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  1. TROI: I just find it interesting. Captain Jean-Luc Picard, the man who couldn't be pried out of his seat for a vacation for three yearsPICARD: It's Earth. It's home. Do I need another reason?TROI: I don't know. What do you think?PICARD: Your help has been invaluable during my recovery, but, look, I'm better. The injuries are healing.TROI: Those you can see in the mirror.
  2. I actually have a set of game proposals based on Star Trek. Enterprise Done Right Voyager Done Right The Rebel Generation With the first one, I'd eliminate the anachronistic technology. They'd be armed with lasers and "impulse torpedoes" with and without nuclear warheads. They wouldn't have transporters (on the ship that is. I'd have it as a buggy prototype on a research station). They'd get battle damage reports in the form of hull breaches and casualty figures. The focus of the campaign would be visiting each of the human colonies, helping them with their problems and use that to convince them to integrate with the United Earth Federation now that faster warp drive makes that possible. With the second one, I'd make a simple change. They aren't 70 years away from home. More like 7. I'd also call it the Ulysses and have it encounter adaptations of the Odyssey because "subtle" is my middle name. I'd dispense with the Maquis thing. That was an idea that just didn't work. The third one is just TNG interpreted cynically. Earth and by extension the Federation are under the sway of a bureaucratic cabal using genetic engineering, propaganda and intensive psychological monitoring and conditioning to try to create a docile population. In the process the Federation is crumbling under their mismanagement. It would be to TNG as Blake's 7 is to TOS.
  3. So you want an adaptation of the "The Wind Done Gone"?
  4. https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=12206903
  5. I'm not as concerned about the anachronism as it just not sounding the way I'd expect Cersei in particular to talk. It would sound more natural to me coming from a more down to Earth character.
  6. I find a really low tomatometer reading actually is a reliable indicator that I won't like it. 25% or less that is.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proven_Innocent
  8. Batman, The Black Terror, Miss Fury and Spectre beg to differ.
  9. There are two kinds of plans, good ones and the kind that involve confronting Thanos when you don't have to.
  10. 1. Start a chain reaction that causes every dormant and active volcano in the Ring of Fire to erupt at the same time. 2. Create a tailored disease that cripples the part of the human brain that allows for facial identification. 3. Open a teleport gate in the ocean that connects to one of those water worlds with miles deep oceans. As the water flows through it causes the oceans to rise until eventually no land will be above water. 4. Teleport a large city into the Cretaceous era. 5. Use Sleeping Beauty's curse to put a county into suspended animation with the perimeter walled off by animate thorn bushes that grow back from all damage and suicidal birds that take out any low flying aircraft. 6. Expose an entire country to mutagenic chemicals or radiation to "help evolution" 7. Cast a spell to render the written word unintelligible to everyone who doesn't know enough magic. 8. Put chemicals into city water supplies to render the inhabitants more suggestible. 9. Rig the sound systems at large public events with rays that cause the attendees to gradually shrink to the size of action figures. 10. Create an extremely popular MMORPG. There was going to be more to this plan, but that's already evil enough. I mean there will be lootboxes.
  11. I was just watching Young Justice. "The mission is, what the mission becomes."
  12. And yet it isn't particularly advanced. There's particular skill or finesse involved. Just muscle. And Kylo Ren and Rey have overwhelming amounts of muscle just from winning the genetic lottery.
  13. I actually blame the bungled mindmeld for that. Rey was bit by a radioactive Ren.
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