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  1. I'm curious about some power or power combinations that you as a player or GM came across that you thought awful cheesy? In 5th edition, I had a player in my group who used the power AID where half the points ended up in PD and the rest of the points back into AID creating a perpetual motion machine like power. As far as I know it wasn't illegal but kind of cheesy.
  2. How have players or the GM used the wealth perk in your games? Is the perk just flavor or do you they give any special benefit to the characters?
  3. specks

    Master Villains

    Has your PCs encountered the Master Villains like Doctor Destroyer, Mechanon, Menton, etc...? Have they been in direct combat with the big guys, fought the minons or is more of a cameo?
  4. What's been your experience with the Hunted disadvantage? How have the PCs used it? How does the GM use it?
  5. To me the +2 Cosmic represents three things: 1) Auto hit; target DCV will drop to 0 unless protected by cosmic defenses. 2) Attack goes right through target's defenses (normal, resistant, etc..) unless protected as per #1 3) Attacker can choose the amount of damage to do (as per his attack damage) unless target is protected as per #1 This advantage could easily be broken down in advantage cost as having only one of these is +1/2, two would cost +1 and all three +2 I know HERO doesn't handle absolutes well but I was trying to open up the discussion.
  6. For bypass p103 of the GURPS Character (4th edition) book explains it as: Attack does negate targets protection; innate attack ignores DR For block (same page) your desolid power can bypass barriers not protected by cosmic protection. Hope that clarifies ?
  7. GURPS has an advantage called Cosmic that allows powers to bypass normal defenses or have defenses that block normal attacks. Does HERO have something equivalent? If not I was thinking of using the cosmic advantage as indicated the power pool build. Would "+2" advantage be about right or should it be or or less?
  8. How often, especially in the superhero setting, do you use skills? I'm not talking about skills tied into powers but the things like KS, PS or SS skills It seems like our group just uses powers (especially power or gadget pools) to resolve most issues. It also seems like the villains, as written in the books, seem to have the same block of skills w/certain exceptions. Are the skills you buy actually used or do just buy them to fill out the character?
  9. Re: ADVANCED PLAYER'S GUIDE II -- What Do *You* Want To See? I think what many want (myself included) is going beyond just "I spent 1-15 points on the wealth perk" now what can I do with it? I think the wealth rules are a little vague as to what you can/cannot do with it. I like some of the ideas of using floating perks, resource pools, etc... or extras to make the player a little more "resourceful" than those that do not have the wealth perk. Just my $.02
  10. Re: ADVANCED PLAYER'S GUIDE II -- What Do *You* Want To See? +1 I too would like to see an expansion on the wealth rules. Perhaps a combination of a VPP/resource point rules from Dark Champions could be used or maybe for every 1 pt of wealth you get 1/5/10 points your allowed some things of non-combat material or maybe the use of something for a one-time only session only. The Bruce Wayne / Tony Stark types always seem to have access to high (or higher) tech stuff not to mention other "incidentals" that make them stand out from the average man on the street
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