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  1. The rest of you had better up your game, because right now the Tribble is running away with it.
  2. The end of an era --and a social media scoop for the Tribble of Death!
  3. Worth buying for hot girl-on-girl action (oops, spoilers) and a likeable cast doing what they can with the material handed to them. ("Wait. Why isn't my character crippled with guilt now? His character gets to be crippled with guilt! And his, too!") Also for Magik being cool. I hesitate to say Ilyana since the baseline reading would have her being a clone out of X-23's batch, although given the gonzo implications of that for the backstory of all the characters, I'm guessing that the script only said that, as opposed to meaning it.) Though if I started giving the movie the "Everythi
  4. Theory confirmed! Kang is going to the Phase 4 Big Bad! Fathers lock up your Celestial Madonnas!
  5. I gather that because it was a Rothschild space laser, and the family is all intermarried, it was, crucially, not a Jewish space laser. I'm sure we're all glad to have the troubling clouds of anti-Semitism dispelled!
  6. I figured that they worked as well for heat vision/breath and speed/flight. Silver Age Superman is pretty close to a cosmic character. Remember the time he sucked in the entire contents of a supertanker?
  7. And a neighbourhood in Babylon. I forgot how much time I spent introducing the characters before getting them there, though. On an early October day, two superheroes were chilling in Dora Guzman’s bedroom. Dora’s Dad turned in the doorway to her bedroom. But before he did, he had one last comment over his shoulder. “You know, in my day. . . Dinosaurs, caves, something, something.” The last thing Charlotte saw of him before the door closed was his smile. Charlotte Wong lay down on the bed, carefully, so that her head fell next to Dora’s, her curly, black hair, just
  8. Well, he's got a big chunk of strength, resistance, flight and maybe senses in his naked build, and then two VPPs, one for "brick tricks" and one cosmic. So I can certainly see why he'd be taken as a Silver Surfer clone, but my thought was that Silver Age Superman can do pretty much anything, including outsized feats of strength and survival that can be accommodated by buying Aids in the cosmic pool. As a result, this build can do pretty much anything Silver Age Superman can do, while retaining the character's quirky limits of a panel earlier (or later.) And on a standard length writeup, no le
  9. Vanguard is the CU's equivalent to Superman, but is strictly a background, historical character. I've seen two Superman tribute writeups, Viperia in Viper: Coils of the Servant; and Supernova, in Galactic Champions. I don't much like the Viperia writeup, but Supernova is an elegant design that does practically everything you want from a Superman at a low, low 2000 points or so.
  10. It seems a bit unfair to use someone's past actions against them like that. O-Chul might be a different person now!
  11. Only Xykon seems to have done something very, very mean to her. Out of character, I know, but maybe he was having a bad day.
  12. So I noticed back in Mystic World days where Dean was going with the "Byzantium" themes. Thing is, our imaginations seem to do cities differently. I'm the kind of guy who likes to point out when the texture of the sidewalk changes. Well, maybe Dean is, too, but I hope I bring something a little different to the City. “Woo-hoo!” Dora yelled. “They’re running!” Dora held her phone up. Squinting a bit, Charlotte could make out Jamel pinioning the human form of Black Fang while Kerry Washington gestured magically at him. “Hood, represent!” She gloated. “It’s a new day for r
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