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  1. Re: KA Vs Energy Blast what brought this on, is I was playing with aparticular demon that liked to spit fireballs around (funny story where one forgot to open it's mouth before spitting said fireball, but I digress). A problem arose when I realised this nice sized fireball was being easily repulsed by an armored vest. What would be the best way to simulate a fireball that effectively causes its target to burst into flame? This could cause an interesting turn of events to all those players who feel relatively safe behind their kevlar... and those who don't.
  2. Re: Combat skill levels I like that idea, thanks! ...erm, I mean, I'll take that into consideration... Sorry to steal the topic like this, but this has really answered a lot of questions.
  3. Re: Combat skill levels as I mentioned in other posts, this is my first time GM'ing. So thanks for the suggestions. Also, this is a setting with guns, to be clear. Idea #1 : Resulted in general dismay "You'tre trying to nerf my character, all he has is high accuracy!" (+11 OCV+CSLs?!?) #2 : Villans with absurdly high DCV, thugs and normal humans and other less competant enemies are no longer a factor in combat. #3 : Worked, but similar reslult as #1 (can I have my gun back now, can I have my gun back now pleasepleaseplease?) #4 : I think I've tried that.
  4. Re: Combat skill levels quick question on that: some PC's in my campaign have taken 6 CSL's with a given weapon, and are basically claiming +6 OCV with that weapon. Is this a legal use of Combat Skill Levels? It is becoming difficult to field any enemies against them that they can't hit almost every time without fail.
  5. I was playing with EB's and KA's one day, when I realized that I don't see the point to an energy blast at all. Point for point, Killing attacks seem to do more body than an equal number of active points of Energy blast, espesially when you figure in the fact that Killing attacks ignore unresistant defenses. So what's the point to buying EB's?
  6. Re: A venom gun? I never noticed the 'ranged' advantage. Honestly, it never even occurred to me. As for penetration, if the dart hits the outside of your armor, nothing happens, the armor doesn't get stunned, of course, so it made sense to have the power lose almost all of its effectiveness. Also, I am the GM. Oooh... Thought: a venom CANNON?
  7. Re: A venom gun? I included 1 shot clips because the weapon is a one shot gun, kind of like a breech-loaded shotgun. Also, Hero Designer's description for a -2 Power limitation is "Power loses almost al of it's effectiveness", which it does. Am I interpereting this wrong?
  8. Re: A venom gun? Thanks for all your help. Here is the final product: Drain STUN 3d6, Delayed Return Rate (points return at the rate of 5 per 5 Minutes; +1/2) (45 Active Points); No penetration Power loses almost all of its effectiveness (-2), OAF Durable (-1), 16 clips of 1 Charge (Recovers Under Limited Circumstances; -3/4), Real Weapon (-1/4) I decided to go with a straight Drain with SFX being the dart gun (it is soo much ceaper and cleaner this way). I added a Limited power diadvantage taking into accout the dart's inability to pierce armor. Thanks for your ideas! One last question: Would the power as described above require an attack roll to execute, or do I need to add in Requires Skill Roll: Attack Roll?
  9. Re: A venom gun? Good idea, it seems to be working out. Last thing, though, is what is the best way to represent the fact that this whole Drain-linked-to-RKA thing is darts being shot from a gun? What is the best way to handle ammunition in any case? Fuel dependancy, or charges?
  10. I have a character in a campaign that I'm running who uses what ammounts to a superchargd dart rifle. She uses this weapon to deliver all manner of toxic fun over the battlefield. The only question is how would I go about creating this? For example, I tried making a paralasys poison but there are two problems: #1- How would you simulate poisoning someone? Is this a Drain STUN moment, or maybe an Entangle? If you go drain stun, they simply recover, and Entangle, while stopping its target, has a physical effect that can be peeled off. #2- How to deliver the poison? I have tried using this as an effect power linked to a 1 pip energy blast. On the other hand, would this be better off as a Drain with shooting as its special effect? In tis case, whats the best way to deal with taking into account different kinds of ammo? I would really appreciate some feedback
  11. Re: Making Growth power Inherent That answers a lot of questions, thank you both. I see how manually simulating large size makes sense, but I will have to get around the lack of structure behind that method. Also, we are trying to work from an old Fourth-Edition book and Heromaker V.2, so there are gaps where 4th Ed. is somewhat vague. (I really should spring for a new updated system)
  12. A player in my campaign is creating a summon that will call forth platypus big enough for him to ride (Well, his is insane...). In order to make something big, I add the power growth and give it these advantages Reduced endurance (0 END) Persistant Inherent This adds up to a hefty advantage, but hey, its a huge platypus. It's going to be expensive. My friend argues Inherent merely means that the power cannot be taken away from the creature, and that it can still grow and shrink back at will. Quoting that the definition of inherent begins "this power represents..." instead of "growth represents..." Instead he argues that he should add the disadvantage cannot deactivate. I say this is silly. Can anyone clarify this matter?
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