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  1. Make very large "loans" to rogue governments.
  2. pawsplay


    1. No, because firstly, clearly it wouldn't be simultaneous in most cases. Second, this just isn't what the rules say and I don't know why you would want to make this change. 2. Yes, most games are stupendously generous as it is, in terms of how tiring it is to fight with arms and armor.
  3. I would say it's more like our Iron Cross... a formerly neutral military symbol that was used to replace images of a disfavored government, but which was immediately co-opted by people in piece time to ambiguously signal their allegiance in the peacetime after.
  4. Although I have radically shifted in my overall views, my personal roots are in libtertarianism. One thing I have learned is that the division between Democrats and Republicans at least creates some space in the middle to make a case for strong free speech. I am about as free speech as you can get. But I have grown towards a more encompassing view of incitement. "I kind of like Nazis," is free speech. Having a parade with swastikas in a racially diverse city is a threat.
  5. I remember Top Secret/SI. Lots of fiddly derived values.
  6. I strongly suggest coming up with an entirely new abbreviation.
  7. Why is it too late to change it? Just change it.
  8. could it be Superior Individual Data File perhaps?
  9. Who puts these out? I'm wondering because I want to suggest a name change. SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and it's a real mood killer every time I see that pop up in the feed.
  10. Well literally it just means from another place. NYC is exotic to someone from Beaumont, Texas. Ah yes, the Tiffany Problem.
  11. I would build it as a gradual effect that affects the whole planet, and treat its spreading as a Limitation.
  12. Chainmail allowed magic-users to use magical weaponry. So "the source material" is essentially Basic and Advanced D&D, not original D&D, nor any of the literary inspirations listed by Gygax in Appendix N.
  13. Of course. I see you correctly identified I was referring to the Martial Arts rules. Of course, Weapon Master is based on CSLs and therefore represents the same kind of training as a Martial Arts build, with a slightly different mechanical focus.
  14. I haven't really followed what is state-of-the-art or popular in firearms in a couple of decades. Where's a good place to catch up?
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