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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proven_Innocent
  2. Batman, The Black Terror, Miss Fury and Spectre beg to differ.
  3. There are two kinds of plans, good ones and the kind that involve confronting Thanos when you don't have to.
  4. 1. Start a chain reaction that causes every dormant and active volcano in the Ring of Fire to erupt at the same time. 2. Create a tailored disease that cripples the part of the human brain that allows for facial identification. 3. Open a teleport gate in the ocean that connects to one of those water worlds with miles deep oceans. As the water flows through it causes the oceans to rise until eventually no land will be above water. 4. Teleport a large city into the Cretaceous era. 5. Use Sleeping Beauty's curse to put a county into suspended animation with the perimeter walled off by animate thorn bushes that grow back from all damage and suicidal birds that take out any low flying aircraft. 6. Expose an entire country to mutagenic chemicals or radiation to "help evolution" 7. Cast a spell to render the written word unintelligible to everyone who doesn't know enough magic. 8. Put chemicals into city water supplies to render the inhabitants more suggestible. 9. Rig the sound systems at large public events with rays that cause the attendees to gradually shrink to the size of action figures. 10. Create an extremely popular MMORPG. There was going to be more to this plan, but that's already evil enough. I mean there will be lootboxes.
  5. I was just watching Young Justice. "The mission is, what the mission becomes."
  6. And yet it isn't particularly advanced. There's particular skill or finesse involved. Just muscle. And Kylo Ren and Rey have overwhelming amounts of muscle just from winning the genetic lottery.
  7. I actually blame the bungled mindmeld for that. Rey was bit by a radioactive Ren.
  8. Kylo apparently took out the other students by collapsing Luke's Mojo Dojo on their heads. And to say that Kylo has as much training as Luke means remarkably little considering how much training Luke had.
  9. I said he isn't well trained. And I say that because he was incompletely trained by Luke and Luke himself is mostly self-taught and because 1. His lightsaber may look intimidating but it only has those crossbars because he screwed up when making it and nearly killed himself. . 2. He muffed his attempt at a mind probe and ended up just dumping his own memories into her mind and creating a permanent but accidental mind link. 3. He was directed so that he'd swing his saber like it weighs 20 pounds. 4. He is profoundly undisciplined. Powerful? Yes. Well-trained? No.
  10. She hasn't lost a fight to date because she was so drastically overpowered by Snoke that she couldn't even put up a fight. The thing is, Kylo Ren may be the main villain but he had a huge stack of handicaps when he fought Rye, and Ren isn't at all well trained himself. Even so he could have easily killed Rey if he had in fact been fighting to kill her.
  11. Oh yes that week in the swamp must have made all the difference.
  12. That boat sailed in the first movie when all it took was an afternoon with a bucket on his head for Luke to get superpowers. Star Wars could have been written as "Luke spent years meditating and training in his apprenticeship and then he could lift a rock or block blaster shots" but that's not the way Lucas went with it.
  13. Random Jedi? Rey is 20 give or take. There were no "random Jedi" 20 years before her time. I think it's funny that so many people object to "mitochrondria" while at the same time strongly wanting Force ability to be a genetic trait. But genetics are complicated. I mean there's a genetic element to intelligence but also plenty of examples of geniuses whose parents were nothing special.
  14. The popularity of Star Wars makes other space science fiction films more likely, not less.
  15. TLJ had one plot too many. Finn's sidequest was something less than riveting and it would have been better had Finn stuck with Poe and more time was devoted to Rey and Luke and Poe and Holdo.
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