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  1. Re: Traveller starship combat Thanks both. I think that at least makes it clearer. Running the first installment on Sunday so will let you know how it works out.
  2. Re: Traveller starship combat I'm not sure what you mean. Could you post an example?
  3. Re: Traveller starship combat Hmm thinking about this more I see that Maneuver drives also give SPD Which means that Maneuver 1-4 gives +3 to +9 DCV (increasing by 2's) due to velocity where it caps out at +9. So a standard scout would have a dcv of 0 when moving. assuming an average gunner OCV of 5 (Most ships have at least a fire control system that gives +2) the 16- to hit. Considering that the mentioned advantages make range up to 300000k irrelevant then its real easy to hit. I guess one question I have is can base DCV actually be less then 0? The 5ed vehicle rules state that DCV be less than 0 but all the traveller ships have minus DCV. Should I ignore this and make them effectively 0? This would mean the scout at speed would have a DCV of 5, an average 11- to hit. however that would mean even huge dreadnoughts would at worst have a DCV at speed of 3, the same as a 200 ton free trader.
  4. Just getting ready to run a Traveller game and was running through scenarios in my head. It occurs to me that its almost impossible to miss most starships. For example a standard scout class ship has a base dcv of -5. Most weapons are built with a variable advantage that allows +1.5 worth of megascale/increased range/no range mod. A common agility package will give +1 to +6 DCV based on the maneuver drive and even if I use the standard velocity bonuses to dcv (i assume these add to base dcv rather than replace them). In the case of the scout with an agility 2 package that would make base dcv -3 or 6 in best case vector/full speed. Am i getting very confused or missing something here?
  5. Re: Rogue Trooper Biochips Thanks guys. I'm going to be running an alternate Rogue Trooper storyline where the players start off as a 4 man GI squad (With an occasional player who will play a GI Doll espionage character). The key difference is that I'm not sticking to the the origional personas and names (Rogue, Helm, Bagman and Gunnar). Thus it's up to them if anyone dies or goes rogue, my intention is that they will still be in contact with Millcomm Covert as the last Gene Trooper squad, therefore have access to new bodies potentially. I think I'll use a non rec charge Multiform to represent the biochips with enough points to represent the characters skills. The key is that they effectively can act independantly of the living trooper to a limited degree (Bagman could use grenades/slip rogue tools, Gunnar could act sentry, helm could ewar and they could all distract while Rogue did other things). The expendable focus resurection looks like it could work as well. Not having used similar things in my use of Hero i'll need to look into it.
  6. You know the chips in genetically engineered soldiers heads that download the persona of the GI at the moment of death and can be removed and placed in a power slot on a GI equipment item? Can only last unpowered for 60 secs and affected by EMP, but can speak and control GI equipment attached to. I was pondering how to represent this 'resurection style' ability. A triggeredmultiform maybe?
  7. Has anyone had much luck using hero for a Nu Earth or 69'rs type game? Was hoping I didnt have to go from scratch.
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