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  1. Re: Mech-Inspired Powered Armor I'd go with the Garland mech from Megazone 23. It was also a motorcyle in one form, then a humanoid suit with a blaster hand weapon. It was taller than a normal human, but it wasn't gigantic; I believe it was around 8-9 feet tall tops. Iron Man's had at least one suit that looked that big (the space armor) The Madox Suits from BGC is another one (incidently, there was a single OVA called Madox-01: Full Metal Panic, that covered the first Madox suit long before the time of BGC). You'd need to change the main weapon, which was a chaingun, but that shouldn't be too hard.
  2. 3 more excellant pieces there Storn!
  3. I would also suggest tracking down issues of DC's All Star Squadron (not the Young All Stars though; I felt the writing on that was not as good). All Star Squadron was a very good (imho) modern take on Golden Age characters. The series starts just before Pearl Harbor is attacked, and they had a good way of explaining why the heroes couldn't just go in and end the war right away.
  4. Nice looking stuff there Solomon!
  5. Re: Thrash (A new Look) Colored! Very nice Wildcat! I like the one with the shirt better myself, only because he doesn't look mean enough with the shirt off. He's got that kind of "Don't mess with me" look, but his facial expression doesn't really make him look dangerous. With the shirt on, he's a good looking super with a smile on his face. Maybe you can tweak the shirtless facial expression, make him look a little meaner or something?
  6. Re: character image I really, really like this image. I really like the look of the extra limbs on Scorpius, and the blue & white for the costume is very appealing to the eye
  7. Re: character image I really like it. The character looks pretty intense. Liked the Polaris image as well
  8. Damn, I haven't been getting updates on this thread, come by and see all kinds of new, cool images. You guys are just awesome. And damn, Cynthia is here too!
  9. Another neat one there! Is she wearing a tie?
  10. Re: The Black Enchantress Wildcat, Great coloring job on these two images, Especially Black Enchantress. She looks fairly menacing now! Being the greedy mulch I am, I wouldn't mind seeing her without the background. You going to do Dr. Arcane too? He was my favorite from that book
  11. Mangog. I love the look of Giganto! He looks less like the thing now, and a bit more reptillian. Kudos! Wildcat: If you can post them, I'd love to see them. Hope they say it's ok to do
  12. Actually, there is a new take on the Squadron Supreme out now, called Supreme Power. It's written by J. Michael Stracynzki. The first issue had some rough sketches of what Nighthawk will look like in the series costume wise, and he doesn't look anything like the old costume designs. Nighthawk was also a fairly popular character, as evidenced by his longterm appearance in the Defenders comic, and a mini-series a few years ago that brought him back after he seemingly died (shortly before the Squadron Supreme mini-series that brought back the original Nighthawk). As to using Nighthawk for the Champions, I don't see a problem with it. As others have pointed out, names get used and reused over and over in comics. Granted, the bigger names are not copied (for obvious reasons, like avoiding legal hassles), but the middle tier to lesser ones are less likely to draw a fuss.
  13. Great image! Looks like a cross between the Blue Bullet armor seen in The Invaders comic, and those bulky robots you used to see in movie serials (and in the serial program on Voyager). Neat!
  14. Re: Star Spangled Hero Wildcat, I like it! I've been catching up on this thread today, and damn, alot of nice artwork's been posted. Kudos to everyone for the good work!
  15. Re: Another American Eagle Of the two colored ones, I think this one is better. I can see why the player chose it. I also think the coloring isn't bad; not being an artist myself, I tend not to get too picky over that kind of stuff
  16. Re: Re: Re: Speaking of Winged Characters In one of my old games, a pc was called Demon. He was a demon from hell, but he liked little children and puppies, so he fled Hell, and came to earth. He was very mellow, unless a puppy or child was threatened, then he became this whirlwind of destruction. The group Demon made the mistake of trying to capture him by holding dog pound hostage. They never did find all the agent's body parts.... Looking forward to the other pics when you get to post them
  17. Re: Speaking of Winged Characters Wildcat, I love this take on American Eagle. It's very well done. You should consider coloring it in
  18. Wildcat, Great looking image! Sketchpad, those are really good looking updates of those V&V characters. I especially like Nightmare, with the image coming off his cigarette smoke. I always did like those two characters; Nightmare plagued a few of my old Champions games in the past too
  19. Since it was posted to their message board, he didn't need permission. It's a thread about his game, and the artwork is *his* artwork. Seriously, I don't see what the big deal is. As Storn pointed out, both pieces are available from his website, for free. If Hero didn't have a problem with it being on his site, why would they have a problem with him posting it to a thread about his M&M game? It's set in a world that uses alot of characters from Champions, so it's obvious that some champs character would show up in the game.
  20. Re: Another old Pic newly Colored This one looks awesome WC!
  21. Re: Another Beserker I like both. Each has their own qualities to it, so I can't decide! BTW, this one is the best of the three so far
  22. Re: Another super-patriot Looks cool AV. I downloaded it, but for some reason, only part of the image shows up in my image viewer. When I look at the thumbnail though, I see the whol image (which looks awesome, btw). Anyway you could repost the file in a smaller size? What's with the name Dark Patriot? Is he more of a vigilante type? I had a character a few years ago called American Gothic. He was a patriotic character, but he mainly fought street crime
  23. Re: Next Bererker Not bad Wildcat. They both look good, though I think Thor looks a bit better.
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