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  1. Some new pieces from Anthony. These 3 are all public domain characters: Black Terror: Tim, aka Kid Terror: The Queen of Evil with a slightly revamped looks:
  2. Since you mention the rpg Godlike, you might want to take a look at Avatar comics Uber, which is about super soldiers in WW2. It starts later in the war, with the Nazi's unleashing them first to turn the tide, but a mole in the project passes the process onto the Allies and they make their own (The Russians do to, but I forget how they got the process). They're actually quite powerful (though some are weaker than others). Still, might be good for some inspiration
  3. The setting for AMP: Year One follows a similar premise. They tried to create super soldiers during WW2. Eventually they succeed, but the war was all ready over. There are variations of the serum the original scientists created. They are some variety of powers (more than I'd consider if I was basing it one the same idea), but the setting info is pretty interesting
  4. Two new commissions of some public domain characters by Juan Paolo Manitata (aka Wansworld). First up is The Black Hood: This one is The Phantom Archer: Juan also has a holiday sale going, so if you're looking to get a character done (or a cover mock up, etc), he has some really good prices. Check it out here
  5. urbwar


    I had pointed out they left Champions Complete from the list (and Champions also isn't in the Hall of Fame), but they had BASH listed, which came out in 2009, and M&M 3rd has been out longer than a year to 14 months iirc. But it's a write in vote at least, and maybe next year the write in ones will be the main ones.
  6. urbwar


    I had pointed out they left Champions Complete from the list (and Champions also isn't in the Hall of Fame), but they had BASH listed, which came out in 2009, and M&M 3rd has been out longer than a year to 14 months iirc. But it's a write in vote at least, and maybe next year the write in ones will be the main ones.
  7. A few from Richard Spake... Babushka: Pistol packing team mate of Perun & Red Devil: Speaking of Perun, here is a sketch of him in another pose: General Winter, the leader of the October Guard:
  8. Some more Anthony Green Art. First up is Dark Knight, a vigilante with a knight inspired costume: Ant Queen, a Golden Age Villain in the public domain who commanded Giant Ants: Mr. Frost: Another public domain villain. Nazi agent who could create a freezing aura after swallowing a special capsule:
  9. Some pieces from various artists. First up, Ifrit, a fire using terrorist by Anthony Green: Richard Spake's first take on Perun, one of Red Devil's team mates: A cover piece by Juan Paolo Mananita:
  10. Not really a resource for a Golden Age campaign Yes, it features Golden Age heroes from the public domain, but it's set in modern times. I'd suggest seeking out copies of the All Star Squadron comic from DC. Really good comic, and is set in the right time period. One of my favorite comics from DC at the time.
  11. New one from Richard! Based on a pulp villain I created, this is Red Devil, Russian bad guy (though once Russia is our ally in WW2, he becomes an ally of sorts himself)
  12. A couple of early drafts from Richard Spake of two public domain villains: Baron Doom: Count Berlin:
  13. Here's a sketch for an original Golden Age villain I call The Tomorrow Man (art by Richard Spake):
  14. Here's a pair of original villains by Dan Houser (line artist for the rpg ICONS). A brother & sister duo known as Frostbite & Sunburn:
  15. Two more public domain villains. These two are by Joe Singleton. First up, a Black Terror foe named The Puzzler: The Sceptre, who tangled with Black Cat & Kitten:
  16. 2 more public domain villains. Both of these guys tangled with Lash Lightning back in the day. Both of these are by an artist named Anthony Green First up, The Mummy. He's a doctor who found a way of using radium to make himself invulnerable to bullets and such after treating some wrappings with the serum. He also uses a "hotlight" gun which blinds opponents, and acts like a laser: Mastermind was able to duplicate Lash's control over electricity, and could also teleport. Too bad he had terrible fashion sense:
  17. Doctor Dracula, another Nazi agent who fought Captain Battle: A revision to the Golden Age Hero known as Man of War:
  18. A pair of public domain characters done by an artist named Richard Spake: The first villain is Blackout, a Nazi agent & Saboteur who strikes during blackouts. Highly skilled person who uses a gun, knife and has a gang of thugs to work for him. Also uses explosives when necessary. The second is The Red Knight. He ran afoul of the original Blue Beetle:
  19. Speaking of Celtic Bolt, this one he did for me. Was a character I was playing in a V&V game back in NYC: This is the original image from a different artist, Kris Smith:
  20. What kind of price range are you looking at? I've been getting commissions from a few different artists, and most of them are relatively low cost (but still do good work). All of them have had rpg work published in the past (one was something I released for a few systems but the other 4 have done work for different companies). I've posted a lot of images to my Photobucket account you can check out. If you find an artist whose stuff you like, pm me, and I can give you contact and pricing info for them
  21. Re: World War Two Campaign I have list of Italian supers I'm writing up (though for another system currently), one of whom is the Italian version of Captain America. One idea I have is for various low-level German supers be part of the Brandenburg Brigade. Most of their powers would be suited to infiltration/espionage, which was the unit's forte for most of the war. They'd undergo regular combat training to supplement that, so most of them lacking attacks powers and such wouldn't be a disadvantage for them, unless they run into a superman type.
  22. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Great stuff as always Major Tom!
  23. Re: Superhero Images Continuing the Tomorrow Squad: Astro-Man was an astronaut. While on a mission in space, his craft was bombarded by cosmic radiation. He was the only survivor, and gained cast powers that he now uses to protect humanity: Quartz worked at an observatory until he was abducted by aliens. They experimented on him, turning his flesh into a gem-like substance. He now has super strength, and the ability to deflect/reflect energy attacks: And finally, the team image:
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