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  1. Does it have spell cost divisors or anything oddball like that?
  2. So is 5e Turakian Age "complete," that is, can I play it right out of the book with minimal homebrewing? Are there any things in the transition from 5e to 6e that really mess with any of the setting assumptions?
  3. I'm pretty sure not driving is just selling back your Everyman TF.
  4. Another thing about cellphones worth noting is that you can't have a secret identity and have one. Apart from collecting all sorts of identifying information, cell phones are easily cracker, and the hacker can access not only your data but your camera and microphone. So a superhero in their costumed identity could at most use a prepaid "burner" phone.
  5. I like the Champions Complete book enough that I like it as a reference, even though I have the 6e books in PDF. Others may or may not feel it's worth the extra expense.
  6. The Turakian Age is probably the Hero setting I know the least about. For a 6e player, where should I jump in?
  7. Absolutely. Back in the day, you had Dick Tracy with his radio watch. Then in the 1980s, you have Batman running around with a micro camera and a micro cassette recorder on his utility belt.
  8. I don't know if I would call it outright silly, but I did run a game that got really strange. The villain I created used illusion powers to pretend to be a pair of card-themed villains. More clearly in the silly column, I ran a game where one of the players settled on "textile powers" gained from "a freak textile mill accident." The whole tone of the campaign shifted to this sort of Silver Age parody crossed with Doom Patrol. One of the players made a brooding, intangible assassin with a Russian accent, which seemed somehow even more hilarious in context.
  9. I think before we talk about moral insight, we should talk about facts. Lincoln did not set out to end slavery, Lincoln did not end slavery at the beginning of the Civil War, Lincoln did not end slavery with the Emancipation proclamation. He wrote a letter to Horace Greeley stating that slaves could wait indefinitely to be freed if it preserved the Union. If you can't grapple with these facts, it is you who aren't ready to have this discussion.
  10. Lincoln didn't end the practice of slavery. He condoned it for years during the war. The Emancipation Proclamation affected only rebels. Lincoln was okay with letting Black people pay the price with their bodies and freedoms to maintain the Union.
  11. Ok but can he withstand the criticism of his contemporaries?
  12. For me, Charles de Lint defines the heart of the genre as I appreciate it. Beyond that, I look at off-the-wall comic books (Constantine, Doom Patrol, The Books of Magic, Hellboy), Diane Duane's High Wizardry, Vampire: The Masquerade and its spinoffs, the literary Interview with the Vampire.
  13. I don't know about that. Lincoln had a very broad coalition that sought to unite Radical Abolitionists with more moderate members. At the outset of the Civil War, he continued to countenance slavery. He started a steep escalation of genocide against Native Americans. He suspended habeas corpus, and expanded emergency powers in ways unprecedented in the USA. He had legislators from rebel states arrested and removed from Congress in order to create the majorities he needed to pass legislation. As much as I admire Lincoln as a skilled statesman, and accepting that he may have done the best he could with the situation as he saw it as the time, in the fullness of history, I have to count him among the white supremacists, of which Trump is one scion. In saving the Union, Lincoln did vast damage to democracy, from which we are still feeling the reverberations.
  14. Citizens United was wrong because it incorrectly asserted that corporations have the same rights to free speech as people. $ = free speech is correct, by many Supreme Court rulings, as well as broader principles regarding the actual exercise of rights versus nominal rights. Just as it has been established that the right to an attorney is meaningless if you don't have one, and one must be provided for you, the exercise of free speech is meaningless if you can't spend money on pamphlets, ads, staff, etc. Like it or not, raised tent politics are baked into the American system. What we need are some laws, with teeth, that ensure corporations act in accordance with the public benefit, and that they don't become immortal, amoral "people" that aggregate the interests of the wealthy. Certainly, I would hate to see labor unions prohibited from aiding in any way the campaign of an elected official.
  15. Mind Link 5cp, No Line of Sight +10, up to 16 participants (Conference Call) + 15 = 30 Active Points, Only to others with a cell phone & requires knowledge of their phone number -1, OAF fragile -1 1/4, 1 easily recoverable fuel Charge, lasts 6 hours -0, Counts as Radio Sense -0, Counts as more than one sense (must be able to hear or see the call) (-1/4), Limited Requires a cell phone carrier -1/2, Real Weapon (-1/4), Variable Limitations (-1/2 of Gestures, Incantations, and Extra Time) -1/4 real cost: 7 I would probably buy it as a Unified Power rather than a Multipower, much cheaper. I'm sure most of its functions work out to be about 1 real point each.
  16. One thing I learned is that police often used secure communication devices, and sometimes agencies have problems coordinating using the same technology.
  17. Big RPG publishers hate websites for the same reason Amazon hates unions. They don't want a place for the fans to gather together and exchange culture without the filter of monetization.
  18. A heroic ogre A magical statue that just came to life a month ago and has almost no skills but speaks a half dozen languages and is as powerful as an armored knight A talking horse A former pickpocket turned friar and then vampire hunter
  19. I can't prove it scientifically, but I've always been convinced Cap's shield provides exactly +2d6 N. Obviously he will always use it when available, but his Martial Strike with a shield does the same damage as his Offensive Strike without it, and that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  20. There is no problem with applying CSLs, provided they are sufficiently broad. You just can't specialize in Multiple Attacks. If you are really stuck on having an Autofire attack, you could make a minigun as Duplication or a Follower. Or you could make a "multi-blaster attack" with Autofire and define that each hit is a different blaster. Or maybe it looks like Autofire but you have a version that is single-fire for use with Multiple Actions. Or maybe you buy +1 Speed, Only with automated weapon systems -1/4, which requires you to use one of the related weapon systems and doesn't allow unrelated actions during that Phase apart from normal movement.
  21. Moorcock has some stories in which Chaos is clearly evil and Order is clearly good. But there are examples of malign powers of Order as well, things so powerful they just don't consider individual humans that important. Notably Corum and Elric are champions of Balance; Corum comes from a society of Order that fell into weakness and acts as a bulwark against Chaos, Elric comes from a society of Chaos but rebels against it and the cruel embrace of power and chaotic demons. In general, Order is "good" but you don't want too much of it, Chaos can mean "evil" but is also the font of creativity, magic, and organic life, and it was from Chaos that something came out of nothing.
  22. Apollo and Artemis were the Greek gods of disease. A god of disease would be a punisher of impiety, whether disrespect to the gods or against nature. Overweening pride, wastefulness, sloth, insults, breaches of customs and hospitality, and other obnoxious behavior would be sins. The Greek god of wealth was Plutus, who represented wealth as plenty. The cornucopia was a symbol. This god would smile on commerce, agricultural planning, generosity, and thrift. The Romans honored Mercury, who was a patron of wealth, thieves, trickery, sciences, and all sorts of cunning, intelligence, and gain.
  23. I'm guessing the answer is a mixture of "legacy reasons" and "to subsidize non-powered, more or less human melee characters." It's a nice discount, but it's still a lot of points if you tried to throw it on top of some serious Strength.
  24. pawsplay


    That's a Surprise Attack. A bouncing Blast is actually a kind of trick punch, but at a range...
  25. Maybe I'm missing something, but wouldn't you just buy all the attacks, and use them variously for Multiple Attacks and Combined Attacks?
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