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  1. In The Stalk, Jack lives at the bottom of a "space elevator made of living metal". Her job is to feed it. Then one day she is the latest person picked to go up the elevator and be interviewed by the wealthy owners of the project. It's an honor she'd as soon decline since those picked seem to end up with a compulsion to kill themselves. This is the second in a series, with the first one having been a Cinderella retelling, where the prince's "party" takes the form of a flight simulator test (essentially a video game) to qualify for fighter pilot status. This horrific take on Jack and the Bean
  2. https://www.newswars.com/man-charged-in-assault-on-elderly-trump-supporter-at-polling-place/
  3. This guy: The protagonist of Trash of the Count's Family. He doesn't really deserve it. He's a nice enough fellow. But he was tragically born with the most punchable face in the world.
  4. More than 200 liens since the 1980s that were filed by contractors and workers who said they were stiffed. Records released by casino regulators in 1990 that show 253 subcontractors on a single project were not paid in full or on time. Twenty-four Fair Labor Act violations by the Trump Plaza casino and Trump Mortgage for failure to pay minimum wage or overtime. The cases were resolved with an agreement to pay back wages.
  5. Clonus

    Space Cops

    In 1959, DC introduced the Green Lantern Corps, a superpowered interstellar police agency. Later we learned they were successors to a robot police force known as the Manhunts and Marvel brought in first the Accuser Corps and then the Nova Corps. Of course DC's Green Lanterns owe a largely unacknowledged debt to Doc Smith's Lensmen who also provided inspiration for the Jedi Order. I know there's got to be a Champions universe pastiche of the Lanterns, so what is it and what's their equivalent of the rings?
  6. Rescuing fifty babies that give superpowers to the people holding them.
  7. "Let's open the schools," the premier of Alberta said. "It'll be fine..."
  8. Yes. Domino's Pizza in Japan really has a tsundere pizza although this is a fake advertisement for it.
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