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  1. Re: At what point can HERO sue? White Wolf's WOD Combat book was essentially the UMA. They even included the UMA as a reference in the bibliography.
  2. Re: How would you do this form of Teleportation? Sounds like a multi-power of various teleport theme powers. RKA/AVLD for the teleport item into a person. Regular teleport
  3. Re: Raw STR: Marvel Fun with conversions is always good. For awhile I ran a campaign entirely in the Marvel U, but I'm back in the Champions U again. The MU works good if all the players know the characters. The upper tiers look ok. I'd probably bump She-Hulk to 75. She is considerably stronger recently. These seem a little off. Iron Man is stronger than some of these others. I'd say at least 65, maybe 70, on this scale. Giant-Man? Hank Pym? Should be closer be at least the Thing's level at full height. Luke Cage is about right, but i'd also give him martial arts or a HA because he hits harder than he should given his strength level. Goblin is nearly Spider-Man's match in Strength (40-45), the Grim Reaper is normal human levels (20), Sabretooth can crush a iron dumbbell in his hands easily (30), The rest look good on this scale. Given the power levels in the FREd, this matches up about right. A larger spread than I allow for my players. But some of these higher tier people should outpower players.
  4. Re: End of an Era FTJoshua ... you have my respect. I've seen a lot of players and gm's who are unwilling to let a character (pc or npc) die when the dice roll that way or it fits the story. I've seen quite a few who get very upset. And I respect those who realize it is a game and when it is time to go...its time to go. Best of luck in your battle...can't wait to hear how it turned out.
  5. Weapons - I designed Mjolnir for my Thor write up as a naked Penetrating advantage for his STR. I've also designed Cap's shield as a naked AP.
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