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  1. They seem more like plot devices so actual stats seem irrelevant.
  2. We have been trying to get our mortgage refinanced for several months now. Both my wife and I have 725+ credit scores (hers hovers around 800) We've made 13 mortgage payments a year since inception, so a lot of bonus principal paid off She's had the same job for 10 years, whereas I switched to being self employed 4 years ago, a year after first getting the mortgage We have reasonably substantial retirement savings Our home value has increased by over 20% Admittedly, I treat my company as more of a 'gig' than a job, as it
  3. Can't find the characters on the Roll20 site, they're in the convention tab on discord?
  4. Is this game still happening and in need of players?
  5. Re: Super Names Everytime I look down at my reflection in my thighs I thank The Quartermaster for my sidekick, PFC Armorall.
  6. Re: Single Green Superhero seeks.... (personels for your characters) SM seeks SF. Super hot hard body with LOTS of experience seeks openminded F who's not put off by minor physical limitations. Chopper chix given preference. Translation: Former motorcycle driver's BRAIN implanted in a robotic body, currently somewhat possessed by a demon and surrounded by a flaming aura.
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