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  1. Re: Welcome to the Silver Screen Volt would not play himself, and if done well would support it. He'd have to bee the "impecable good guy" or he'd try to have it stopped. Olorin would be amused and would play himself if asked. As to Hollywood - outsider - check. broad sense of humor - check. fireballs, lightnng, explosions and earthquakes - check. Only thing missing would be a car chase. Black Tiger - don't even ask. he'd do whatever it took to stop it including sabotage. Leadman - would not approve or participate. Futurian - would jump at the chance to play himeself. However, other that techo powers and outsider status, not sure Hollywood would want him. Too subtle.
  2. Re: Wishful Thinking... Olorin would be going "OMG! This is not good. Wishes can go so easily awry & normally have a price equal to the wish." and them do a magical analysis to find out how this happened and set it right. - including doing a wish to do so - he has experience with wishes and rarely messes them up. Volt - wishes the wishes away and that they would stop - if that can be done. Black Tiger. Does what he does best - curse silently and investigate. Leadman. Does what he does best - curse loudly and investigate. Futurian "Oh God! The wish machine is active! I thought that would not occur for at least 100 years yet! C'mon think Futurian...how did they stop it in the past? - er in the future - er- in my past but this future. God, I hate temporal paradoxes."
  3. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. Louisiana chickens too. (never saw a live armadillo, but dead ones in the road...)
  4. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Baba Yoda
  5. Re: For whom the (dinner) bell tolls... Olorin - Definetly has a favorite drink - Tart with sweet note lemonade, ... which he summons from nowhere. He likes foods that need no utensils - so pizza is a must (pepperoni and bacon) Volt - likes pizza (pepperoni, bacon and onion) and also is a meat and potatoes guy. Preferred meat is meatloaf (no green peppers in it though) Black Tiger - Chinese and lasagna Lead man - Favorite drink: "Coffee. Hot. Lots of it. Now." Takes it black and unsweetened. Pot roast kind of guy. - Or any "not fancy" meat Futurian : Indian - likes curry. Chicken Vindaloo (fairly hot ) is his favorite.
  6. Re: In The Cards Olorin would go "Oh this is interesting" and t-port ( unless the barrier has anti-tport) behind the big bad invisibly and attack (at which point he would appear). He probably would grab the last card just is case as his first attack. Olorin is hard to hit. Volt can fly over the barrier if it is not up to the ceiling, and do much the same thing as Olorin. All others (except Futurian) would attack the nearest summoned, trying to get to the guy quickly. Futurian - "Cards? Oh wow. I have some too." and proceed to use them - if alone. They pull in his team members. If they are already there, he'd attack.
  7. Re: Superhero Costume Party Olorin my super mage would come as a dragon. Full size. Flames and all. Either that, or he would come in looking like Tolkein's balrog (flames, sword and whip included). All my other characters except Futurian (the man from the future) would not bother. Futurian probably would come in dressed like a neanderthal.
  8. Re: Why do you poist WWYCD threads? I mainly post them to see what other people's characters do. I read other people's post for the same - and to get ideas.
  9. Re: It was a dark and stormy thread The scariest thing ever in a campaign was not spooky, but very scary - as in O.M.G. scary. It was D&D 3.5. The players went into a room and saw a demon they could not identify. Yes, one demon. They used just about every spell they had, almost all the healing they had (one light healing potion left) and noone had over 5 hit points left. Later they ran into a humanoid they had never seen before, fighting 3 of the previous demons bare handed and wiping them out very quickly without a scratch. They, of course, tried to get it to join them. No way. Later they found the humanoid with its heart ripped out in front of a door.... that was opening in front of them. (really scary part)They had an amulet they found that protected them. But it followed them everywhere for months, and it scared people half to death. (demonic) Once the person with the amulet took it off and put it on as fast as he could. He nearly died. Getting rid of it was not easy,and a long story I will not get into.
  10. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Getting kicked out of hell.....well, Iv'e used the following saying a couple of times on some characters in games i've played "Heaven doesn't want him and Hell is afraid he'll take over."
  11. Re: Alien Flagship Falling From Orbit All of my characters except Olorin would try to steer it as best as possible and t-port out. Olorin might, just might, break several self imposed rules and travel back in time. Not to prevent the crippling of the ship or anything that has already occurred, but to put together help to take the ship somewhere harmless. The sun would be his first choice. Then Antartica, then somewhere in deep ocean.
  12. hfergus

    Royal Pain

    Re: Royal Pain Olorin - t-port him back home, and repeat as nessesary. (He'd also put a trigger on the guy to know when he is in the country - and where.) Volt - have a nice long talk with him. Failing that, push to have him deported. Black tiger - give him a real good scare ala Batman type threats and situations Leadman - chew him out Futurian - "Hey man, how'd you like it if I did this in your country? Not cool. Do it and you are going back home. My way."
  13. Re: The Mastermind's Trophies All my heroes: return all except alien and key to owners, if no owners, donate to Smithonian. Alien the mull over and probably keep. The silver key. If magic, Olorin can find out - and hopefully destroy. Other would just hide it as best they can
  14. Re: If accused of terrorism and emprisonned into Stronghold Keeping Olorin prisoner, even in Stronghold, would be very difficult unless they were very prepared and very diligent. He'd stay awhile seeing if could find out anything there (you never know) and making contacts (again, you never know) Then he' escape to prove his innocence, leaving a simulcra behind that woul take a while to detect. All my other characters woul do the "prove my innocence on the run" thing except Volt Volt would go into Stronghold and rely on former teammate to get him out. They still like him and would never believe it. He left to start his own team with their blessing.
  15. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...
  16. Re: I like Playing Bricks! Is that wrong? Happy birthday, and nothing wrong with preferring bricks. I tend to like blasters more, and yet to play a straight brick. The one I did was density based and had tk - only to pull down.
  17. hfergus

    Sun missing

    Re: Sun missing Olorin - "Again?" "Another Dark Lord wanna be. Now to find out what spell was cast and nullify it." - and he probably could given time. - if it was a spell. In any case, he could take many people to another dimension where this is not an issue - given time Futurian - "Neat effect. How'd you guys do that? I thought you did not have the tech. ... What do you mean you don't?" - if tech - he could fix it given time. The rest would go "Oh ...." and try to find out how to fix it.
  18. Re: Headline: Bank Robber Suffers A Net Loss... Every single character I have except one would laugh. Most would congradulate the kids. Black Tiger would smile, chuckle and leave a note for the kids saying "Well done" - which is high praise for him.
  19. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. So do I. I have also lived in my house longer than he has been alive. (Barely)
  20. Re: And now, for your daily dose of cute... You otter stop the puns right now!
  21. Re: "Neat" Pictures Unless there are two of those, I've seen it in person at the University of Cincinnati - my Alma Mater
  22. Re: Take a Teammate to a Movie If it were me I'd chose either the original Star Wars or Monty Pyton and the Holy Grail, just because they are my favorites Volt would chose Casablanca. Olorin would chose The Wizard of Oz, because he thinks it's a hoot. Black Tiger - not sure, but leaning toward Gone with the Wind Leadman - not sure. Leaning toward Death of a Salesman Futurian - Lowe Treach: The Last Adventure - then go blank as he realizes the movie has not been made yet. "Man, it's perfect for this situation. Bummer it's not yet made."
  23. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. Parental Embarassment - the best way to get kids to behave. "If you do x (or not do x) I'll sing."
  24. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster Shoot, I came up with that when he was Speaker of the House. But then I turned it into "She turned me into a Gingrich!"
  25. Re: Istvatha V'han - why can't she conquer Earth? You guys still have it wrong. See, she has an ego. When she heard a book was being written about her she dropped all plans of conquest to help with the book. She said things in interviews (not to be cited as such) to appear more awesome. Any weaknesses - well, are guesses or just plain wrong. Now that the book is out, planning will begin. It may take time to actually start any invasion as she reads it over and over and... well you get the idea.
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