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  1. Yes, but if you ride the flaming wreckage down into the bottomless precipice of jagged rocks, all the while pumping out helpful observations to the effect that nothing else is politically practical, you can secure the precious "moderate" high ground for 2024, when the Democrats are due.
  2. Now, in fairness to Julia, sometimes, someone you love gets a crazy idea in his head, and you have to loose all your withering sarcasm to get them to rethink their tragically erroneous position. On a more serious note, she is very much a chip off her father and her brother's block. Roy has come a long way in shedding the cynicism that distanced him from the other members of the Order (except for Durkon), and has grown as a person. Julia is still a teenager, and, on the evidence, a very bright and gifted one. She has the same arrogance as the young Roy, fresh out of his MBA. The question is whether she's going to go down her father's path, or her brother's. It's notable that his family keeps showing up to see him when he's reading his OP-Heirloom-Swords-For-Beginners splatbook. Family! Actually, does being dead mean that it's too late for you to grow as a person? Or do we make exceptions for those who might be stuck in limbo?
  3. No, no, I'm pretty sure this is a wrong thing to do.
  4. Julia, don't go! unh, it's an old Canadian thing.
  5. I was going to cut out the middle signifier and go straight to "Facey McFaceFace," but it looks like NASA rigged the contest. Boo!
  6. Yeah, like I'm going to listen to a guy who keeps finishing trilogies after three books.
  7. Learning is about trial and error, my friend.
  8. It does hit home. Kobe is too famous to die.
  9. No, no, physics professors aren't nutritious. And I'm pretty sure they taste like stale gum. With certain honourable exceptions.
  10. See? This is the kind of attitude some members of this board are going to have! Help, help, Simon, I'm going to be offended!
  11. I've decided to get out ahead of the crowd by planning to not see the Lady Liberators movie. I can't believe that after introducing those characters, setting up the plot, selecting a cast, director and script, and beginning shooting, the movie will turn out to be such a joyless slog. I can't believe that the director will soon maybe quit! The one thing I'm not going to do is trash talk the board members who will say that they like what they're hearing when the rumours start. That would be wrong and beneath me and Simon will would have banned me if I did, so I won't. . . . . But, still. Aquaman sucks.
  12. Some of those guys might want to think about seeing a mental health professional.
  13. I know it's self-indulgent to quote myself, but holy poop emoji, Australia, RUN AWAY! Only not to the Middle East.
  14. Run, Australia, run! If you can just make it to the Internet, we've got another Pineapple Express roaring through. There's enough rain for everyone! Oh, wait. It doesn't work that way. Sorry, never mind.
  15. About what we've come to expect of American shooting. But the thought's there, and that's the main thing!
  16. That being said, I think I'm only allowed to comment on Mr. Morrison over in the Politics Thread.
  17. I don't know about down Seattle way, but it's been a pretty solid Pineapple Express. And as a bike commuter, I speak as a connoisseur. So, thanks, Hawai'i. Any time we can do you a solid.
  18. Fish Guy. He's a Fish Guy. Why is this so complicated?
  19. Canadian Thanksgiving was &etc blah blah passive aggressive felicitations and salutations. ... So. What about that amusing political person? Please. Talk amongst yourselves while I eat all the pie. (Because it's a race and I won by skipping Aunt Andrea's turkey, that's why. Now go argue about immigration with Great Uncle Al while I do vodka and Cool Whip shooters here on the kitchen floor.)
  20. I'd share the ancient wisdom of my people, but what's in it for me . . . Damn it. Shared the ancient wisdom of my people again. Anyway, have a great, 100% Aquaman-free birthday. Hard to do in Seattle, I know.
  21. That's wrong now? I gotta call my Mom and apologise.
  22. Exactly! Safety shielding is a must! ( And so it was that Captain Only One Arm gained his remarkable friction powers.
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