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  1. Sweet analysis of "Lilo and Stitch" (Warning, language, though)
  2. There was a noise, someone in the house. I got up, went downstairs, and found the sliding glass door open a couple inches. I woke my wife, checked the kids, and searched the house. We couldn't find anything missing, the TV was there, the laptops, everything. There was one strange thing, though. My 7 year old had a drawer full of clothes, and my 2 year old had a drawer full of clothes, but why was there a drawer full of clothes for a five year old? And where did this bed come from? I woke up sick to my stomach, and had to check that there wasn't a mysterious drawer of clothes or surplus bed, just to prove that I hadn't, somehow, had all memory of one of my kids wiped from my mind. It probably came from this story, though I read it months ago.
  3. "Neat", I think, but also rather sad.
  4. Pretty cool tents. I wonder if they really are modular, or if these are all a set meant to go together.
  5. It seems to be from a PSA about how drunk parents are scary to their kids. Or something.
  6. Teh Bunneh? (spoilered for animation)
  7. Since there's something wrong with the "cute pics" thread:
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