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  1. Those books just sound soooo cool! I am really glad you're looking foreward to writting these books, 'cause I gotta tell ya, I am really looking forward to buying them when they arrive! I have allways wanted something that contained some ideas for this genre, and I have never found anything. So, just you keep working, and I'll keep buying!
  2. Okay, I understand. Well, I didn't realize the scale of Worlds of Empire, or I would've asked regarding Interstellar and Solar Hero instead. I think it would be very cool for those books to follow known stellar cartography (as it is when they're published, anyway..). Just wanna make sure Steve gets his money's worth out of the Astrogator's Handbok...
  3. I was wondering how much (if any) real, placed stars were going to play in this book. I know Steve recently got himself a copy of the Astrogator's Handbook, and I was wondering if there was going to be an effort to place some (or all) of those Worlds around stars that have been reasonably well located? What I'm trying to ask is: will the author be using actual stellar data to place worlds around, or will he be making it up? Finally, how much grief is the author going to go through putting together star charts? I realize that it's probably early, but that's kinda the point, I wnat to get folks thinking about it while they have some room to move...
  4. Grymlynn

    Rifts HERO?

    Champsguy, you da bomb! That was precisely what I was talking about, but I couldn't find it... So, I believe I'll be using the ol' cut&paste...
  5. Grymlynn

    Rifts HERO?

    Darnit, there was a couple guys on the previous boards whose names escape me, who did really good work building Juicers and Crazies on the old boards. I saved those write-ups, lemme see if I can find them...
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