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  1. Never heard of it. I may have to look into it
  2. I like that idea A comic fable?
  3. I'm thinking that some magic may become a Ego vs Ego roll. So a person will great willpower could overcome the effects of magic.
  4. I am considering making a heroic game based in the fairy tale world. Players can choose almost any literary character before the 1940s So, the could play anything from Frankenstein's monster to Jack, from Jack and the beanstalk. But that means that there will be magic. I will use the adage that all magic comes with a price. For example, Merlin ages every time he does a spell. He's really in his 20s, but looks like he's in his 80s. Question 1. Who would you like your character to meet? Question 2. What are some common archetypes (besides pirate, knight, princess, or thief)? Question 3. How else can I make this balanced between magical beings and heroic characters?
  5. Sometimes we play Saturday morning (every other week)
  6. In your opinion, what is the easiest to learn system game? Something perfect for beginners.
  7. Thanks. But the player decided on boxing instead
  8. Mixed Martial Arts is becoming very popular. Lots of cage fights, punches, kicks, and pins. But I really don't want to pick and choose. So which Martial Arts Package do you think fits the Mixed Martial Arts fighting style?
  9. That does not sound inviting at all Trencher. Thanks for the info everyone.
  10. He and I are trying to find a time and place to meet next weekend.
  11. Wow, sounds complicated, especially since the only game I know is hero games. I don't even play DnD
  12. I keep seeing on rpol, people advertising for Pathfinder games. Does anyone here know Pathfinder? Is it hard to learn (compared to Hero Games)? Is it as flexible as Hero games? What do you think of Pathfinder.
  13. Lol spaceknight was talking about a VERY similar group.
  14. Saturday is fine, I apparently can't chat through other means.

  15. If I only had the time.... I wish I could as i live semi close to that area. Just curious, what Genre?
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