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  1. Re: Order of the Stick There's a local eye doctor shop here called Wright Eye. Must be a fan.
  2. Re: 6e Discussion: Combat Values Only if you want to start with the premise that not all characters have all Characteristics. The ones in 6th Edition, agree that it's important or not, are all distinct from another in mechanical effect, which was the only criteria Steve appeared to use.
  3. Re: March of the Munchkin I probably wouldn't include Variable Effect at base, since it doesn't itself make the damage worse, unless it was used to get the All Of Special Effect.
  4. Re: 6e Discussion: Combat Values No, in fact I didn't
  5. Re: 6e Discussion: Combat Values Isn't that 50 points?
  6. Re: March of the Munchkin While it might have been nice for this to be mentioned specifically, it very clearly increases the damage done by the base Power, so it should follow those rules anyway. It does say that the final list is up to the GM. I'd like to say it was because it was specific to Adjustment Powers that it got left out, but Increased Stun Multiple is in the official list.
  7. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far MCV is Mental Combat Value, O and D should be easy to figure out
  8. Re: Order of the Stick Good plan, won't work: he's a Sorcerer with the Still Spell Feat. "Arms? I don't need no steenking arms!"
  9. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far Wait, did you just compare Ysgarth to being born, or am I reading a movie reference into your statement that wasn't intended?
  10. Re: Order of the Stick Well, he might if the MitD did so because of Friend Power! But, no, not generally. I fully endorse g-a's interpretation.
  11. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far Well, as far as which is the bigger change, you're talking a matter of perspective. If you don't believe the 6E changes are more radical than the changes you site, then 4E was a greater change, but if you consider the 6E changes to be tampering with the core of the game, it trumps everything you just wrote and more. I personally agree with the former rather than the latter, but it's not hard to understand someone considering it to be a bigger change. Personally, I consider 4E to be a greater change because it was the transition between Champions, a superhero game with spin-offs for other genres, and Hero, a universal game system, rather than because of specific changes.
  12. Re: Order of the Stick Possibly not. t's very in genre for the good but naive character to fall in love with the much more jaded and even ruthless one, and actually have those feelings returned. Viewed that way, it's almost inevitable that she not turn out to be, well, as nice as him.
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