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  1. Re: Scorpion Wire - How to do? Oh!!! My bad! Damn you guys are goooood!
  2. How would you do a scorpion wire? For those who don't know what it is, it's a anime-videogame type of weapon that can bring your opponent close to you. Something similar to a grappling line. "Come here!" I think I would use "Flight, Usable against Others, limited range, only to pull items/foes in close contact" But I want my scorpion wire to be "dodgeable" and even unuseable against opponent who wins a STR contest. (Grab attack that brings foes close?) Any thoughts on this?
  3. Re: Images, Invisibility, Shapeshifting and Telekinesis? I liked the idea of mental illusion... but what about cameras and things without EGO?
  4. I want to create a character who is a master of the Illusions... The idea behind the character was inspired by Candace Willmer from the Heroes TV Serie... but a *LOT* more powerful... The character will be used as a major villain in my upcoming game... I want my character to be able to impersonate other peoples including the voice. First of all, It's pretty obvious that I need the Image power with Sight, Hearing and perhaps even the other human senses as well... Since my illusions won't be able to mask my real identity (Am I right?), I'll need Shapeshift, Isn't it? Also, If I want my illusions to manipulate the world around and cause some damage, I'll need to pick up some Telekinesis, Fine Manipulation, Area Effect, Right? And finally, If I want my illusions to hide me totally (I don't want to be seen), Do I need invisibility as well??? Tell me what you think of this concept ...
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