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  1. Re: Superhero Images Thanks Enforcer. Got some new stuff from Dan Houser, who is the line artist for ICONS. He's been doing these projects called Hero Pack, where you can contribute your own Hero/Villain, etc, to become part of the official ICONS "universe". The 3rd one was supposed to be all space/cosmic heroes originally, so I decided to contribute to it. I came up with The Tomorrow Squad, a group of heroes from the 1950's. All of them gained powers related to Aliens, and the group's mission is to prevent Earth from being conquered in the future by an unknown alien race. Dan went with a more Kirby-esque style for these, which I think came out pretty cool. So I figured I'd share these with everyone. First up is Doc Future. Contacted by his future self about the alien invaders, Doc Future gained the ability to manipulate time around him when the time warp he used to get home was blasted by an alien energy weapon. Now he leads the Tomorrow Squad in an attempt to prevent that future from ever happening: Astral Girl is half alien, which is where her mental powers come from. She also is a trained detective, which she learned from her step father: Beacon was a test pilot who encountered a UFO. Bathed in a weird light by that craft, he gained the power to manipulate light to do his bidding:
  2. Re: Superhero Images Another Kris Smith commission. Taking inspiration from Wonder Woman, but making the individual an intelligent Gorilla instead of a human, comes the leader of the Guardians of Liberty....American Ape:
  3. Re: Superhero Images Here's a pair of commissions I got from an artist named Kris Smith. Both are actual Golden Age comic characters. The first one is Mirror Man, who wore a cloak that allowed him to teleport through mirrors and other glass-like surfaces: The second one is Wonder Man, the first official rip off of Superman. He only appeared once before the company who owned him stopped using him when they got hit with a lawsuit:
  4. Re: Anyone remember Herozine? Looking for some info from an old issue Mike, Great to see you respond! When I say you hadn't logged into the forums for over a year, I was worried my last shot of reaching you was gone. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. I'm doing some major revisions of the character, and added some new servants for his Professor Eon identity Anyway, we might want to take this to private messages now, and not clog the forums.
  5. Hi all. I was looking for some material I had submitted for Herozine issue #17. I can't find my copy, and so far, my efforts to contact Mike Nunn, the editor, has met with no success (I tried to pm him here, but as he hasn't been on these forums in over a year, I don't know if he will see it). Anyway, I submitted an article on a villain named Professor Eon/Time Twister. I wanted to get the basics on them (appearance, basic info on powers, rundown on their background), as I plan on updating them (including getting some art done by some artists I've been getting commissions from). I found the cover of Herozine #17, so I got Time Twister's looks covered, so now I just need the rest. Can any old time Champions fans help another old timer out? If not, I'll just have to start from scratch. Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help out...
  6. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. ah, my mistake then.
  7. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread.
  8. Re: Superhero Images Last one for today. This is Time Twister, the main enemy of Kronos. He was once a paratime policeman himself, but decided to strike out on his own. Using an older temporal device (shaped like a sundial), along with powered Gauntlets, boots and helmet, he started all kinds of trouble for the heroes (he trounced us at least twice). He had this temporal field that would teleport anyone attempting hand to hand combat against him, basically moving them both spacially and temporally. A more powerful version of him appeared in Herozine, along with his older incarnation, Professor Eon (a golden age temporal villain who became Time Twister later on in life)
  9. Re: Superhero Images This one is Iron Maiden. Her steel body gave her great strength and resistance, and was also partly reflective. She was once a villain, but eventually became more of a neutral type, working as a super powered merc later on in the campaign. She worked with our a group a few times, but couldn't stand Brawler (who hit on her a few times)
  10. Re: Superhero Images This is Siren, a punk rocker with sonic powers. Basically, a punk rock version of Black Canary
  11. Re: Superhero Images Ok, Finally got around to scanning some more images my old GM drew. This one is a character I played named Kronos. He was part of a time travelling law enforcement group, similar to the Green Lantern Corps. Instead of rings, they used a power source shaped like an hourglass. He had various temporal powers (he could cause someone to grow older/younger, with the negative stat effects involved. He could also speed up time to make himself move faster, fire a blast of pure temporal energy, and create a temporal warp field, which acted like a force field). Hope you like!
  12. Re: Superhero Images Last one for today (as I need to scan more of the stuff I have) This is Nightstalker. He was a Batman/Moon Knight street level hero. He was taken over by some criminal group we fought, and turned into the villainous Dark Knight (image to be posted after I scan it). He used a pair of nunchucks in battle. He was an ally of ours after we freed him from the mind control he was under, but was never a regular member of our team
  13. Re: Superhero Images Next up is Brawler. I originally created him for a Suicide Squad inspired game a long, long time ago. When I started playing with the artist, Curt, back in the early 90's, I decided to use him as a pc. His background was that he was once a pro-wrestler. His super powers manifested, and he got banned from the ring. He turned to crime, eventually becoming delusional, and fixating on Golden Avenger. He would call GA "The champ", and their fights would be "title matches". Brawler continually took credit for things he didn't do; when they went into Dante's Inferno to save a friend, they encountered a Dragon. The rest of the team knocked it, then he landed an elbow drop from a superleap, got up, and said "ok, I knocked it out, let's move on" Brawler even went so far as to tick off the goddess Kali by refusing her come ons. This led to her invading the reality he ended up in (which Curt ran as a great take on the Great Darkness Saga, with us fighting evil versions of ourselves), after having captured Staten Island (which we lost!), and using the residents as her warriors. We eventually defeated her, and after she lost, Brawler told her that her invasion was his plan to humilate her for coming on to him! All in all, one of the most fun characters I ever played.
  14. Re: Superhero Images After recovering a very, very old hard drive, I found some artwork my old GM made. This first one is a character from a campaign where we played ourselves, gaining superpowers in an accident. The hero's name is American Gothic. He was a patriotic hero, but he focused more on street level crime ala the Punisher. His powers were similar to the Vision (desolid, density increase, flight while desolid, a solidification attack inside someone), minus the solar gem He always drew them on the character sheets itself, which is why the poses sometimes look a bit off. I'll be posting two more today (just have to convert them from Tif to JPG), then I'll see about scanning some other stuff he drew for me. Anyway, enjoy!
  15. Re: Supervillain Images Love that Durak, and the martian is cool too. Can't wait to see it colored Mangog!
  16. Re: DC Animated Series character templates There's also DCU: http://www.dcuanimated.com/yaBB/index.php
  17. Re: Street Level NYC heros Not five, but a few from old campaigns I ran: Lawgiver: Inspired by too much weed and Judge Dredd comics, Lawgiver wields twin custom Mac-10's in his never ending quest to rid the streets of all it's criminal scum. He drives around in a custom Chevy Malibu (armored and with a few weapons built in), and tends to leave mayhem in his wake. Snake: Champion of Chinatown. Snake is a low-level mutant (30 strength, high dex/speed, some regeneration) with a large array of martial arts training. He tends to just use his fists and feet to dispense justice, but sometimes carries a pair of nunchucks. Spector: A former special effects expert whose family was killed in a home invasion by a Vietnamiese gang, Spector now uses his skills to battle crime on the streets. He has a few gadgets (a gliding cloak, gas gun, smole grenades), and carries a .44 magnum as a backup piece for when the gas gun just doesn't cut it (he tends to use the magnum on the more vile criminals, like serial killers and the like. Common crooks get gassed and left for the police). In a Feng Shui campagin, Spector was a ghostly vigilante, using a ghostly gun to dispense justice on criminals.
  18. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. Wow. I haven't been around in a few months, come back, and find a ton of awesome artwork. Great stuff Storn; I could run an entire campaign based on all the art you've shared in this thread!
  19. Re: Non-standard mythologies That's much more powerful than the members of the Pantheon. They all come in under 350 points: Jupiter- 327 Neptune- 291 Mars- 331 Luna- 297 Mercury- 259 Bacchus- 170 They'd likely get creamed by The Olympians if it ever came down to a fight
  20. Re: Non-standard mythologies I didn't have my copy of The Olympians with me, but in the campaign use section on the Pantheon, it states: "Finally, if he is using the actual Greek Gods in his campaign (as presented in The Olympians), then the GM should decide how the two groups interact. It is entirely possible that Zeus and his brethren will be angered by the alien mimics. Perhaps the PCs will have to avert a divine war!" That's why I stated that they were gods. Guess the info in Alien Enemies was wrong (which will teach me not to double check before posting) Yes, I was talking about The Pantheon. Sorry for not being clearer on that point. The Pantheon's arrival likely came after The Olympians cut themselves off from Earth to fight the Titans (though again, I don't have Olympians in front of me to see when they cut themselves off; The Pantheon arrive around 100 B.C.)
  21. Re: Non-standard mythologies
  22. Re: Supervillain Images Hawkfu, That's a sweet revamp. Very good work.
  23. Re: Supervillain Images And damn if you don't do monsters well! Another cool one Mangog. The head reminds me of a Zoanoid from the Guyver Anime...
  24. Re: Supervillain Images I love how his hands are intertwined tentacles. Really nice touch!
  25. Re: Superhero Images Wow. I haven't been by the forums lately, and now I get to catch up on all this cool artwork. Great stuff all around!
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