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  1. "I appreciate the vote of confidence. I'm not going to worry about it right now. I'll deal with it when I turn 16 and my hormones really kick in. "
  2. "I respect you for that... I have had my own... attractions... questioned. I'm only 14 and still deciding if I prefer males or females. But I've never even had a close friend before. I'd rather not "be" a female if the subject ever comes up... My word am I shaking for revealing that. I hope we can still be friends. I heard some big horror stories of friends avoiding their friend when they discover they are questioning that sort of thing. "
  3. "True, but you keep doing it... changing. I mean to loose... that." He shutters. "Is it worth it?"
  4. "I bet that was a huge surprise when it first happened. I mean suddenly loosing your... boyhood. I don't know if I would have done that. "
  5. "I guess you are right. But I still would have preferred to tell her on my own terms. The more people who know, the bigger the possibility the wrong person would find out."
  6. Bryan blushed when she said "date". Then he realized he was still Bryan and not Cornerstone. He didn’t notice the door was open. She must had seen Cornerstone go in. He wasn't ready for everyone to know. He quickly changed back to Cornerstone out of her line of sight. But was it too late? Did she now know Bryan was Cornerstone? Would she tell the others?
  7. (The boys were talking in the boys bathroom. I don't think Doreen is there) "I can't wait to see them"
  8. "I haven't watched much anime except Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan because both of those have been on Cartoon Network. But I recently downloaded Crunchyroll, so I can start now." (True facts. What is your favorite anime?)
  9. "I almost forgot... I usually don't go... but I'll go tonight. And we can hang out tomorrow... Do you like science fiction. I have a bunch of movies. "
  10. "It wasn’t easy. I still don't want everyone to know. So, um, did you want to hang out or whatever friends do?"
  11. Cornerstone waits until the meeting is over and leads Robert to the men's restroom. "You trusted me... " and he let's his armor return to the earth revealing his other identity.
  12. Bryan showed up at the meeting as Cornerstone. Nobody knew they were the same person. There were a lot of kids who go to the school. Robert had admitted that he was Lady Heart. That must have been hard to do. He didn't know if everyone knew Robert was her or not. And he still wasn't sure if he wanted everyone to know. He leaned over to Robert and whispered. "Can I talk to you in private?"
  13. "Thanks" he responded about his role. There were too many people around to tell her his secret. But maybe he could hint at it. "I guess you are right. She’s not a threat. But knowing our luck she will get super powers. Then we could bury her."
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