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  1. Put OIF on the bow, OAF on the slots that require you to actually shoot. Alternatively, the bow is OIF but the shooting slots are Restrainable. Alternatively, the bow it's a focus at all. It's Alternate ID, maybe Restrainable for the shooting, that's it.
  2. Indeed, one of the motivation of Thorin's company was apparently that they were once aristocratic warriors and builders, reduced to (shudder) coal-mining.
  3. Hekate is probably related to other "mother goddesses" like Ishtar, Isis, and Kali, whom the Greeks incorporated into heathen worship, and whom became ambivalent, sorcerous or even diabolic figures in Greek society. The name Solitaire fits, but is variously taken. She sounds honestly more like Hermes or Coyote than a forbidding goddess. You could pick something just generally Wiccan-themed: Tryptich, Harvest Moon, New Moon. Something shadowy: Dusk, Darkling, Umbra.
  4. Mail-in balloting has worked for decades without any discernible problems. Further, if someone did commit mass mail theft, they would go to jail for 1000 years and all the affected people would be given the opportunity to cast new ballots by the election commissioner.
  5. Wood Elf, probably not. Wood elves in ME are "dark elves," which is to say they just never visited the Shining Shores. I would use the High Elf package with a toned down Intelligence and Presence, and a different cultural package. Dunedain, strictly, aren't all that different from the Westerners and other common folk. Probably +1 Body and Con due to their height and heartiness, and more likely to be good-looking. Conceivably they might get a slight boost to PRE or EGO but we don't see a lot of them, outside Aragorn himself, so that's speculative. Aragorn, with his pure blood and Maiar and elf ancestry, also gets an extended lifespan, but those aren't common traits outside his bloodline.
  6. I think for elves you could use the Elf template from Fantasy Hero Complete, with the High Elf lens, except I wouldn't give them an EGO bonus. The dwarf package is probably fine as it is.
  7. They do not have to be identical.
  8. well, if it's obvious the character is homeless, and the characters gets a negative reaction, that's Unusual Looks. If NPCs come along and are like, "Move along, you bum!" and the character's Presence is ineffective, that's Hunted. If the character is secretly homeless, that's a Secret Identity. If the character is a giant radioactive mutant that lives in a ditch, and people don't bother them, that's not really a situation.
  9. Step one would be deciding on an approach to magic.
  10. Reaper https://www.reapermini.com/search/ninja It looks like the Dragonblade ninja from Death Knell D&D Miniatures can be had for about $10.
  11. A new teen "hero" who turns out to be rotten. Oh, and is actually a Mechanon robot.
  12. I have a few D&D ninja minis. Also Reaper carries some "assassin" and thug minis that wear masks, if that's what you're looking for.
  13. I was thinking the other day P2 has a lot in common with Fantasy Hero. You have action-oriented characters who are capable of cool maneuvers. You have flexible background choices. You have relatively grounded combat magic. P1 is different; I think that's a longer bridge to cross. I honestly don't know if I'd bother with a Golarion conversion unless I had something really unusual in mind for a campaign. I remember back in the 1990s I participated in a Fantasy Hero game that was a mash-up of AD&D and Palladium materials. Although it was fun to have an escaped gladiator who used the martial arts rules and a warpriest who followed classic Fantasy Hero casting pretty closely, I don't know if it was worth the effort. The GM and one of the players even devised "level" charts to silo how experience was spent and I found that a little peculiar.
  14. EDITED AGAIN: No, actually. Elemental Control is by active points, not base points. So each of those slots would actually cost 20.
  15. Well, there's Psychological Limitation: Code of Honor, and there's reputation. Note that bushido's honor system does have an internal component. People killed themselves over disgraces. The difference was that the greatest disgraces were those that offended someone else, rather than being offended.
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