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  1. That's depressing. In a good way.
  2. I follow him with all ten of my accounts, and I'm not even on Twitter./end subroutine
  3. Finally! A holiday special that can actually use Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer! "As for Grandpa and me, we believe."
  4. I picked up a copy, and since I had to create a DriveThruRPG account to do it, blew some cash on some Star Fleet Battles stuff while I was at it. Curse you, Chris! . . . Other than that, fun little adventure.
  5. Well, sure, yeah. But I am going to pitch in and help by criticising the way the job is done.
  6. Comity and the norms of the Senate demand that their Democratic colleagues absent themselves to balance the effects of illness.
  7. No, no, no, no. That's how the boss is supposed to act. ..... Kind of a non-sequitur here, but would anyone mind circulating a call for resumes? We seem to be short staff at work again.
  8. Change Environment or Extradimensional Movement are clearly the way to go.
  9. I repeat, more loudly, and without any intention of inflicting punishment (err. . . ) that you're on fire, Hermit. This one is really starting to recapture the magic of the first installments.
  10. "It is 8PM, and this is the BBC news on the hour. Leading off, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill denied allegations in the German press that the recent firestorm in Hamburg was the work of Bomber Command. "We know what their target was for tonight," the Prime Minister said, in what many regard as a nod to his base. Around Kursk, fighting continues between Soviet Russian forces and anti-government militias. Russian sources continue to present alleged German prisoners as evidence that the German army is involved. In a statement from the Reichschancellor's press secretary, Joe G
  11. Yeah, but all those consequences are in the future, and this is the present!
  12. All the 7" tall, green female actors in Hollywood have been booked for Disney's upcoming Lollipop Guild movie.
  13. Because she would stab them all in the talent competition. STAB them.
  14. And somehow I glanced over it so quickly that I got the impression that she was a stripper? Anyway, point is, try harder next time.
  15. This guy gave up a tenured position to be a supervillain? In this day and age? He is nuts. On the other hand, he does get to play with dinosaurs . . . .
  16. Hey! Motorcycles are only dangerous because of other people, like drivers. And advertisers, for making billboards that you can run into. And road engineers, for putting the road right where you'll hit it when you fall off your bike. And Isaac Newton, for inventing that stupid "gravity." Without those guys, motorcycles would be safe as houses.
  17. Geez, geez, okay. I'll participate. So I took another bicycle trip for my August vacation this year. As usual, too much cycling, too few photographs. Made the Hope-Princeton in just less than fifteen hours, no photos. On the other hand, a bunch of photos from my two days in Greenwood, mostly from Japanese internment days. Mr. Fujimura isn't coming back.
  18. Calm down, everybody. It's not like random, armed guys are wandering around demonstrations, killing people, or anything like that.
  19. Pogo continues to remind me of my nieces. By the way, if Aspirant so much as lays a finger on . . . Ahem. I have been told that I need to calm down, that Pogo is growing up, and that Aspirant seems like a nice, suitable boy.
  20. Thunderdome. Armed with pears. Saves on lawyering fees, but makes for a pretty desperate finish. It's hard to kill someone with a pear, especially after the season we've had. When we get a Black people around here we stare at them until they go away. (I think they don't like being stared at?) This allows us to save our racisms for the First Nations people, who deserve it more on account of being the firstcomers in this land.
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