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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From my group's 3.5 game last night. "You might be Chaotic Evil if you've ever used a live Kobold Baby as a helmet."
  2. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From our most recent Pulp game, which contains a character that wore a mask and carried a gas gun that could spray knockout gas or create a smokescreen to blind people. It became a running joke that he was basically Darkwing Duck, so much so that he started fights with some kind of Darkwing like saying. The one that sticks out most in my mind was in our final game. Shots a smokescreen shell into a group of bad guys, "Who's there?" a thug shouted to which our hero replied "I am the warm current in your pool."
  3. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From last night's Champions game GM: O.k. and the enemy brick is out cold. Faceless (PC Brick): I'm going to pick him up and throw him at one of his teammates. How heavy is he so I can figure throwing distance. GM: 100 tons. Faceless: Holy s***, well I can still lift him at least. Me: Did the enemy brick get his strength from density increase? GM: Nope, just says right here under notes that lift is 100 tons. Faceless: That 100 tons written beside his strength score? GM: Yeah. Me: Dude, that's how much he can lift not how much it takes to lift him. GM: That makes a whole h*** of a lot more sense. From a Pulp game that ended a while back. The team's pilot accepts a package that gets delivered to the team's base. He sets the package down and it starts ticking. The group as a whole quickly realizes it's a bomb and hurl it out the window (which by blind luck looks out over the bay so the bomb goes in the water). One player forgot this fact. Durr (Big Game Hunter): Was that really wise? I mean what if that window faces an apartment building and some little old lady is sitting over there with her window open and that bomb comes sailing through the window. Rex (Pilot): Relax, the office is at the docks remember. Durr: Yeah, right now I remember. Over the course of the game, other items go out the same window. Most notable were a bag of poisoned money, four dead thugs sent by the main bad guy, and two live thugs from the same group. It became a running joke that the old lady's apartment was just going to be filled with the stuff that we had thrown out of our office.
  4. Re: Help! Secret ID is being uncovered! Could always go with the old Cobalt Man standby that Iron Man used once when he impersonated him. A hologram is projected by the suit over the body of the person inside. Under "safe" conditions the hero removes his helmet and reveals to the world that he is made of intelligent energy and can't live outside the suit for more then a few moments except in very "safe" conditions. Since he didn't want the world at large to know about his condition he has been secretly asking different individuals to try and come up with a cure. Your character, out of the armor, was just one in a long line of people he has asked for help.
  5. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... My GM last Friday: He's right, this is a Pulp game. So you should be able to strangle a man with a python while falling out of a plane.
  6. Re: Cool Guns for your Games I've heard about test of the "Seasickness" gun but they ran into a single problem. The main use was as a non-lethal weapon but the reason it got junked is because they can't prevent it from giving people seizures. So it doesn't really work as a non-lethal weapon. Well, back to the drawing board.
  7. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From our fantasy game, some concepts should really not be mixed. Quade (Halfling theif): So, a barbarian eh? Good to have someone like you on our side. Thal (Human barbarian): I am more than a simple warrior. I am a Skald. Quade: A what? Thal: A Skald, a singer of war songs, a fighting bard you would call me. Quade: What kind of songs do you sing. Thal: (Takes a deep breath and begins to sing) We're going rape, kill, pillage, and burn. We're going to rape, kill, pillage, and burn. Eat a baby. Quade's player: I forbid you to ever play anything that sings again. Thal's palyer: What else did you expect a barbarian to sing about?
  8. Re: Screenshots I normally try to avoid double posting but this time I made an exception. These photos, aquired at great personal risk to our photographer...ok maybe not but it sounded good, show the elusive Blue Moon Killer, the terror of Hudson City, The Harbinger of Justice.
  9. Re: Screenshots Two more of the more iconic villians in the Champions universe. The first is everyones favorite answer to the Hulk, the target of so many VIPER plan...Grond, with my hero Order in the shot for a sense of size. The other is of that lovable but deadly Foxbat, could it be a sign of things to come...the countdown has begun!
  10. Re: Screenshots Two new shots for ya. The first is an idea I had that never got made, a prototype (?) of the Iron Guard armor called PRIMUS 1. And my brick, Scrapper, using his superspeed to break the sound barrier...i think that is what the rings are.
  11. Re: Screenshots Some new screenshots. First is one of two new heroes Raptor, the second is my other new one Moon Hawk. Then three more action figures; the invasion special edition Bug Hunter, Ironclad, and Mini Dr. D.
  12. Re: Screenshots Two new pics the first is of my next hero Snake Hunter, a former VIPER agent that stole some of their tech and went hero. (Was going to use Mongoose but I figure it is reserved for the actual team.) The second is of my new sidekick...not that he can actually fight or anything.
  13. Re: Screenshots One pic of my number one hero: Order.
  14. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... My group was playing a fantasy merc game last friday. We were hired to "remove" a bunch of villagers, the one that hired us didn't care if we killed them or scared them off or paid them to leave so long as they left. After a bit of recon, and the half-vampire member of our group killing a villager, we decided to scare them off instead of kill them. We decided my character would pretend to be a prophet and deliever the usual doom and gloom and the rest of the group would make sure that everything came true. After delievering the very first omen, the GM asked me for a PRE attack. My character, a former guard for the king, had a 20 PRE and rolled about average. The GM rolled 3d6 to see how many listened and actually care, he rolled a critical failure. The whole village packed up and fled, confident that death would rain down on them any second, leaving me sitting in the center of town alone when my group showed up.
  15. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From our Dark Champions game last night (which has just started taking on an Occult theme). We had just learned that someone was sending supplies that were needed to open a gate to another dimension to a base in Antartica. We kept debating on a way to get into the base and back out without having half the world's military coming after us. We eventually set the idea aside and decided to go after another base that was easier to get to. This is the conversation before we decided to try the other base. Drifter (Our Techno Ninja): We could take a helicopter from the ship to the base and broadcast an SOS. They have to answer if they want to keep up appearances. Rook (Our Sniper): Assuming that they want to keep up appearances. Me (the Modern Gunslinger): We could use the fake badges we have and try and bluff our way onto the base saying we are specialist from the Smithsonian. Drifter:...I got it. We scuba from the ship to the coast, using underwater sleds to pull two snowmobiles. We mark the sleds with a remote GPS, so we can find them later and that gives us an escape plan if we can't stop the portal from being openned. Rook and Me: Me: There is much wrong with that plan I don't know where to begin. Rook: I do. Assuming everything works and we don't freeze to death in the water, how do we keep the snowmobiles dry? Drifter: Carry the parts in a sealed bag and assemble it on the ice once we surface. GM: You guys do remember that you just have to get into the base without being seen right? Not onto the continent. I was almost thankful that the Russian Mob decided to attack at that moment. I didn't want to hear Drifter's answer to the GM's question.
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