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  1. Re: Supervillain Images Love that Durak, and the martian is cool too. Can't wait to see it colored Mangog!
  2. Re: Non-standard mythologies That's much more powerful than the members of the Pantheon. They all come in under 350 points: Jupiter- 327 Neptune- 291 Mars- 331 Luna- 297 Mercury- 259 Bacchus- 170 They'd likely get creamed by The Olympians if it ever came down to a fight
  3. Re: Non-standard mythologies I didn't have my copy of The Olympians with me, but in the campaign use section on the Pantheon, it states: "Finally, if he is using the actual Greek Gods in his campaign (as presented in The Olympians), then the GM should decide how the two groups interact. It is entirely possible that Zeus and his brethren will be angered by the alien mimics. Perhaps the PCs will have to avert a divine war!" That's why I stated that they were gods. Guess the info in Alien Enemies was wrong (which will teach me not to double check before posting)
  4. Re: Non-standard mythologies
  5. Re: Supervillain Images Hawkfu, That's a sweet revamp. Very good work.
  6. Re: Supervillain Images And damn if you don't do monsters well! Another cool one Mangog. The head reminds me of a Zoanoid from the Guyver Anime...
  7. Re: Supervillain Images I love how his hands are intertwined tentacles. Really nice touch!
  8. Re: Mech-Inspired Powered Armor I'd go with the Garland mech from Megazone 23. It was also a motorcyle in one form, then a humanoid suit with a blaster hand weapon. It was taller than a normal human, but it wasn't gigantic; I believe it was around 8-9 feet tall tops. Iron Man's had at least one suit that looked that big (the space armor) The Madox Suits from BGC is another one (incidently, there was a single OVA called Madox-01: Full Metal Panic, that covered the first Madox suit long before the time of BGC). You'd need to change the main weapon, which was a chaingun, but tha
  9. I would also suggest tracking down issues of DC's All Star Squadron (not the Young All Stars though; I felt the writing on that was not as good). All Star Squadron was a very good (imho) modern take on Golden Age characters. The series starts just before Pearl Harbor is attacked, and they had a good way of explaining why the heroes couldn't just go in and end the war right away.
  10. Actually, there is a new take on the Squadron Supreme out now, called Supreme Power. It's written by J. Michael Stracynzki. The first issue had some rough sketches of what Nighthawk will look like in the series costume wise, and he doesn't look anything like the old costume designs. Nighthawk was also a fairly popular character, as evidenced by his longterm appearance in the Defenders comic, and a mini-series a few years ago that brought him back after he seemingly died (shortly before the Squadron Supreme mini-series that brought back the original Nighthawk). As to using Nighthawk f
  11. I actually scored a copy in shrinkwrap off ebay for under 20 bucks (it was more like 15 with shipping). Funny thing is, no one else bid on the auction, and I snagged it on the opening price just before the auction ended. Talk about being lucky....
  12. I didn't take it as one, so no worries. I think some "vampires" in Asia are really Gaki, the hungry ghosts. The similarities are there, so they all get lumped in as cultural examples of vampires.
  13. Mike, Do you go to rpg.net at all? There is a poster there who is from the Phillipines, and he posted some links for a comic company that is doing comics based on Phillipine myths. He might be able to help you out. His screen name there is pointyman2000 (I think; I know it's pointyman with numbers at the end)
  14. Mike, Do you have this: Jikininki In Japanese myth, jikininki are demons, corpse-eaters, who eat dead human bodies. These demons are often the spirits of dead men or women whose greed prevented their souls from entering a more peaceful existence after death. They continue a half-life by devouring corpses. A particular myth tells of a strong-willed priest called Muso Kokushi who once kept watch near the body of a deceased person. Suddenly a jikininki arrived to devour it, but the priest's prayers liberated the demon's soul.
  15. No, thank you. I'm really looking forward to this book!
  16. I copied an article I found online into an email, and it has a paragraph that covers this part. I'll post it here, since it was the only info I found on why they hop: I've asked several people why Chinese ghosts hop and I've yet to receive a definitive answer. My guess is I probably won't. Best guesses yet: the tradition of burying the corpse in a standing position suggests that it would hop. Some people believe that it's the nature of the burial garments (usually of the Qing - Ching- Dynasty) that essentially bind the legs together making it impossible to walk. Some people believe that i
  17. Actually, These are Chinese, not Japanese vampires (though they do exist in Japanese myth too, but it originated in China) Also, depending on which legend you follow, they don't have to bite you. They can infect you with what is known as "Corpse Poison" through their clawed nails. As to why they hop, it might have to do with the fact that they would bind the legs of the corpses prior to burial. If you really want to see Jiangshi in action, check out Mr. Vampire. It started a whole slew of movies with Hopping Vampires in it, and they can be pretty nasty if portrayed proper
  18. Which had nothing to do with my comment. I asked Mike if the Chiang-shi were the Jiangshi, who are hopping vampires. Mike said they don't hop, so I asked sarcastically, what's the point. If they are hopping vampires, and you include them, but don't have them hop, why include them as non hoppers? That's my point. I know that some oriental vampires don't hop; I did mention the ones whose heads detach. I was specifically asking about the ones who do hop. I figured that was obvious by my asking specifically about the Jiangshi. Sorry I wasn't clear enough on that
  19. If it doesn't hop, what's the point?
  20. Is that the Hopping Vampire, also known as the Jiangshi? If so, are you going with their actual feeding practice (stealing breath), or the cinematic version of drinking blood? I saw later in your post you mentioned vampires. I take it that means other vampires from asia, like the detached head fliers (Pennagulan I think is the name?) and others?
  21. Re: Aces Wildcards seems to have been reissued. About 2-3 weeks ago, I was in the local B&N, and I saw these oversized paperbacks that said Wilcards, and seemed to be collections of 2-3 books from the series. There were at least 2 volumes that I saw in the bookstore.
  22. That's why I won't buy any of the New Line versions of Jet Li's films. I'd rather have the badly subtitled Hong Kong versions. They english may not be perfect, but I'd rather have to deal with that than missing footage. My friend got Twin Warriors, and then I got him the original (Tai Chi Master), and he said there is about 20 minutes cut from Twin Warriors, mainly fight scenes with bloodshed, and he was not too happy. He won't buy those anymore. Of course, it helps that I live in NYC, because we have a big chinatwon, and the stores are real friendly when you want to buy movies (and they
  23. Re: Re: Re: Dark Champions - Please no Harbinger of Justice... You misunderstood. I said "Low Supers" as in low powered superpowers used in the game. Harbinger is still a human being, just one with alot of experience under his belt. His enemies, much like Batman's, ranges from talented normals like himself, to some of the super powered goons of the Card Shark.
  24. Re: Dark Champions - Please no Harbinger of Justice... I think Harbinger fits fine. Sure, the teleporting guns is kind of high tech. So is all of Batman's vehicles. HoJ's nemesis, Card Shark, uses high tech gear, and some of his thugs are super powered. Harbinger is a perfect example of a DC character in a low supers style DC game. His only real power is the teleporation of his guns. I ran two Dark Champions games when it came out. One was a low supers game. It went ok, but I wasn't happy with it. My second one was more along the lines of street level heroes, with only
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