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    I am a john candy lookalike who is struggling in comedy and acting looking for my big break..
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    Burlap Sack

    Version 6th edition hdc vehicle


    Ok this was a challange from someone in my gaming group to make an ordnary bag into something neigh industrictable to normals.. THIS was the result. I had to use VEHICLES template because there is no item template (maybe future)? Now its a little bit stretching the rules... i mean it can stop a bullet from a normal gun! even resist most flame and magical attacks...(from a normal level.. not superheroic though). I added BAG BU ( kung fu with the bag) and some other neat ideas... I gottta say IM a mad genuis! any comments post here OR if you want something funky created... contact me at ... dabigdawg145@gmail.com make sure you put in the description what you want please....
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