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  1. Exactly. Nothing wrong with the system or program.. just lack of export templates for other things..
  2. Yes.... BUT you use the hero system to create A.Is, Vehicles AND bases. Then why have rules to construct such things if not to be included? So I have to disagree with your statement.
  3. Ok I noticed there are TONS of takes on charicter sheet exports for hero designer.. but spit for vehicles and bases unless I want a plain text version... anyone want to design one for each please??
  4. Hi there, i usualy dont post much because i can find alot of what i need. I run a dark champions campaign ( my wife runs a reguar campaign i run off nights). what i need is a list of vehicles . cars, trucks, motorcycles. at least a base amount of quick vehicles that i can modify. also on that note, you dont have anything like that in your equipment guide... sad! you need a vehicles book badly! thanks
  5. Version 6th edition hdc vehicle


    Ok this was a challange from someone in my gaming group to make an ordnary bag into something neigh industrictable to normals.. THIS was the result. I had to use VEHICLES template because there is no item template (maybe future)? Now its a little bit stretching the rules... i mean it can stop a bullet from a normal gun! even resist most flame and magical attacks...(from a normal level.. not superheroic though). I added BAG BU ( kung fu with the bag) and some other neat ideas... I gottta say IM a mad genuis! any comments post here OR if you want something funky created... contact me at ... dabigdawg145@gmail.com make sure you put in the description what you want please....
  6. Re: why the lack of.. well... with the hudson city sourcebook ( my main insperation for D.C since i run a campaign there) its hard to really need anything else... there are sooooooo many plot seeds in it its incredible. But... every good gm gets plot seeds from other sources not printed... me.. i watched THE SHIELD ( all 5 seasons) and came up with a good plot line using corrupt cops against my "vigilantees" , they just havent seen it comming yet. And the election in hudson city.... OOO YEAH its a good plotline that they dont realize that is gonna hit them in the chums!!! hehe maybe the NEW mayor will pass some ordance against vigilantees and all "costumed heros" hehhehe....
  7. Re: The Hanzo sword my thought is that it is that the sword really doesnt have powers..( maybe hardened or have one level of ocv on it.. ) but the SKILL of the warrior is what counts
  8. Re: Hudson City rocks OUT!!! sorry ill get the pics put up.. give me a few days (ive been lazy about getting the pics developed.. sorry ;< )
  9. Re: Hudson City rocks OUT!!! hey everyone.. well the big saturday event happened... I had a "weapons expo" at the hudson city convention center. The main attraction being shown off was a tactical nuclear device brought in by the govt (yes a working tactical nuke) and the players knew it was going to be hit ( i gave them an obvious one.. gotta throw them a bone). but i had 12 plotlines going on that day. The players only found out 7 of them so gotta give them credit. AND... they made oodles of contacts (for furture purposes ) so that they can if they choose to spend points on in the future. but the funniest thing is i imported an old game as a storyline now in my campaign. If you rememer the old RPG Ninjaburger then you will get a specal laugh out of this one. Even though hudson city has several fast food chains, the major ones in my campaign are Ninja-Burger (home of the Ninja-to, their version of the wopper) and Samuri-dog ( Ill take the Ronin with fries and emperor-size it). I wanted to add a little bit of laughter now and then so the players can just chuckle from time to time. so... the 2 fast food joints are having an all out war. Both deliver 24 hours (or can drive thru or take out) but both try to upstart each-other with a combat with foam weapons and paper mache armor ( they ARE civilians and just promoting the image ya know!) . The Saturday event at the convention , the food was sponsored by SAMURI-DOG... and ninja-burger would not let that stand idly by and happen. SO they did an impromtu attack and tried to assail the booths samuri-dog had set up.... but my heros put a bunch of them in the hospital ( as i said .. they are civilians..) so i gave them credit for foiling one of my plotlines. But if you look up at a rooftop sometime, and see a ninja with a white paper bag with a ninja hood symbol on it... remember dont shoot the civs.. they only get paid $5.65 / hour plus tips for deliveries. overall they had a blast and had fun. Yes they stoped the bomb from being stolen but now they got press coverage of their activites... HMMM wonder who will be looking for them NOW that they are on the grid?
  10. Re: Hudson City rocks OUT!!! ill give that a read... im not usually out of ideas for this group.. they tend to "fuel their own fire" so to speak.... they seem to go out of the way to give me plot ideas and plotlines... or they are just sloppy vigilantees who want to get drunk and rock out all night long, but hey its ska/punk/metal/rock/regge/fusion/jazz , anything goes ;D
  11. Re: Hudson City rocks OUT!!! well lets say they are not heros or villans.. their vigilantees who TRY to minimize the dmg to civilians... but they have had a streak of bad luck when it comes to properity dmg ( hey the gm has to put a LITTLE something on these guys to keep them in line.. besides it adds a little to them and it has popped up MORE story lines by doing that... like the FBI and local law enforcement keeping an eye on them !!!) thanks for replying and ill look up the info..
  12. Hi everyone, sorry i haven't posted in awhile... been busy with school, a new house, upcomming nupitals and such and havnt got those dang pictures posted yet of our DC game. I promise to get some pics soon... i wanna show a modified version of vehicle combat in DC thats fast and easy. now let me show you whats going on in my campaign.... In my DC game run in hudson City, I was bandying around a few ideas with the players on where to take it... go total goth, an animated series, pulp... but since our regular gaming group can be as little as 3 to 10 at a single sitting... devleloping plot lines can be a pain. But something came as a joke that worked out as a stroke of genuis... El Mariachi game: in this Campaign, everyone is a member of the band ( and it doenst matter who shows up that night, you can keep it serial and just roll with it). By night you rock out and by day you kill the bad guy. In our CURRENT Band, The Circle of Thorns a ska/punk/metal/rock/regge/fusion/jazz band that by day hunts down evil dooers and by night rocks out the local clubs ( i got the idea from el mariarchi). currently we have on the roster: Clarise Chauncy : lead singer and keyboard/songwriter ( knifefighter! and former HCPD) Jason Bower : Bassist /songwriter ( Munitons expert and loves his LAW rocket!) Linsie [: Drummer and financer and also spoiled rich girl runaway(Martial arts specialist and driver) Shortie : Bodyguard and general security (driver and gun nut!) Blade : backup guitar and general baddass of the band (Sword and blade specalist) Heinrich [: the digital gansta/soundman (driver and recovering vampire) together these people have done the following CURRENTLY in Hudson city: Blown up 5 square blocks of the city (it was a small fire in freetown that got OUT of control) burnt down 2 crack houses burnt down 1 meth lab killed over 100 ninjas killed over 100 shango gangsters pissed off a serial killer destroyed a home for the aged crashed a ambulance transporting elderly patient who was going to go get a heart transplant stopped 3 convience store robberies rocked OUT several venues lost a record deal lost $100,000 sign on bonus stole a bio-toxin weapon and turned it over to the feds... stopped a serial killer with a van ( it rammed his car and blew up REAL GOOD!) built an underground lair ( the first circle of hell its called ) made friends with a chop shop man got a contact killed by shango pissed off some terrorists by stealing their bio-weapon prevented the theft of a high-tech vehicle and made a deal to get some of the tech from the creator. located a yakuzia hangout. pissed off the russian mob. and cut their first album. there is more.. but i decline to post it due to it all ties in to the next game we have going. gotta run... got a date with a vigilante!
  13. well after looking at the vehicle combat setup for tabletop...i know its normally NOT feasable.. UNTILL i read the other rules on how its not done on tabletop. And it hit me, OK you dont move the vehicles , you SPACE the CHASE... let me explain... OK lets say you have one of those big box van. it has a LF and it goes about 21" with a non com of x4.. but for now lets say were in combat! the SUV that has the gang bangers whos lookin to get away from our heros has a 24" mer turn and X4 non com movement. each move phase you move the amout DIFFERENCE between the 2. so both vehicles have a spd of 3 and thus on 4 8 and 12 the difference becomes 3" to 6" to 9".. i had to do a home brewed rule saying that IF the pursuing vehilce EXCEEDS its movement total in the difference to the actual pursuit.. the pursuee gets away.. now it translates like this... IF gangbanger in the SUV manages to get more than 21" away from the pursuing vehicle... they get away clean. but i forgot to mention they have LAW ROCKETS in the van oh also i did tiles to lay down as highway, city streets .. etc..etc.. ill take some pics next game to show you all how it looks ( besides , they have a chase due next week! they just dont know it yet!!!)
  14. Re: Patriotic Heroes I had one.. he was a polearms expert with a powered polearm called American Standard. And the polearm had a holigraphic flag out of it too.... then someone pointed out that there is a urnal company all over america that uses the name American Standard... and from that point on I kept getting urnal cakes droped on my chariter in the game... needless to say i retired him next game asap!
  15. Re: Comics you loved...but apparently no one else did my favorite was DAMMAGE from DC, it was well done untill the last few issues where they were doing some lame and outragous showing how he had all the DNA of the heros in the DC universe that could be collected. OK i can understand a few.. but all of em?? jeez!!!
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