM and had them adventure in a RPG with his homeworld as the setting. The RPG group was eventually shoved through without warning into the wizard's homeworld with what turned out to be inadequate instructions on what to do. The group ended up at odds with the Mage's Guild, the Slaver's Guild, several local governments large and small, and not on particularly good terms with that large religious sect. When the gateway turned out to not work quite like the wizard thought it was going to, the group ended up being forced to stay in that world of their RPG campaign. And they decided that sucked to be stuck there in a fantasy world as their real life without indoor plumbing, toilet paper, civil rights, personal safety, etc. And they decided that they needed to do something about it. They ended up establishing their own Home as an independent political entity in a fairly remote area and essentially declared war on the Slaver's Guild because slavery is Wrong (with a capital W). They decided to combine their knowledge of the modern world engineering and technology to bootstrap their fantasy world forward as far as they could take it. ==== The setting for play would be a world where Slaver caravans are under threat of attack from Home raiders. Slavers are having to hire excessive numbers of guards (and on occasion a wizard) to protect themselves and their cargo. Slaves freed by raiders have the choice of trying to return to their homes or being escorted to Home and becoming part of their growing community. New technology and better steel weapons are trickling out of Home (the closer you are to Home and the better relations you have with them, the more likely you are to have access to the best). Limited numbers of single shot primitive firearms are available to Home raiders but sword and spear (and magic when it is available) still hold sway. The secret to making gunpowder is a closely guarded secret which the growing number of Engineers keep guarded in what they call The Batcave. Surrounding nations are baffled by the new political entity which is governed by something called "democracy". The nations which are regularly raided by the Slaver's Guild tend to like Home. Nations which normally sell off their young to the Slaver's Guild in order to make ends meet during lean years aren't quite sure whether they like Home or not. Nations which thought they might someday like to expand into the area which Home has claimed are not happy about Home at all. During raids, Home only goes after the Slaver's Guild. If Home went after slave owners themselves, every political power would be against them. New players entering the setting could either be natives of the world or new people from Earth which the wizard has sent through to fulfill some sort of mission. Time on the fantasy world moves much more rapidly than on Earth so the wizard despite his best efforts can't keep close track of events. And he can't communicate with any pawns once they've passed over. They might come with (incomplete) information which isn't available to anyone else but they aren't going to show up with wizard-provided technology/magic and comlinks to him. The original people the wizard sent through are highly resentful of him and his manipulations ruining their lives (even though most of them, over time, adjusted quite well). Part of their desire to change the world is to give the wizard a giant middle finger. Players who the wizard has sent through from Earth in the past have been "translated" into their RPG character. So a person who played a fighter would become a fighter, the thief becomes a thief, the cleric a cleric, a mage becomes a mage. ===== I may not have done a good job of describing it but that is a very cool setting whether to play in or to GM. It's also a property which could probably be picked up from his estate very inexpensively (as inexpensively as intellectual properties go, not inexpensive like a box of Pop-Tarts). But would that setting help sell your game? I don't know if I understand enough of why people buy games in the first place to be able to answer that question.
  11. I would think the mandatory voting in the US would help candidates who were already well-known. Say one who had his own popular reality TV show. Or who had a huge following on Twitter and often said outrageous things in order to keep that audience. Or who was otherwise a demagogue. To fix the problems in the US, I'd much rather start with: 1) Mandatory universal voter registration 2) Voting spread out over a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with the Friday being a national holiday. (With a media blackout on exit polls so that doesn't skew results.) 3) No-excuse absentee voting I'll spare everyone the rest of the manifesto but basically it focuses on making voting easier, making sure election workers have less opportunity to screw with the results (whether intentionally or accidentally), making sure votes are counted honestly, making recounts mandatory and automatic in close elections (the current system often depends on one of the candidates complaining and/or paying for the cost of recounts), and making sure there's a permanent paper record of votes from electronic voting machines.
  12. I've never liked mandatory voting since it encourages disinterested and uninformed people to vote at random. "I don't care, the rest of you decide" is an option which should be available, in my opinion. Not encouraged, but available.
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