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  1. recovering... and mush

  2. Here's one from 2004! Me: Can I have some iron balls? DM: What? NO! Me: Well what about glass ones? DM: Huh? Took him a minute to realize I was asking for some meditation balls for my character, who happened to have juggling and needed... something to juggle that he might also use as a weapon... It's only too easy to guess what he THOUGHT I was asking for...
  3. I have a script that does formatting for me in a way I've decided I want it. BOLD (italics) "blue or orange" 'green and italics'... although it works better on a different coloring scheme than what's on this site. If you'd prefer I can leave those out.
  4. THAT brings back an old memory or two... First experience playing (doesn't mean I had a meaningful character). Very very first experiences playing D&D 2nd edition I was playing... well... I don't remember what or who I was playing. But the DM was fed up with me over nothing (I am guessing my lack of knowledge on the game since I hadn't any books, hadn't read anything, knew nothing of the lore, etc etc etc). So he declares "As you walk (alone) down the hallway a bolt of lighting hits you, and you're dead". A neighbor who played as well objected. "Aww come on man. You HAVE to give him a 1% chance." The DM agreed, at least there was a CHANCE that I'd survive. And I roll it. DM is stupefied. "You see a copper piece on the ground, bending over to pick it up the bolt of lightning passes by you..." The DM (same one I think) later wanted to kill me again only an attack from the heavens since I angered him. Same neighbor gave the same complaint, agreed, I rolled a 1 again, and again survived miraculously. On the third time the DM just said flat refused seemingly, since it seemed whenever that exact phrase was used, I somehow (graced by the heavens) always rolled a 1%. --- Speaking of bad rolls another one comes to mind, a friend drew an image to depict the aftermath, don't think she uploaded it either... Recall that earlier story of the tower? Well this is a continuation of that. But first some backstory. Our character got some nice treasure, one of which was some magic tomes, and if you read the tomes for a week you could get a permanent stat boost (probably 1-2 in this case). So the leader looked up at the sky as we're in the middle of a town (remember whisked here by one of those books as long as it's open) and said (since this was more or less a window of entertainment for someone) "Alright, we are going to go do our own thing for a week. So keep watching this spot if you really want to. See you later..." Anyways... During the absence another character joined and got the DM's permission to play an assassin class, and got him prepared and even ran a short session. None of us knew this until later I think. But our adventure later has us going against a large contingent of orcs based in the side of a mountain (was suppose to be a mine I think). The assassin goes invisible and sneaks past the bulk of orcs right to the leader... where there's a a large collection of explosives, and manages to take him out. Good right? Welll... Another player who was playing an anthromorphised unicorn cleric of Palor already had been casting Flame strike. Flame Strike as I recall takes a bit to cast as I recall, the effect being that MOMENTS AFTER the orc leader is defeated and falls over dead the assassin appears (invisibility wearing off). There was no way to abort the spell at that point, so the Flame strike hit that area setting off the explosives killing everything inside and around. Worst part? The assassin needed a 3 or greater to take no damage (hell the group was 8-10th level)... he failed. So it went something like this. DM: As you are finishing your spell... Cleric: FLAME STRIKE! DM: The leader in the back falls over dead as your friend xxx appears next to him. Then your Flame Strike hits the explosives *rolls like 30 dice*. Then there's an explosion big enough to destroy half the mountain. Cleric: ... Oops... The player for the assassin was a good sport about it
  5. Hmmm this brings back memories. Playing in a D&D game 3.5, we had characters who were in a tower and had an open book which took us to other locations... Anyways, one of the badguys was a clown. Literally. He had a scepter with a clown head on it and he was inviting us to play and have fun. When he hit someone with his scepter they would laugh... and lose vitality, along with anyone else who laughed as well. We played along until it got dangerous and then fought him... Anyways, later the DM brought out new NPC's for us to talk to (plot or otherwise)... with the same (or very similar) voice. So... Oh Pei (monk): Are you related to a clown? DM: Nnnnnooooo.... Why? Oh Pei: Just asking... This happened like 3 more times before he realized to mix up his voice acting, because that creepy way he talked with the clown stuck... and every character with that creepy voice made me ask 'Are you related to a clown?'... sorta a running joke for a little while. No, he was meaning that's what was going on DURING the extra time taken... Imagine taking a minute to make sure your fast draw is unimpeded, pulling your weapon out and oiling it and putting it away and testing it again for less resistance...
  6. Ahh here's one I just remembered... ME: So what if you took extra time to Fast Draw? DM: *thinking about it* Well he could be checking to make sure it's unsnapped, no obstacles in the way, the blade is oiled and coming out easily... Logically this defeats the whole purpose of fast draw in the first place...
  7. This exchange I recall from years ago. My younger brother was the DM so you'd have to ask the full details from him. It went something like this... Player: I enter the room, is there any treasure? DM: There's a chest in the middle of the room Player: I go open it DM: She slaps you
  8. Hmmm I'm suddenly reminded of another story. 2nd Edition D&D, the world was vampires and werewolves were warring (later when the numbers of supernatural were so high, if you were human you were potential food...). Anyways, I was playing a druid werewolf. He used his were abilities during fights (depending on the opponents) and shifting when other options arose. Regardless we were fighting an Umberhulk, and my character got hit with confusion. First round, I rolled and could act normally. I told the DM "I turn into a squirrel!" The remainder of the battle I was biting Dan's character (who previously was a vampire, long story on that) but as a squirrel the damage was minimal. HOWEVER since my character was a were, he still had a chance to turn (calculated it was like 5-8%) and he rolled it. Then the DM was pondering over how to do it. "A were-squirrel. Well he would get shorter, and lose strength, but his Dex would go up...". The DM decided he'd just become another werewolf I guess due to the silliness of it all, and Dan was angry because he wanted to be infected by a specific were. To note Dan had a quirk where he blurted out whatever he was thinking as his action, regardless if it was smart or not, and eventually wrote down on his character sheet 'THINK FIRST', which actually helped him once or twice. One of his random actions occurred while we got ambushed by like 30 bandits (we had a caravan), Dan picked up a handful of crap/manure and started eating it making all the bandits puke (those that managed to somehow save failed on the second round) and everyone outside lost their lunch. The bandit leader finally replied "Alright, maybe we won't rob you..."
  9. Well here's a 3 for 1 deal... Back in 2007 I got into a fantasy hero game (Brightwood), I made a werewolf characters; Anyways, first session of the game in a tavern there's an attack and a wererat comes in trying to act all that and the like; I transform and outdo his presence attack and am a bit stronger, naturally he was surprised since he wasn't the big bad anymore. But that didn't stop him from summoning some large rats for us to fight. During the fight I made a few successful powerful hits, and did presence attacks. GM added up the dice to something like 11 dice. GM: Soliloquy? Me: Take DAT you rat! GM: Negative one for impact... (Truthfully I still don't know what a Soliloquy is or how I'm suppose to use it...) In a later fight (same first session) we were fighting goblins and orcs, who after I roared and scared them to death they were all running away. Me: Get back here SO I CAN KILL YOU! GM: They run away faster Me: I mean, Stop and won't kill you They surrender, and we interrogate them. I decide to ask the low grunts why they were attacking humans. The answer? Goblin: Humans are Num Nums! The NPC help and my teammate suggested I try someone with a little more rank...
  10. Guess I should introduce myself. Let's see... I'm Era, a bit autistic (and thus quiet and shy), love computers, computer games, role playing, programming, and other things. I learned about Herosystem (5E) back in 2005 when I was in Korea (military), and in 2006-2007 I came here to get into my first 5E fantasy game in Brightwood (and haven't had a chance to play since ) Other than some posts years ago (commenting on powers and mistakes in the books etc) most of those seem to have been either archived or deleted... So I've more or less not here or paying attention, But... I'd like to be here more now, since video games can't seem to keep my attention quite as easily the last year. --- So I guess there's a few standard questions... How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)?When I was on ICQ I wanted a way to differentiate myself so I was more searchable. So I decided on Era, then later while doing my paperroute the name Hawkeye came to mind (MASH), now of course I didn't want to steal that so I went to Crow, then Scarecrow.... yeah... not very exciting... What was the first tabletop RPG you played?D&D 2nd Ed What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed?D&D 2nd Ed (limited experience, but had one really good session!) What are you currently playing/GMing?Looking... if there were a hobby shop in my town, I'd probably be gone 2 nights a week playing... Otherwise playing video games trying to keep myself occupied.
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