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    I'm married and have 2 kids, one son who is almost 13, and one daughter, who will be 12 in January.
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  1. Queens, from a deck of cards.
  2. X or X/1999 A Manga (Yes I Googled it)
  3. This is just a curious question. What year did the following books come out: Champions Champions II Champions III 4th edition 5th edition (and revised) 6th edition Thanks.
  4. Inosuke (character from Dragon Slayer)
  5. I loved hero central. I now play on rpol.net and roll20.net Not as good, but at least an option.
  6. Zesty popcorn strung on a string A word you would see in a comic book. Bonus if you have a picture of that word being used.
  7. Zombie wars. Next subject: Video or arcade games
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