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  1. Re: KA Vs Energy Blast what brought this on, is I was playing with aparticular demon that liked to spit fireballs around (funny story where one forgot to open it's mouth before spitting said fireball, but I digress). A problem arose when I realised this nice sized fireball was being easily repulsed by an armored vest. What would be the best way to simulate a fireball that effectively causes its target to burst into flame? This could cause an interesting turn of events to all those players who feel relatively safe behind their kevlar... and those who don't.
  2. I was playing with EB's and KA's one day, when I realized that I don't see the point to an energy blast at all. Point for point, Killing attacks seem to do more body than an equal number of active points of Energy blast, espesially when you figure in the fact that Killing attacks ignore unresistant defenses. So what's the point to buying EB's?
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