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  1. https://www.everyculture.com/ Still one of the best and most useful sites ive ever found
  2. Hello I am currently running 20200217 and Java 8-241 I have the Hero System Equipment Guide HD Files I can see some of the files, but the others are invisible inside of HeroDesigner Here are some examples comparing the HD open prefab window vs windows explorer showing the actual files Weird
  3. I'm mosly looking at 6E1 and 6E2, but curious if it was considered.
  4. I currently have 20150512 Has there been any significant updates, so that I need to repurchase a current copy?
  5. I want to see a Genre Simulation How to book What are the max active points for a star wars setting vs a Star Trek Setting How do you reach that decision? In a Yoda vs Q scenario, who wins? Is 60 active points to much for basic jedi? Whats the active point cap on the Emperor or Darth Vader? Is a phaser deadlier then a star wars blaster? how does the active point limits reflect that? How do I use the rules to define setting? I'd love to see several well designed and complete campaign guides. Say for a Historical Rome/Greek Setting, a crusades era setting similar to the Mongoliad series. Add in Clan Feuds in England, the American wild west, World war 1 and 2, a recon setting for Vietnam. X files, mid 70's cop drama like Starskey and Hutch etc. Even some space opera for Flash Gordon, Star wars, Battlestar Galactica etc A clearly worded and defined guide to how to set up the background rules set to emulate some of the most popular IP out there with explanations and why the rules are adjusted to specific levels and how those levels affect/alter the overall game would be ideal.
  6. Just saw this thread and purchased my copy Talked a few friends into ordering one as well
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