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  1. Do you wish your family had more time together? Let’s face it, with all the activities that we and our kids are involved in these days it’s getting harder and harder to get everyone to spend quality time together. And if you ARE fortunate enough to get everyone on the same couch, finding something to watch as a family (without having to hide everyone’s eyes from certain subjects) can be even more difficult, right? Well, Hollywood industry veteran Butch Hartman has a solution for you. It’s called OAXIS ENTERTAINMENT: a 24/7 streaming entertainment platform with a mission to re-connect families and bring them back together. This vision was carefully created with YOUR family in mind. We’ll have something for everyone: Sitcoms! Drama Series! Animation! Home & Garden shows! Reality shows! Fitness! Feature Films! Documentaries! Plus a “User Upload” Feature that will allow YOU to upload your very own family-friendly videos!
  2. Real people whose counterparts would be supers in a supers world. Charles Lindbergh 1. Traumatized by a terrible crime, the kidnap and murder of his child. 2. Had the best cutting edge aviation technology of the time 3. Had a flashy nickname "The Lone Eagle" 4. Eugenicist who allegedly also worked with Alexis Carrel a French surgeon who dreamed of improving humanity both through genetic improvement and cyborg replacement of body parts. Helped him invented a mechanical heart valve. 5. Denied the opportunity to join the military due to his Isolationist history, actually flew a few combat missions as a civilian. Aleister Crowley 1. Notorious occultist. 2. Sometimes called himself "Master Therion", identifying himself with the Beast of Revelation. 3. Allegedly tried to summon a god into himself. "Babe" Dedrikson 1. Fantastically versatile female athlete driven to prove herself the best at everything. 2. Capability almost as great as her ego. Unity Mitford 1. Wealthy British socialite. 2. Nazi sympathiser 3. Inflicted severe brain injury on herself in failed suicide attempt after the outbreak of war, allowed to return to Britain. Princess Lamia bint Majid AlSaud 1. Wealthy philanthropist 2. Her name is Princess Lamia
  3. Japan has a number of things like that. Tiger and Bunny: Corporate sponsored heroes on a reality show Yakuza: like a Dragon: Cellphone app that can be used by citizens in distress to call mercenary superheroes. My Hero Academia: Heroes supported by merchandising, deployed to matching power level threats by a guild. However, it's worth remembering that from its genesis the the amateur/volunteer status of most heroes was a major part of the genre. It's not that superheroes are frozen in time. It's that they were never that realistic in the first place.
  4. They changed it to Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate. in 1991. Not that they use that in the movies and TV series which started after the Department of Homeland Security became a thing. Then there's the alternate universe where it is Saviors of Humanity by Intervention in the Evolution of Life-form Deviants. There's no limit to how awkward a backronym can get.
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