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  1. Some Thal ships by Joe Singleton
  2. If the kid had on a full face mask, they could have said he was Neutron's mini (and some of the mini's are more talented than the regular sized guys!)
  3. Interesting. I keep getting Professor X references. Strange works better though Juan Paolo just sent me another commission he finished for me. This is Kamapua'a, a Hawaiian deity. I love adapting lesser known gods into supers. I feel Celtic, Egyptian, Greek and Norse have been done to death. This guy has a cool back story, one of adventure, love and sorrow. Perfect fodder for a super, right? Here is a site that tells his story. This is what sold me on him being an interesting character
  4. next up from Juan Paolo, Psinami:
  5. From Juan Paolo: A really old villain who was originally part of a group led by Black Scorpion, The Claw was a cliched villain. I've made changes to his background to make him more viable than he was back in the day
  6. Black Scorpion by Juan Paolo
  7. You mean Juan Paolo's versions are better than the ones Kris Smith did (ie the first set vs the more animated looking ones)?
  8. For comparison sake, here is the original images of the group:
  9. Thanks Enforcer! Some new stuff from Juan Paolo. The first product I ever put out (for BASH, Supers! & G-Core) was a villain team called The Triad. Decided to get new images of them done. From left to right is Moonstone, Hypersonic & Hoarfrost:
  10. As seen by stuff I've posted here, I like translating public domain characters. I found a group of villains who had fought Captain Marvel Jr. in the Golden Age called the Black Ace Gang. They were nowhere near as interesting as The Royal Flush Gang, but card based characters can be interesting. After some back and forth with Joe Singleton, we came up with a modern version of the concept. The original group was non-powered, but 2 members of this version do have actual powers From left to right is Queen of Hearts, King of Clubs, Jack of Diamonds and Black Ace, the Black Ace Gang:
  11. Quoting this old post because I finally had the fourth member drawn up by Brian. Representing Death is Manea, an Etruscan Death Goddess (naturally!) And being Horsemen, they needed mounts. Created from Fire Opals, and magically given life, these are the mounts of the Horsemen:
  12. Here's some new ship images from Joe. An Antarran cruiser on the left, and a Mi-Go one on the right: Another character collage: The Renegade Queen is now red, two Thals (descendants of Neanderthals abducted by a long dead race millenia ago), and an updated legionnaire with helmet:
  13. Joe recolored the renegade Swarm Queen, and colored the Cataclysm Swarm Queen and War Drone. So here's a composite of them alongside Cataclysmus
  14. A renegade queen who rebelled from the Cataclysm Swarm, a suit of powered armor, an Aztec Mummy and the vigilante Mister Midnight
  15. Some public domain villains: The Claw, Rubberman & Scarecrow
  16. A legion cruiser and an ship belonging to the octopoid aliens: A Cataclysm Swarm War-Hive, with fighter escort:
  17. A member of D'Anar's race, an Elder Evil and the race that serves them, Antarra, Queen Bee of the Antarrans, and Major Meteor, 50's hero turned cosmic wanderer:
  18. 3 more public domain villains, courtesy of Joe Singleton. The Claw, Rubberman and Scarecrow:
  19. Pulsar, a rank and file legionnaire, and S'Lar
  20. 3 new pieces from Joe Singleton. Centurian D'anar on the right, and Star Blade on the left, both of the Cosmic Legion, and in the middle an Antarran Drone Warrior:
  21. I'll pm you his email address. He's doing some stuff for Fainting Goat and a few others besides me, so it might be best if you contact him directly and see if he is available
  22. 3 more public domain villains, courtesy of Joe Singleton. Black Axeman, Lady Serpent and Super Brain:
  23. 3 more public domain villains, courtesy of Joe Singleton. Black Axeman, Lady Serpent and Super Brain:
  24. Correct. The vehicle is not to scale. It's a large vessel around the size of the Seaquest from the tv show, not a single person vehicle
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