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  1. Hi I have a character with an EC with Invisibility, Force Feild and Desolidification. If the character turns on invisibility while using Force Feild or Desolidification does he need to have invisible power effects for FF or Desolid? Thanks Max
  2. for 7 points you can kill With the deadly strike talent you can become quite deadly with your attacks, big equalizer. Crossbowman can open plate
  3. Has anyone done conversion the New Millenium characters?
  4. Another question, can you use missledeflection on another character. In this case a speedster drops from above and attempts to attack villian, villian uses missle defection. Does this work and if so how? What about move throughs move bys what if it is a flying character on a move through? Wraith
  5. During a game the other night we had a couple of questions about the effects of flying on martial throws. In this case we had a martial artist held up by TK attempt a martial throw on a flying character. They were 20" up. Would the throw send the chacter to the ground, would it send them an in in any direction with additional inches available based on damage done? Discuss:) Wraith
  6. wraith

    Gadgets Wanted

    Wow.Thanks for all the stuff guys. I will give some of these a test drive next game. Anymore ideas are welcome. Wraith
  7. Bushido great game. There was a fantasy hero game called sengoku on the web, long before the gold rush fuzion game. You still might be able to find the site.
  8. wraith

    Gadgets Wanted

    With only 250 points I built the character with pretty much skills stats and a gadget pool. I have a gadgeteering skill of 18 so I can manipulate a lot of active points. At the moment I Have no fixed defences, attacks or sences. Everything comes out of the pool. With focus limitaions, charges ect I can have some crummy defences an attack power ect. I like that I can have super disguises, invisibity fields, But the character is a bit of glass jawed hero.
  9. wraith

    Gadgets Wanted

    I am in Concord, out in the East Bay.
  10. I am playing a gadgeteer in a 250 point champions game, I have a 60 point gadget pool. I have come up with a fair number of gadgets but I am always looking for more. I would love to see some ideas. Thanks Wraith
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