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  1. Re: Character Build for Critiquing Also note that for Heroic level games (such as the 75+75) equipment comes for free. So, a standard sword (note that a 3d6 HKA is extremely potent for a fantasy game. The power levels you are using seem more appropriate to a super-hero game, than a heroic fantasy.
  2. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...
  3. Re: Subspace Engine Design Help [HERO: Combat Evolved] Just as an idea, you could potentially handle this as EDM... the idea of jumping from one space-time to another (Slipstream). Now, perhaps distances are condensed in Slipstream, you would just need to determine the ratio. Example, if 1AU (normal) maps to 1LY in subspace, then the ratio of disatince in this space is approximately 75000:1. Really, then, you would need to know the speeds in normal space of certain ships to determine what the real ratio is. Then, again, with a hefty dose of "handwavium", you could separate distance from travel time. Perhaps some "paths" are easier, and easier paths take less time. Thus, it might take 2 months to jump to Star A which is 4 LY away, but for some reason it only takes 3 weeks to jump to Star B, which is 32 LY away. This makes systems "closer" not based on physical proximity, but travel time. All in all, though, I would probably go with some sort of FTL for ease.
  4. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Highlander what? There was more than one? I thought there could be only one? Or should have been.
  5. Re: What does your SPD Chart look like? Mine is a little application that I wrote a few years ago, which actually handles all of that fun for me... including the "coin flips" to break ties. Yeah... shear laziness, I know... but it saves on paper!
  6. Re: Master List of Limitations Gone??!! Holy crap, guys! Great work! It does look like they are back online, with a slightly different URL: http://www.globalguardians.com/Master%20Lists/masterlistindex.html I wish that I had time to jump in and do some of those... but I am glad someone did!!!
  7. Re: Master List of Limitations Gone??!! Once we have stuff, we could divvy out the stuff, so that many people would create the disads. If 10 people do it, or 20, it will take much, much less time. Sounds like a plan we should start on!
  8. Re: Master List of Limitations Gone??!! Good idea! Never even thought about that... or probably noticed the cached link.
  9. Re: Master List of Limitations Gone??!! Thanks, TB. Hope you are right! Did the global guardians collapse, or something?
  10. Was looking for the ever-useful master list of limitations, and learned that the Global Guardians' site has dramatically changed. The list to end all lists has disappeared. Does anyone know what happened? I apologize if this is "common knowledge"... I have been out of it for a little bit.
  11. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. 28/6 was the campaign minimum? Wowsers - talk about DEX/SPD inflation? This character would exceed the norms of my campaign, where a DEF of 30 is about max, SPD 5 is the norm, 12 DCs are the norm, and 23 DEX is probably the median. Wow.
  12. Re: The Things I've Learned Playing A Mentalist Make that BOECV, Ranged EGO Transfer! A mere 37 points a die... but worth it? Only 25 points per d6 on the ranged, BOECV Ego Drain... Wait... I have it... for a mere 37/56 points per d6... Ego Drain/Transfer, AE Selective Radius, Ranged, BOECV Then, you can wipe the egos of masses of people, all at once! Moo-ha-ha-ha
  13. Re: Self Defeating Powers Ok, looked up the rule, and on 5ER 241 it specifically states you "may not Tunnel through air or liquids." So, maybe I was misrembering logic, or whatever. As for foci, I know that since you "cannot use Tunneling to Tunnel through a vehicle" 5ER241, I would probably extend that to foci... though a focus would need to be pretty huge to be able to be Tunneled through! Force Walls I would probably allow Tunneling though... at least depending on SFx.
  14. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... FYI - I should have stated that I am Jack...
  15. Re: Self Defeating Powers Oops... make that BODY 0...
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