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  1. I have a plot seed concerning Destroyer changing to a female: The Doctor realizes the armor can longer sustain him, his body's DNA is becoming unstable and must use other methods to survive. Through research he finds a way to digitally download his brain to another body with similar physiology. The one he seems to find that is almost identical is an upcoming model/actress named Wendy Allen with no close family ties. He clones Wendy and transfers his memories into the new body. He destroys both his original body and stores the "actress" memories on file in case of necess
  2. I guess one question I had out of this was why range is not permitted with the duplication advantage? Followers are an option of course but do you think teleportation would suit the way of having them appear in different directions? Another example I was thinking of is Billy Numerous from the Teen Titans even though he did not appear everywhere but his duplicates can create duplicates.
  3. I was glancing through the rules about duplication and it said ranged duplication was not allowed. I was also watching Matrix: Reloaded and Smith made duplication's come through a door and through a fence. Does this go against the rules of the game or is this the use of the indirect advantage, a special effect or something else?
  4. If we were to reboot Champions Universe what changes would you like to see. My choices: -Change Dr. Destroyer. A previous thread mentioned making him a female but I would drop the Nazi WWII story and make him/her a time traveling villain from the future who came to conquer the past. Destroyer is big enough in points and resources to already represent a major threat so why not a temporal threat as well. -Bring back Seeker. I think he needs a greater number of martial art skills and weapons. Maybe give him a beard give him more character. -I think it is time to have Leech cured. He did not
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