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    This is the same as the bottom of the minion control sheet from the Resource Pack, but ONLY the stun/end/body portion, blown up to full sheet size. I usually have the minions sheets printed out from HERO Designer, but I use this sheet to keep up with their stun/body; I don't need the top portion of the normal minion control sheet where you put in all of their other stats.
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    This the prefab I use for my 5th edition Fantasy Hero game that was semi cobbled together from other older prefabs, but then mostly custom rebuilt individually by me.
  3. 2,330 downloads

    These are characteristic modified racial templates for Fantasy Hero 5th Edition.
  4. Re: Mounted Combat, and a Question of Historical Accuracy ooh, SJohnRoss, where oh where are you living nowadays?
  5. Re: Daily Art Findings Here's another couple pen and ink doodles: First a elf bardish/rogue guy from one of the other players in my old Rolemaster game: and my dark paladin character from same game: Cheers!
  6. Re: Mega Fantasy City Map - My latest project SUPER SWEET! Nice nice niiiiiiiiccceeeeeeeee work!
  7. Re: Daily Art Findings LOL, I love it. Into the heart of the dungeon sort of feel!
  8. Halfling doodle Here's a doodle I did at gameday a couple days ago. Cheers! Texaspoet
  9. Re: Glorantha Hero and for pure world background, the gigantic and amazing glorantha.com can't be beat. Greg's answers to selected questions: http://glorantha.com/new/q-and-a.html'>http://glorantha.com/new/q-and-a.html Maps, Regions, Cosmology, Mythology: http://glorantha.com/new/ Cheers!
  10. Re: Casting "Champions Universe: The Motion Picture" Hehe, what about Anthony Hopkins for Destroyer?
  11. Re: Daily Art Findings Susano, Sweet pen and inks, btw.
  12. Re: Daily Art Findings And here's a critter I painted, I've used the image for water monsters in some ocean caves in my game (poor players)
  13. Re: Daily Art Findings Hehe, nah, anyone can draw. That SCA pen&ink was originally drawn at Winterfeast in South Carolina. I sent it as a sample that got used. Here's another same such from Runebearer:
  14. Re: Daily Art Findings Hey guys, here's another pen&ink that was done for the Runebearer rpg. Cheers! Texaspoet
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