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    The points I would make are Haymaker is allowed with all sorts of attacks There is a good rationale for most uses The name is not inappropriate In general, I would say that it should be allowed unless it produces a nonsensical result. Characters can't "see" the game mechanics being used, so as long as it has a slow windup, imposes some penalties, and deals extra DC, it shouldn't be a problem if Haymakers themselves are allowed. Just because you can doesn't mean you should, but conversely, just because something is unusual doesn't mean it should be disallowed. I mean, I have seen plenty of "person to frog" spells in movies that really do look like Haymakers, and further, this gets around reasonable DC caps that may be in place while still allowing characters to output stronger Attack powers as called for.
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    I already posted a link above that notes a Haymaker is "a strong hit." Whether or not you like a given dictionary source, I think the argument is done whether a broader meaning is accepted by some people out in the real world.
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    In the real world, a haymaker usually wouldn't even be a Haymaker, it would be an Offensive Strike. I know in 4e, the edition i started with, my relationship with Haymakers mainly centered on a wacko vigilante character I made who used a staff. With his high Speed, he could take advantage of Haymakers in ways other characters could not. The reason it was extended to other attacks is because a general case was better than every other sourcebook laying out a special case. Hero System is effects-based, and there is no reason a certain kind of punch should get the delayed segment, reduced DCV, and +4 DC, and other attacks shouldn't. There are plenty of examples where this same kind of wind-up attack would apply, from energy blasters doing the glowie thing to the stone cold police detective doing a firing range perfect stance and putting down a bad guy. And as far as bouncing a melee attack goes, you can already use Acrobatics and Surprise Moves with a punch. EDIT: I looked it up, and the word haymaker is already used in a general sense, not just for punches. Eg. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/haymaker
  4. I have a large family. Self-checkout tends to devolve into farce in my case.
  5. A fief is first and foremost a form of wealth, but landed nobility usually also have a Fringe Benefit as they can vote, preside over trials, takes up arms, etc. It also comes with a duty but in Hero terms that would be a very small Watched if it mattered in points terms at all. The need to take care of taxes, records, livestock and such is pretty much cancelled out by the small household staff you have to help with such things.
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    Why can't a Haymaker be an all-out, no holds barred, go big or go home shot that maximizes damage? I am really, really curious why you think someone can't "wind up" with an energy blast, when comic book and cinematic characters do that regularly. The comments about Pushing are weird to me, because you wouldn't normally be Pushing a bow and arrow.
  7. You are excused. Considering the events of Civil War, as well as Captain America's USAgent and Nomad personas, Captain America has a very different relationship with the public.
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    Well there is only so far you can draw it. I think of it as more centering the shot, rather than drawing harder. Called shots are different and can be in addition to.
  9. I didn't say zero. But the Marvel influence is primary, and any time the CU has a choice between the Marvel way and the DC way, it usually goes the Marvel way. And I don't consider your list definitive, either. Nighthawk has a little of Batman's style, but he uses deadly weapons. His story arc is more reminiscent of Nighthawk from Squadron Supreme who is himself something of a Batman expy. But if you got down to it, I would say Nighthawk is a closer analog to Daredevil than to Batman, and recent versions look a lot like Shadowhawk (who originated with Image). Star*Guard is a Nova Squadron homage. Scarlet Archer is just as much a Hawkeye homage. Kinetik is definitely not the Flash; if you look at his powers, he is more like Quicksilver or the Whizzer. The DC expies are not much more impactful in the CU than similar expies are in the Marvel universe. The Champions are closer to the Avengers than the JL in style, spirit, and membership. The Superman expies named in this thread are treated the same way in Marvel as in the CU; mostly as background characters, or subversions of the trope. By contrast, Superman fights other Supermans in his own comics. The CU has a notable mutant population that is called as such, VIPER (which is Hydra), hot sleep facilities, and so forth. And the CU isn't impervious to other influences, not the least Image Comics and its wild 90s lineup of characters. But there is no clear Superman because the biggest superhero team in the world isn't modeled on the Justice League. Superman's role as universally recognized boy scout doesn't exist because that trope doesn't exist in the Marvel universe.
  10. I think one reason there isn't a clear Superman analog is that it doesn't need one. The CU is clearly more heavily imprinted from Silver Age Marvel than anything else, with specific DC homages few and far between.
  11. Well, you can't combine it with other maneuvers, so that's one thing, I guess.
  12. That just doesn't sound legitimate. -0 Limitation.
  13. I think Green Arrow works best with an Archery Elemental Control. Each slot should be distinctive, should involve multiple Bonuses rather than a number of redundant attacks, and shouldn't include anything that can be done with Pushing. So he might have a Just Shooting slot that is a Blast with Piercing. He may not always use a regular arrow, it could be a boxing glove arrow or an incendiary, but it is assumed when he is Just Shooting he uses whatever is optimal. Then he has some kind of snaring arrow, a smoke arrow, and a swingline arrow.
  14. I think it's fine. Essentially this is just a shield that lacks Mass or Real Armor, since you don't have to hold it.
  15. Piercing ignores resistances that aren't extra strong, so Piercing first, and then more dice. An Armor Piercing punch might be better as just extra dice, but I don't know. a Piercing punch is a little weird but makes sense in some contexts.
  16. Reduced effect is an option on Conditional, not the definition of Conditional itself. Let's go back to the text. Conditional is limited by external conditions, in other words, "when." Constrained works when the player wants it to, but only has a specific effect "what." You could also say "when" it goes with another of the other powers, but really this is a "what": the power is something that works in conjunction with another power. So it might be clearer to say conditional is "when or not when" and constrained is "when used, it only does X." So conditional is "only at night" or "requires a source of open flame" but constrained might be "only tigers" or "only while flying" or "only in conjunction with Strength." The reduced modifier for Conditional still works like Conditional, but instead of not working at all, you only get half. So instead of "only at night" you get "half power during the day."
  17. Well I don't think you can rely on Invisibility or Stealth once they have detected you. That's one way to avoid the hazard.
  18. Armor Piercing should probably be more dice, but it's also almost always going to be Piercing as well.
  19. You're going to have to show your work. I basically paraphrased the rulebook without commentary. I seriously don't know what you mean by contradicts the rulebook.
  20. It's less pithy, but my understanding is this: A conditional power cannot always be used, but when it does, has any and all of its normal effects. A constrained power can generally always be used, but the effects are only a subset of the possible effects of that power.
  21. Basically the Sad Puppies came up with their own alternative slate and then used bloc voting to try to push their preferences for the Hugos. Nothing more than a desperate grab by bitter white men. Meanwhile Correia has continued to write (and win awards), undercutting his complaint.
  22. Nonetheless the Joint Chiefs issued a statement on orderly succession, it would have happened.
  23. If the EC count had been stopped, then like clockwork Nancy Pelosi actually would have become President on inauguration day.
  24. "Thor" might have some Strength with Increased Endurance. So he "can" do really strong stuff but he usually doesn't. That is how balance is enforced. In fact maybe he has Thor Strength as a Multiform, with some that is Increased Endurance for when he demonstrates his theoretical strength, and Costs No Endurance for thumping away at low threat opponents all day (which makes him "stronger" without needing big numbers). Maybe he also has a High Impact slot for knocking people around which looks impressive but again, does not require huge numbers. I think this is pretty close to what you see in TV shows. They might lift an oil tanker or something, but a lot of the time they are punching basically normal people or people in tactical armor, and those people aren't turning into paste. So for 5 points you could have +10 Strength that costs 4 endurance, and then you could use Pushing on top of that, and you are dealing +3d6 damage and multiplying your normal lift capacity by x8. I guess in this concept, Thor probably has a lot of Endurance, that might be one of his most important stats.
  25. The pistol overall has 3 Charges. Each slot has three or less charges. If you insist on them being predefined but changeable, this would be a VPP rather than a multipower. I personally would handwave it and just do a multipower with each slot having three or less charges, and 3 Charges on the framework.
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