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  1. I noticed we've been getting a lot of new people trickling in to Hero System. I thought it would be nice to introduce each other and I have put together a list of questions I thought would help. Some questions are hero related but others just general questions I could think of. Enjoy 🙂 Why your username? -We are nothing but specks in time and space Why your avatar or if no avatar why not -I am Marvin the Martian fan What area do you live in? -I moved from Detroit to Tampa recently What's your profession? -I'm in IT/Cybersecurity (I think most of us are IT geeks here :)) Are you Windows, MAC or Linux? -Windows and Linux, a little MAC Are there TV shows and/or movies you like to binge watch? -I like MASH, Hogans Heroes, NCIS, Turner Classic Movies and those B- Scifi films What drew you to the Hero System? -I like superheroes and I like point building systems Which edition did you start with? I started with 1st edition and still going What have you used the game for? -Our group has used it for supers and pulp hero setting What point system have you ran or played in? -400 mostly but we have played in 150 or 225 Do you still play or GM the Hero System -Not lately, I moved and I may have to find a new group or teleconference Our there other games you play -I have played Pathfinder, Seven Seas, GURPS, D&D (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc....), Star Trek On an A to F scale how do you rate the system overall -I give it an A it has it's flaws but it still is one of the best systems to build and run Followup question: If you rate the system below B- why are are still playing or using it? What are some house-rules, if any, you use in the past? -I think the only one we used was to eliminate the stun lotto and started using that in the 5th edition If you could put together a 7th edition what are some things you add, omit and/or change? -I don't want a 7th edition, I am happy with the 6th edition (If you get too long winded, put it in a PDF) I think some of you are frustrated writers !!!
  2. It seems like summons and duplication are more like special effects than straight powers. Doc Democracy built a character named Madding Crowd w/o using the duplication power and instead used it as a special effect. Some ideas: Clairsentience = Summon a bunch of people to look around (as above) Density Increase = A bunch of duplicates on top of someone EB w/ Area Effect = Attack a bunch of foes with dozens of duplicates You get the idea. The Madding Crowd character is in the download misc section so take a look.
  3. I have a plot seed concerning Destroyer changing to a female: The Doctor realizes the armor can longer sustain him, his body's DNA is becoming unstable and must use other methods to survive. Through research he finds a way to digitally download his brain to another body with similar physiology. The one he seems to find that is almost identical is an upcoming model/actress named Wendy Allen with no close family ties. He clones Wendy and transfers his memories into the new body. He destroys both his original body and stores the "actress" memories on file in case of necessity like inquiring fans or paparazzi. "Wendy Allen" is becoming a major superstar thanks to the use of digital suggestion (and natural beauty) to make him/her an icon in the acting world. The Doctor is using this a possible stepping stone for control of the entertainment industry and manipulate the minds of a new generation of movie goers to eventual global control.
  4. I guess one question I had out of this was why range is not permitted with the duplication advantage? Followers are an option of course but do you think teleportation would suit the way of having them appear in different directions? Another example I was thinking of is Billy Numerous from the Teen Titans even though he did not appear everywhere but his duplicates can create duplicates.
  5. I was glancing through the rules about duplication and it said ranged duplication was not allowed. I was also watching Matrix: Reloaded and Smith made duplication's come through a door and through a fence. Does this go against the rules of the game or is this the use of the indirect advantage, a special effect or something else?
  6. I was thinking about the timeline in the universe. I would also remove the "with magic gone supers will go". I would also like to see how superheroes and villains would interact eras like the Terran Empire.
  7. Have you used VIPER, DEMON, ARGENT, etc... in your campaigns? Are they a hunted or have you used whole games with them? Are they easily defeated or do the pose a major threat? What has been your encounters and how did they affect the PCs?
  8. If we were to reboot Champions Universe what changes would you like to see. My choices: -Change Dr. Destroyer. A previous thread mentioned making him a female but I would drop the Nazi WWII story and make him/her a time traveling villain from the future who came to conquer the past. Destroyer is big enough in points and resources to already represent a major threat so why not a temporal threat as well. -Bring back Seeker. I think he needs a greater number of martial art skills and weapons. Maybe give him a beard give him more character. -I think it is time to have Leech cured. He did not ask to be what he was so I think maybe some mystical hero might change him back. Have him back to drive a cab again :) -Drop Millennium City as the default setting. I think it would be nice to not be pigeon-holed in one city. Many individual villains (and organizations) have a global reach so why not pick and choose different cities for villains instead of one. I have some more but I think that these are good starting points.
  9. What is your experience been with Variable Power Pools Do you have any house rules concerning VPPs? Do you allow them at all and if so what limits do you place on them? Have you or anyone else in your game used a Cosmic Power Pool? What was the outcome?
  10. I have a similar thread about the master villains you're discussing if you want some ideas. Hope this helps.
  11. I need help in building a character who can see. hear, smell, etc... with his future and past self simultaneously. Would it built with clairsentience or mind link with w/transdimensional advantage or maybe something I am missing? Thank you in advance 🙂
  12. What in any way is the tactics skill used in your games? I know some master villains have it (ex. Doctor Destroyer) and supers like Batman and Captain America have used it in their adventures. Do you tie it in with a power (i.e. clairsentience) or skill (add points to other skills), do you roleplay it or use it at all?
  13. I'm curious how luck is used in your games? I know some use it as form of bennies for every six rolled or have the GM decide what it means. My group came up with an idea that for every 6 rolled it would give the PC 5 points/per as a sort of "mini VPP" to pull a rabbit out of a hat (a contact, a secret power, a weapon, etc...)
  14. I'm curious about some power or power combinations that you as a player or GM came across that you thought awful cheesy? In 5th edition, I had a player in my group who used the power AID where half the points ended up in PD and the rest of the points back into AID creating a perpetual motion machine like power. As far as I know it wasn't illegal but kind of cheesy.
  15. How have players or the GM used the wealth perk in your games? Is the perk just flavor or do you they give any special benefit to the characters?
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