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  1. There is one situation (multiple attack) where you will pay for end more than once for strength, but in the rules, it explicitly calls out that you will pay the extra end. In general, you only pay end once for strength.
  2. That depends on GM and players. If you remember, the original Marvel Superhero game had effectively static damage. A Good attack did 10 points of damage effectively but gamers wanted variance based on the hit so they housed ruled variant damage. Amber did away with numerical damage, but you had to really trust the GM and I found if you weren't the top or near the top in stats, your value really didn't matter so long as you had an amber level ability.
  3. This idea was suggested a long time back when I think 5th was about to come out. I kind of agree with Duke's idea and I can sort of see Hugh's point. 1) The cost change of 1d6 killing from 15pts to 10pts, severely changes the effectiveness of point cost on the killing attack. A 60 active point attack would be an average of 6d6 killing or 21 Body, 42 Stun. Currently, a 60 active point killing attack would do an average of 4d6 killing or 14 Body and 28 Stun. That's a big jump in power. (unless you are talking about treating a killing attack as calculating as a normal attack, if so, I apologize and please correct me as I scanned this quickly while on slack at work) 2) We get very kludgy with advantages and limitations as Duke noted. This applies here or there but not here or there. It would be better to simplify it. My suggestion would be to do the following. (note this idea has not been thought through) 1) Get rid of HA and HtHKA. 2) Have the advantage +1/2 to add a stat to a power. Have a -1/2 to make a ranged power no range. This would alleviate the possible point cost effectiveness of the changing killing to 10 pts per die while adding possibilities with the +1/2 advantage to add a stat to a power (though that advantage would be extremely abusable so probably a GM warning). The +1/2 adv. to add a stat would make interesting builds, such as EGO powering a killing attack. Another interesting build would be if it was powered by END or STUN, the power would quickly diminish as the character used the power or was beaten up in combat.
  4. How does damage negation and penetrating work against each other? I tried searching the forum as I thought this was asked a while back but didn't find it. i.e. If someone has 6d6 of damage negation and is attacked by a 4d6 blast penetrating(say 6,4,3,1 in damage for a minimum of 4 stun), how much damage would they take?
  5. There is a good point to what you said Duke Bushido. A game should have it rules changed to suit the game master and the campaign. And those changes as I have noted are all well and good and should be discussed between the GM and the players. People do specialized formats of critical hits, penalties on skills, light, etc. None of that is wrong, but its not a commonality. The one commonality is the rules as written. If you go to a HERO game on the West coast, then to a game on the East coast, and then in middle America, the only commonality is the rules as written in the book(s). If you ask how to build something using the rules, then I will point out if something isn't in the rules. It isn't that it isn't playable. It isn't that its not GM OK'd. Its just not how the rules are written to accept it. This isn't about whether you like the rule(s) or how the power plays, at least not in this particular thread. God knows, I've suggested tons of changes to the rules on this board. Its not that the writers/creators of the game created a perfect game. They are human and a "utopia game system" for everyone doesn't exist in real life. The original poster asked about how to do something in the rules, so it doesn't help if you say just "change the system". We don't know the GM/players. We don't now the rule changes they will accept or play by. We can only know the initial rules they have read or can reference.
  6. Nope, it just sounded from your post that you just add "target falls" to an existing power. Its a bit more complicated than that.
  7. Unless you are saying, fudge the rules or GM's fiat. It doesn't apply, as neither leaping nor UAA has a Target Falls Adder nor is there a target falls advantage. If you are going with fudging the rules or go GM fiat, it really doesn't matter and should be just discussed with the GM. Technically, you could do a multiple attack but that severely affects the attacker's CVs. You could do a combined attack, but since the attacker wanted a ranged attack, you could not do a martial throw (HTH) with a ranged leaping UAA. Finally, there is a way to do this by the RaW. You buy the ranged leaping UAA and then a ranged martial art trip with it. If you buy the standard ranged trip, it's -1/-1 and v/5 damage. If you buy the offensive ranged trip, it's +1/-1 and STR+v/10 damage. Another way, which is broken is to link a change environment to it and force them to make a Dex roll to remain standing up. This was used in some write up for a villain or a power example. I say its broken because to have an effect which Stuns those in it is 30 points while dropping people to the ground is almost as effective (dropping people to half DCV) and is free. However, IIRC, the OP wanted to do no damage and possibly as an area effect. If its an area effect, you would have to do a multiple attack with the CV penalties as you can not do a combined attack against more than a single target. The trips do damage based on velocity so even if you pull all the strike damage, technically, then movement will do damage. In any case, my original question was if dropping them to the ground mattered. If it didn't, then none of this really matters to the build.
  8. Just wondering, what are people's favorite supervillain types? Since its a favorite, you only get one choice.
  9. That doesn't apply to what I was noting which was to use Leaping Usable against another as effectively a type of throw. When using the leaping power to represent being thrown back, Leaping normally leaves the user standing at the end. So I was asking if this mattered to the person who was designing this version of the power. Using martial arts is fine and I'd prefer this, but some people want to make sure that what they do isn't stopped by a high breakfall roll or some such.
  10. Hrmmm, this popped in my head while reading Steve's recent posts after a long delay. I have not thought it through though so take it with a grain of salt the size of Texas. The last post on this thread is in January when my mind was not addled by a stay at home order for 2 months. Okay, so you have a skill roll. Say PS: plumbing 12- as an example. You roll your skill roll and you get 1 + the amount you roll by in dice to a stat which might be used to solve the problem. So in the example of the plumbing skill. Say you get a 10. That would be 1+2 or 3d6. The plumber is trying to figure out how the house is piped. That would be an INT test which the plumber would roll his 2d6 for his 10 INT + another 3d6 for how much he made is skill roll by for 5d6. The clog is a minor problem or a 2 difficulty so he would roll 5d6 and hope to get 2 "Body" to solve the problem. In a similar example, you have a computer geek trying to get past the security defenses on a computer. He has a 18 INT which would be a computer programming roll of 13-. The security defenses of the system rate a 5. He rolls an 11 on computer programming roll which is +3d6. The geek rolls 6 1/2 d6 hoping for 5 "Body". People would never be penalized for failing a skill roll. So if the computer geek rolled a 15, he would NOT be at a -1. What do people think?
  11. Massey's response pretty much covers it. I would just like to add two more points. Point 1: If the attack would normally do more normally than what get penetrated, you go with the larger damage. So if a 6d6 blast does 6,5,4,4,2,1 = 22 stun against 15 defenses. The attack would normally do 7 stun. Calculating penetrating, it should do 6 stun (2,1,1,1,1,0 respectively). Because 7 is greater than 6, the attack does 7 stun. Point 2: The penetrating damage is calculated after all defenses, including damage reduction and damage negation. These defenses normally do not affect the penetrating damage unless, I guess, it's bought with impenetrable. To be honest, I have never seen anyone put impenetrable on either reduction or negation, but I would assume it would be fine.
  12. dsatow

    Need some names

    I can see the module being called "Storm Front". Here are some more storms: Desert Storm (Pres. Bush Sr.) Packet Storm (internet networking reference) Super Storm Media Storm Some StormX: Stormy Weather Stormy Daniels Storm of the Century Storm Season Storm Cell
  13. My mind thinks "Blade" but then again, my mind likes to play tricks on me.
  14. Sorry, missed that on the first look through.
  15. You should probably make part of his normal PD/ED resistant. As you said, there is a chance something might screw up and he takes damage. A single killing attack would really mess up his image at that power level.
  16. Can flash be used with cumulative? I was thinking of making a power which acts as a painkiller or localized anesthesia.
  17. I think we are arguing not about Desol being used to simulate Invulnerability, but rather how far you can use a special effect over the mechanics. This really is a decision for the GM. Some GMs will be more lenient and some will not. To me, its like asking "If I had a 12d6 Blast defined a Gentle Flower Petal Rush with no knockback and did no Body, then people could not get angry at me for using it as an attack.". I would still answer it is still considered a hostile action, even if the Stun damage was just you blacking out from the great feeling of joy and well being (don't laugh, I had a player with just such an attack). People attacked with such an attack would still fight back. So, I am in the less lenient crowd. I would say, if you wanted a misleading special effect, you should buy the power as Inobvious or Fully Invisible.
  18. Being able to tell if you are desolid or not, is not a special effect but a play balance measure and a mechanic that is integral to all the powers. All powers which normally cost end have a visible effect. If you did not want to tip off people that you are desol, then you should but invisible power effect to the inobvious level.
  19. I could see one person with luck pressing the button and rolling 3d6 of luck to have nothing happen. The next person to look at the button getting a face full of spray without pressing the button (like a party teammate).
  20. While desolidified, per 6e1p190 all senses work except Touch. 1) Does this mean you are effectively Touch flashed while desolid to people who are not? 2) If you have Affects Physical World (+2), does it give you the Touch sense too? 3) It seems to state or infer that if you have Affects Physical World on your strength, you can use martial arts with it. Just to clarify, that means you prorate the martial damage based on the +2 advantage right?
  21. The only problem here is that your special effect for desolidification tells people you are desolid. While looking up the page reference I also note, senses like Radar and Targeting Smell (do characters really want to know who farted?!?!) will note you've gone desolid. Interestingly, you can't feel things while desolid, which raises the question are you effectively touch sense flashed while desolid? Even if buy Str usable while desolid, it doesn't mean you have your sense of touch while desolid. Guess I have an interesting question for Steve. 6e1p190:
  22. Hey! Do unified groans at my bad pun villain names count?
  23. X-Men had Professor X for a while saying "To me, my X-Men." which if you think about it is sexist and kind of creepy. I think the New Warriors in Marvel had one, but I am not sure. The Batman 60s TV show had "To the Batpoles!" He-Man and She-Ra had "For the honor of Greyskull" The power Rangers had "Its morphine time" or something like that. TMNT TV show had "Turtle Power" Sailor Moon had "In the name of the moon, we will punish you" or something like that. Sorry don't remember the exact quote as I don't read that manga. Thundercats had "Thunder Thunder Thundercat's Ho!" which might be a yell for Cheetara. Star Wars had "May the force be with you" for the Jedi. The Dark side Sith only had choking sounds. Star Trek had "Red Alert!". Its sort of a rallying cry.
  24. As GM, I would simply set the DC for the game on average to be X DC, say 12 DC, and then give the villain X * 6 pts of every defense possible. As GM, if I say a villain is invulnerable, they are invulnerable. I have no point limits. What I need to do is make an interesting and defeat-able villain. Just because you can make someone invulnerable does not mean you should.
  25. I'd allow it as both are uncontrolled forms of flight. However, since the action is in reaction to an attackers move, I would make them abort and make an Acrobatics or Breakfall roll based on the distance thrown. So, if they got thrown 10", they would need to make the roll by -10 to not move anywhere. If they roll and get it by 5, they would move 5" and stop. If in those 5" they'd hit something, they would take the full damage from velocity of the throw (10").
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