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  1. So.. the red, white and blue vipers... do they hiss, "Don't tread on US!"?
  2. Noel, while best known as a male name for Noel Coward, also sometimes used in Russia. Noam, as in Noam Chomsky, a fairly Soviet Bloc sounding (actually Hebrew, male variant of Naomi) name meaning 'pleasant'. Natasha is a diminutive of Natalya, as in "Natalya's daughter/little sister", or "little Natalya"; while the Latin does indeed mean 'day of birth', the idiom is clearly in regards to Christmas, making Noel the closer equivalent. Nathan is also, in the ambiguous and murky field of names, considered a male equivalent of Natalya in some cultures, though it does indeed have a different meaning in the original Hebrew. I'd recommend Nash ('from the Ash tree').
  3. It's unique and interesting enough to be the Anniversary Mask on Champions Online, where it does stand out from the rest of the eye accessory options.
  4. Oh. Sorry. I thought you'd said the "Lesser of Two Elvis'". Which I think would be Roustabout.
  5. Possibly she's building the next president? If so, please more Int and Skills, and less Psych Lim's and Berserks.
  6. Wouldn't they call it a surfaceable? And while it looks like the warrior _could_ mount that thing, unless his greaves lock into something on the underside, I don't see how he would stay on it at speed.
  7. With Dr. Megaton's stats, being caught inside his own 12d6 punch isn't going to do Body, ever. If he keeps the punch to 7d6, it's unlikely to do him Knockdown, but it's still a really useful way to get a lot of normals suddenly Unconscious, and leave them seriously injured.. It won't Stun Dr. Megaton; except in exceedingly high rolls it won't take him more than a single post-12 Recovery to get back everything that exceeded his defenses. And if he's being ganged up on, then doing 12d6 to all his attackers and himself is going to hurt him a heck of a lot less than doing nothing and letting a half dozen attackers all do their worst to him. So, I wouldn't have paid the +1/4 "Explosion with Hole" advantage to avoid the minor annoyance of a little feedback from this power. And as a GM, there's no way I'd have allowed Personal Immunity to a punch (because Immune to Punch is Desolidification), so "Explosion With Hole" would be what it would take.
  8. "Took him two years to get into that shape." Cosplay. The key to health and fitness.
  9. So.. how do you know it's really just an online multiplayer game, and not merely aliens tapping the strategic genius of humanity to build actual stellar empires? And do you have a link to examples of your templates, which IIRC are teh awesome?
  10. Be better if there were a coffin beside it labelled, "Reserved for Current Occupant".. and the edge of a third on the one side wall (interdimensionally impenetrable, but very warm to the touch) with the "ant" still visible on its boilerplate.. and the edge of a fourth on the opposite side wall (interdimensionally impenetrable, but intangible to touch) with "Res" on its title plate?
  11. I'm thinking that my next character will definitely have a Major Transform: Enemies to Friends, with the usual language components.
  12. Agreed on all points. It wasn't so much the why.. as the how. The Holmesian villain mastermind was essentially ineptly trying to identify an archer among all the world's archers in a pre-Internet world by narrowing him down through the most commonplace piece of his shtick.. with a silly faked accent, deerstalker cap, oversized magnifying glass, non-functioning violin with a Walkman inside, and clay pipe, accompanied by hired thugs he called Watson. All of them. And whenever he ran into a dead end in his investigation (the GM later explained), he'd commit a crime to attempt to obtain new arrows. I never saw the write-up, but it was very Keystone Cops and hilarious. EDIT: In retrospect, I realize I'm seeing this as sillier than it seemed at the time, given our modern age of Internet, DNA testing, trace evidence testing, CSI television shows, and the like. Magnifying glass and arrow shaft seems quaint now.
  13. I don't disagree it'd be bad form for a GM to spring it on a player in play. However, I've heard exactly this argument from a GM in character creation time, albeit for an archer not a cardster. And I'm convinced it led to a better character, one with more depth of background, more plot hooks, and a subplot involving a Sherlock Holmes-like villain nemesis trying to track down the hero's SID by tracing the source of arrows.. Which was pretty silly, OTOH it is a game based on comics, so a degree of silly is appropriate. And if I recall correctly, that story led to another player in another game's "Weapon Master" character who was a super martial gadgeteer, with the power to weaponize pretty much any innocuous small object into a lethal projectile of opportunity by superskill. (He used his knowledge of demolitions to knock down a villain's skyscraper base with a pen borrowed from the chief of police at one point. After the villains had been cleared from the building, of course.)
  14. Not that they're aphorisms, per se, but if you mean Wombatman, Wonder Wombat Woman, Wombatquaman, Invisible Wombat Girl, Wombat Torch, Wombatler, Wombatker, Wombaterine, Wombatclops, Professor Wombat, Juggerwombat, Heimwombat, Wombat The Boy Wonder, Wombatlad, The Wombat Surfer or The Silver Wombat.. I believe QED.
  15. Well... you can if they don't have WS: Playing Card weapon, Trading, Contacts: Weaponsmith, or any plausible explanation for how they produce their trick decks, and you run into the kind of GM who thinks that sort of thing is necessary for your character to replenish their charges.
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