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  1. Rather than invisibility, wouldn't a low grade mental illusion work almost as well. Something like: 43 pts Mental Illusions 6d6 (Human class of minds), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Area Of Effect (32m Radius; +1) (75 Active Points); No Range (-1/2), Stops Working If Mentalist Is Knocked Out (-1/4)
  2. Only in Hero ID without the time to change into the heroic ID is still a limitation if one is maintaining a secret ID. In that case, it is still a limitation.
  3. In general, the question of how long it takes to change into Hero ID should be answered by your GM. The amount of time should be consistent within the game, so if player A has Only in Hero ID and player B has Only in Hero ID for the same value, then the amount of time it takes to change into Hero ID should be the same for both players. As for a rule of thumb on length of time, this is again dependent on the GM, which is why you should ask your GM. If you are the GM wondering how to rule on this, then in general, most GMs (but not all) I have played with, as well I GM, that changi
  4. I originally email this response to SinedOL back on Aug 23. I am reprinting it here for informational sake in case others have similar issues.
  5. I originally email this response to greypaladin_01 back on Aug 23. I am reprinting it here for informational sake in case others have similar issues.
  6. I originally email this response to SinedOL back on Aug 23. I am reprinting it here for informational sake in case others have similar issues.
  7. Isn’t mundane stuff what the power pool called Wealth is for?
  8. dsatow

    Team vehicles

    I can see anything remotely large flying at Mach 10 towards a slightly paranoid country being shot down as a missile unless there was something to prevent it from happening. I can also see meter maids taping tickets on super vehicles and the vehicle itself trying to argue it wasn’t parked there. Vehicle: “You don’t think I’m handicapped? Let see if I can’t fit through the door of the court to challenge the ticket.” Meter Maid: “No license plate, no placard. Not disabled. $500 fine.”
  9. Just as some side ideas for you if you don't like the entangle idea: You could also create it as a gravitational effect as: Strength Drain and/or Movement Drain, can also be treated as a suppress. TK only to force things down Change environment Mind Control vs. Strength (Ok, this requires a bit of leeway from your GM but I would think they should be okay with it given Mind Control vs Con exists and people tend to have higher Strengths).
  10. I have an old XLS sheet for download. The phases will automatically adjust dependant on your speed. Just sort based on Dex then Speed. The ident column will change the mark on the trip sheets to whatever is in the ident column, so can be used to track stunning, flashes, and aborts. When I used it, I just kept Excel open and used the highlighted cell to determine what segment we were on.
  11. dsatow

    Team vehicles

    Does your super team have a vehicle? I've been wondering about team vehicles and real life politics. For example: Does your team vehicle have a weapon? And if so, do foreign countries allow the entry of an armed aircraft into their air space? Does it have a cloaking or radar prevention device? Will a government allow a cloaked vehicle which can possibly penetrate secure military areas undetected? Does it go supersonic and does the public mind having lots of sonic booms? Is it powered by exotic matter or radioactive elements? If so, how does the country react
  12. While using the menu and a liberal GM, a basic presence attack can easily get up to 8-12d6 for even a 15 PRE character, most GMs usually only give out a bonus of say 2-3d6. A lot of players will compensate by buying powers (PRE or striking appearance) to beef their presence attacks up. From everything from killing intent you see in anime/manga to teeth sparkling when they smile, both of which I've seen on characters.
  13. The next few stats were originally call figured stats or figured characteristics because their base value was derived from the characteristics we purchased in the entry before (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution). In previous editions, you could buy back some of the figured characteristics to save some points or if the concept didn't match your version of the character. You were allowed to only buy back one stat though. This was in 5th edition and prior editions. 6th edition made this simpler by removing the figured values. Because the starting values are set, there is no need to restrict
  14. Just for people not up on current events, but wikipedia lists major events for a lot of years. For 2010 -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010 10 years from today, my characters would probably head to Christchurch, New Zealand to help prepare and the day of the earthquake disaster. Except for my telepath (selfish self absorbed hero), who would just stay in LA and party.
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