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  1. In Fred or before I use EC's on most characters except MA's. I usually only use MP's if squeezed for points with an extra large number of attack powers or related effects. I am pathologically opposed to spending END on my primary movement power. Few things annoy me as much as the 'speedster' that can only run at full speed for 2 turns.
  2. Skorts is the word you're seeking.
  3. Speedster is easily the most abusive character concept. High offensive and defensive CV's, lots of movement, lots of damage dealing, good justification for being difficult to detect or damage, and of course, high SPD. Move by's with high OCV can be especially problematic, as speedsters can quite often do Multiple Move by's on the same or different targets, knock them down and then run completely out of sight around the corner of the building. If the speedsters damage classes aren't capped well below everyone elses the other team members will just be mopping up after speedy boi z
  4. They seem more like plot devices so actual stats seem irrelevant.
  5. We have been trying to get our mortgage refinanced for several months now. Both my wife and I have 725+ credit scores (hers hovers around 800) We've made 13 mortgage payments a year since inception, so a lot of bonus principal paid off She's had the same job for 10 years, whereas I switched to being self employed 4 years ago, a year after first getting the mortgage We have reasonably substantial retirement savings Our home value has increased by over 20% Admittedly, I treat my company as more of a 'gig' than a job, as it
  6. Can't find the characters on the Roll20 site, they're in the convention tab on discord?
  7. Is this game still happening and in need of players?
  8. Re: Blue Stuff Battery Of course, you also need to worry about annoying Blue Stuff vampires. If you design your game around this concept, some pc is going to want to be that guy. And be prepared for purple kool-aid jokes as well. I also dislike the amnesiac pc's, the vaguely mysterious uber powerful benefactor, and mutants. Call me negative man.
  9. Re: Stretching at Range What's the maximum amount of time you can play this without being a deviant? Not that I spent half an hour batting penguins or anything.......
  10. Re: S.H.A.R.D. - Super Hero Acronym Resource Directory In our longstanding college Champions game, we had the traditional problem with multi GM games. As the first to run the game, I decided that they were an elite group nominally under UNTIL. And that our group acronym would be PRIDE; Paranormal Research, Investigation and Deployment Extension. I was away from school for a few weeks during which others ran multiple beer soaked sessions, and when I returned the group was known irrevocably as Nil. Inebriated minds had come up with a new name for the group, the LUSH LEG
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