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  1. To briefly respond to these questions, while I do not know the specifics of Scott's current condition, I did know him quite well in college, and can tell you that he suffers from a congenital disorder that would more than explain why he currently requires assisted living and remedial surgery.
  2. Oh, seriously. The shoggoths are going to be fine.
  3. This campaign has the most generic place names ever!
  4. Man, I miss those library barbecues... ....Also it should be noted that at a university library that's barely a joke.
  5. Wait. The thing that all the experts were saying turned out to be true? And the glib contrarian was wrong? This cannot be!
  6. Taking a break from my postblogging writing because I had to put this somewhere: Apparently, after being taken by a con man claiming to be the advance man of a travelling circus in 1950 cla, Wetumka, Oklahoma has been holding an annual town festival on the day that the circus was supposed to arrive. It's called "Sucker Day," and celebrates the day when they were taken for suckers. It feels like the whole world could maybe throw a Sucker Day party this year.
  7. You guys are doing that thing where you pretend to get the date of Thanksgiving late by a month and a half again? Also, while I grant that it's safer, anyone who thinks that stuffing cooked outside the bird is the same as the stuff cooked in the body cavity is fooling themselves. Sorry.
  8. And by "avoid," I take it you mean, "Lie in bed gritting your teeth and trying to will yourself back to sleep so you don't go online to check if they'd called Michigan yet."
  9. In fairness to Trump voters: First, it is very hard for an American administration to fail to be re-elected; Second, it has proven very hard for a government to lose an election in this fall of COVID. Yes, one can argue that the Trump administration's response to the pandemic has been poor, but I don't notice that the elections this fall have been sensibly affected by the details of the response. Trump's supporters certainly don't seem to believe that he has handled the pandemic badly.
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