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  1. https://www.everyculture.com/ Still one of the best and most useful sites ive ever found
  2. Hello I am currently running 20200217 and Java 8-241 I have the Hero System Equipment Guide HD Files I can see some of the files, but the others are invisible inside of HeroDesigner Here are some examples comparing the HD open prefab window vs windows explorer showing the actual files Weird
  3. I'm mosly looking at 6E1 and 6E2, but curious if it was considered.
  4. I currently have 20150512 Has there been any significant updates, so that I need to repurchase a current copy?
  5. Love to see the game masters face. GM: Roll 3d6 and tell me the total for damage... Player: Rolls (39 damage...) GM: ... If you're looking for something more practical https://store.gravitydice.com/
  6. https://www.shapeways.com/product/MTYVW5N7T/fibonacci-dice-d6-and-d8 Nothing beats Fibonacci Dice
  7. I want to see a Genre Simulation How to book What are the max active points for a star wars setting vs a Star Trek Setting How do you reach that decision? In a Yoda vs Q scenario, who wins? Is 60 active points to much for basic jedi? Whats the active point cap on the Emperor or Darth Vader? Is a phaser deadlier then a star wars blaster? how does the active point limits reflect that? How do I use the rules to define setting? I'd love to see several well designed and complete campaign guides. Say for a Historical Rome/Greek Setting, a crusades era setting similar to the Mongoliad series. Add in Clan Feuds in England, the American wild west, World war 1 and 2, a recon setting for Vietnam. X files, mid 70's cop drama like Starskey and Hutch etc. Even some space opera for Flash Gordon, Star wars, Battlestar Galactica etc A clearly worded and defined guide to how to set up the background rules set to emulate some of the most popular IP out there with explanations and why the rules are adjusted to specific levels and how those levels affect/alter the overall game would be ideal.
  8. APG I Page 57 ATTACKS AGAINST ALTERNATE : CHARACTERISTICS This page also covers Alternate Characteristic Entangles: A character attempting to break out of one of these alternate Characteristic Entangles uses the indicated Characteristic in exactly the same way that STR works against normal Entangles. This costs END at the standard rate of 1 per 10 Active Points used (including the base 10 points the character gets “for free” in the Characteristic). (He may also use his Characteristic Casually; see 6E1 131-32) So thats probably what you're looking for. If you have Adobe Acrobat (reader or pro/dc) CTRL+Shift+F and select your folder under browse for location and you can search your entire Hero PDF directory for specific phrasing
  9. Just saw this thread and purchased my copy Talked a few friends into ordering one as well
  10. I wish Hero would just make the 2 books available on POD.. I'd prolly buy several sets
  11. we survived character creation! I'll be posting the pdf's so perhaps we can get these new players characters cleaned up a bit later today
  12. Well we are getting closer to the character creation But really knowing how active cap fits with defenses/damage levels etc is still fairly vague Im hoping the game in actual play works out the kinks hopes are high at this point to see how the game works in actual play
  13. neat, I'll have to see if i can pick up some books My general concept is it wasn't a comet, but an ancient device which triggers life explosions after extenction events on earth, it was expecting one to have occured, but didn't. The device had been interefered with, the event was set to alter the human dna. The first general ideas are the blending of human/animal dna making way for werewolf types, as well as enhanced/animal senses, speed of the cheetah etc, atavistic powers. If you take animalistic powers, you also end up looking partially animalistic? Toss in some of the Altered which gain mental powers such as telepathy, telekenisis etc, but still look normal Im still considering options
  14. While I have owned Hero for several years, I've never actually managed to run the game. I've always liked the idea of a universal system I could use for everthing, the sheer amount of information and material can be daunting. 400/60 active was from the book, I couldnt tell you what the difference between a 40pt active cap and a 60 is. All the averages and what not are mentioned but if it's ever clearly defined somewhere I have yet to find it. We plan on making characters in early june
  15. I'm a fantasy guy, I run the occasional Star Wars, Traveller or even Shadowrun. But Fantasy is my Genre. I haven't run supers since Faserip in Jr. High. To make things even better, I have less than 2 weeks to pull it off. So I settle on Near Earth, current era, mixing in Post-Apoc elements with my story line. It's based on the Inhumans. Aliens mess with the human DNA, mixing in alien elements and poof, The Altered are born. This is what the players know "In January, a large comet was sighted and tracked as it headed towards the sun.. Initial estimates placed the path well away from earth, but next few months showed the trajectory was erratic, and the path was recalculated several times. The comet was large enough to be an extinction level event, and would cross close to the earth orbit on its way to the sun, where it was expected to impact. On December 18th, the comet appeared to start breaking up, with several smaller pieces became visible On December 19th, as the comet was passing the earth orbit it detonated. A piercing white light, brighter than the moon, and easily visible to the naked eye at noon was visible for several hours before it dissipated. On December 21st, Earth passed through the debris field of the comet, the meteor showers lasted for 2 days. People began falling ill that morning. Things got strange after that. " Im sticking with the 400/60 standard supers guidelines, "natural powers only for now", meaning no super science/power suits etc. 60pt active cost limit. Players will be Starting a few months after the events...
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