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  1. Re: 6th Edition Hero System I have got to say I'm sticking to 5ER. I held out until this year to buy 5th ed. my players have bought their own books now. It's jammed packed with everything you need to play a game. The types of things I would like to see don't require a new rulebook. As far as the laptop goes. I do bring mine but what I have found is I only use it to look up things in my pdf books. It's a crutch, the game before last I forgot to bring my power cord. My battery isn't strong (it only last an hour.) So I left it turned off except for an occasional look up. I don't even use a spread sheet. I know what my villans speeds and dex are. I just count off phases. The players just say "me" when their phase hits. Instead of a completly new version how about an "Ultimate Optional Rules" book.
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