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  1. Re: TK Throw Things W00t! Now, if I weren't lazy, I might have given that page reference. Had I found it first. But, to the point... I would say that all of that would apply for telekinesis as well.
  2. Re: TK Throw Things On this, the simplest way would be best. I don't think you are far wrong on how you did it. The only thing I would ask, would you require the same extra 1/2 phase if the character was using his innate STR, rather than Tk? If not, I wouldn't require the extra time for Tk, either. In fact, in my game, I would just treat this as a "grab and throw", using the Tk strength to determine the throwing distance and velocity... treat this as a standing throw, I would think.
  3. Re: Knowledge-/ Skill-Absorber It would probably help us to help you if you were to post your character here... that way, we can see what you are talking about, and make more informed suggestions. Is the problem that you are running out of points after buying all of the skills he needed?
  4. Re: Sonic Mesmerization power - a sonic mind control Wow... would have thought I'd get lots of opinions on this. Has everyone moved on to 6E?
  5. Re: Sonic Mesmerization power - a sonic mind control
  6. In my game, we have a new character, Treble, who has a power suit with sonic (music themed) powers. His "signature" power is the ability to distract a group of people with music. This has been bought as: Requiem: Mind Control 12d6 (Human class of minds), Telepathic ; Set Effect ("Stop What You Are Doing And Listen To Me"), Full END To Maintain, Hearing Flash DEF Adds To Mental DEF, Does Not Provide Mental Awareness, Gestures ("Conducting"), Visible, Normal Range, Subject To Range Modifier plus a naked advantage: Mass Requiem: Area Of Effect (6" Ra
  7. Re: "The Inquision Is Come" Specifically, when I said sinister, I was making a play on left hand (the original meaning of sinister), see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinister Just saying. Not 100% sure where all of this is going, but I am getting great help here. I am definitely going to be bringing ins some of this.
  8. Re: Multipower are so common, why not just cut every cost by 2 ? This is definitely a change from 5E. The way to get around that is to have a "compound power" slot, typically where the powers are linked. However, that being said, I believe that most GMs house ruled it the way 6E evidently does it for MPs and VPPs (but typically not for ECs).
  9. Re: "The Inquision Is Come"
  10. Re: Superhero Campaign Advice? Especially for a novice GM, the book Villainy Amok would be a great buy. It has several fully fleshed out encounters, and ideas for many more. It hits many of the typical genre-shticks. I enjoyed running Champions Battleground, which, is a larger adventure, with a decent story line. This will give you many sessions worth of play. I agree with the idea of reading comics for motivation. The one thing to remember is that many comic conventions won't work exactly right when trying to convert them to a game. For one, it is often very hard to get villain
  11. Re: Villains Campaign While I have never actually run a villain-based campaign, I have run several convention games where the PCs were villains. There, it works, because they tend to have objectives, etc. They are allowed to use whatever tactics they wish, but even then, it is suggested to follow genre-trope and not go kill-happy. The problem I see is that a villain based game would almost have to be either more open-ended than the typical superhero game, or much more rigid. Typically in a heroic game, the PCs are trying to foil the crimes perpetrated by the NPCs. While there may be
  12. Re: "The Inquision Is Come"
  13. Re: "The Inquision Is Come"
  14. Re: "The Inquision Is Come" Definitely an idea. That reminds me... one of the events in the world that happened during the last game. A hero known as Chevalier du Nord, a Church sponsored superhero in Montreal was killed by The Inquisition, which caused the Pope to declare The Inquisition excommunicated. As event proceed, it is my plan to have the Church put together a squad to go after The Inquisition... but not sure yet what that would look like. I am kind of thinking that the Templars would not be a good choice for the name of this... as the Templars are still seen a
  15. Re: "The Inquision Is Come" I'll definitely be using this, once issues from this week come out. As for that... I created three different "field agents"... names based on roles/positions from within the "real" Catholic Inquisition... and other sources... Qualifier (the base agent) - they are highly trained agents, using AA Beowulf .50 cal carbines (modified M4 Carbines) Perfect (heavy weapons agent) - these individuals use the electrical-web suppression canister guns, as well as Kovrov RPG-7V2 RPGs, with HEAT ammunition. The field leaders are the: Consultor
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