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  1. is there any way to get .pdfs of the maps in the Atlantean age, or Turakian, or ... I am not interested in destroying my books to get the maps out, so I was hoping there were some .pdfs or .jpgs floating around somewhere I could purchase/get a hold of somewhere...?
  2. Can I still get Kazei 5 for 5th Ed, or is it only in 6th now?
  3. Re: Alternate Star Wars Chronology.... You know, I'm with austenandrews on this. That's all you need for a great game set in the "Star Wars" universe: Doesn't matter what happens anywhere else, when Lando blows up the Death Star, everybody dies. Thus, there are no trained Jedi, no trained Sith, an Empire crumbling because the head has been removed, and Han & Leia are desperate to re-establish the Republic, and boat loads of Military Sector commanders with Star Destroyers itching to make a name for themselves... The Force has been balanced (because there's nobody left who knows how to use it), and now the players are the real driving force (heh heh), because you know every one of them will be Force positive...
  4. Dood, that sounds a little like flame bait. However, I will answer that I don't believe that D&D or whatever does fantasy better than Hero, because when I run a fantasy game, I want more control over the monsters and magic than you get from taking the standard delivered with the system. I make sure the magic matches my game world exactly, and you can't do that unless you can luck upon a specific genre book that matches what you're planning, or can create a magic system whole cloth out of rules you already know...
  5. Hey Guys! Do you think that you could get these links to these great programs put up in the "Free Stuff" section of this site? I would love to try all these things out, but my Star Hero game is some distance away, and I would hate to loose these resources because I didn't have the opportunity to start before this thread went away... I dunno how you would go about that, hopefully Ben will help...
  6. Under the description of clips in the charges entry, it says if you change the charges modifier from a limiter to an adder, you get to have 4 clips instead of 2. Does this happen when you move from 16 charges at +-0 going to 32 at +1/4, or 12 charges at -1/4 going to +0?
  7. I believe: Your VPP has to have at least 60 points in it to cover the active cost, but only 24 points of the pool will be held by the Summon power, until they don't need the car anymore. Then, the character can move those 24 points into something else. I guess the special efect would be the car owner showing up and yelling "Dood, where's my car!"
  8. In the interests of completeness, you may wanna move this thread/question to the questions forum, and get the real deal from the horse's mouth, as it were. For what it's worth, I agree with Fortunatus, and that's how I would do it.
  9. Hey thanx, Lisa! I downloaded the free teaser (which evidently is the entire fourth chapter...), and I'll check it out as opportunity presents. I love these kinds of things! World building is soooo much work...
  10. I hope we can port some of this over. I have a Palm Pilot, and I would love any of these apps I could get.
  11. Don't forget... There's that way cool sector/system generator software available for download FREE in the "Free Stuff" section. There are plans for two more Star Hero genre books this year (and next), I believe. The support is there, and the product is TOP shelf. Now is absolutely the time to start a Star Hero game in Hero...
  12. Hey Mike, be nice... The only two Judge's Guild products I bought were two D&D modules by Paul Jaquays - Dark Tower and Caverns of Thracia. Those were about the best D&D modules I ever got, and I got a lot of them...
  13. You Da Bomb, BC. Nice site, too.
  14. Re: Re: Apples and oranges, I think... Okay, now this is different. If you're doing a time travel game, this becomes germaine... I will agree with this on principle, but I don't think I will put it into practice by increasing damdge levels. I think I will put a K. Curtis, and give higher tech weapons better range, AP or Penetrating effects, and maybe slightly better damage, maybe 1 or 2 DCs. You can also consider range in the current question: If the star cruiser can hit the battleship from orbit, then the relative damage kinda becomes moot...
  15. Hey, let's keep this going. We need to work on this so we can get some house rules together. Granted, we may not always want to use them, but it wil be great to have the option.
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