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  1. Re: Character Class Mottos Necromancer: People are just dying to work for me! Swordsman: I study anatomy in my spare time. Care to volunteer yours?* Priest: Jesus saves sinners and redeems them for valuable prizes.** Priest: I'm ready to scare the hell out of you. Barbarian: Aks me a question and I'll ax your skull. Animal Master: No, in fact, I didn't come here alone. Oracle: I knew you'd read this. Bowman: Not the head. Not the heart. I'm aiming even lower than that. *Yes, there's a double meaning there. **Seen in real life. On a Lutheran minister. He made it himself.
  2. Re: Turakian Age meets Terran Empire I actually had started to do up something if this nature, called Space Wizards. (The project is now abandoned for a variety of reasons.)
  3. Re: Science: Particles seen moving at FTL speeds (CERN) (non-climate change thread)
  4. Re: Bizarre Crimes for Any Genre I've seen it, twice. It somehow manages to be both brilliant and horrendous at the same time.
  5. Re: Bizarre Crimes for Any Genre Oh... you were referencing one of the earlier scenes from It's a Wonderful Life. (The George Bailey I thought of when I first read that was from Cleopatra 2525, using the alias Creegan.)
  6. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. What's really wild about this one is that it would be quite at home with one of my future Realm Hunter books. In fact, the central figure even looks a little like my hero, Bear Waters, including the scar through the right eye (Bear is clean shaven and a tad darker, but otherwise that's just about right).
  7. Re: Bizarre Crimes for Any Genre This was a Champions scenario; his name was Grav Master (secret identity: Weldon Dudat). He hadn't thought that part through. (Nor a lot of other stuff.)
  8. Re: Bizarre Crimes for Any Genre Actually I had a villain once, an inventor with gravity-based gadgets, who was trying to steal the moon so he could give it to his girlfriend.
  9. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Unforgettable Me
  10. Re: MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See? Once I saw on the front page that this book had a WDYWTS thread up, I came in to see what I could suggest. As it happens, the original plan covers most of what I'd want to see, and further discussion covers nearly all the rest. If the Native American section includes Lakota legends, and Berber mythology is touched on somewhere (the final chapter most likely, though it could be the Greek section), I'll be happy. A discussion (however brief) on how the existence of different pantheons in the same world can be reconciled so that all are true would be welcome. It's a complex and difficult topic, to be sure, and could take an entire book to cover in depth, but a page or so covering the high points would help the world-builders out here. Remember, too, that a sourcebook of this type can be as much good use to novelists, screenwriters, and other fiction writers just as it is for gamers. The latter are the main target group, of course, but the former should get some love too.
  11. Re: Sound of one hand clapping I used to be able to clap with just one hand. But that was Zen; this is Tao.
  12. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Uh... if she's as tall as the pic suggests, she might want to be wearing something other than a short skirt....
  13. Re: Alphas: Champions or DC:TAS? It has Dark Champions elements, as RexMundi pointed out, but I'd still call it Champions -- what I like to refer to as "Plainclothes Champions" (in roughly the same vein as The 4400 or Heroes).
  14. Re: A repository of mythical creatures I think so too. It's sparse on details, but there's enough on each page to help determine whether to use a creature or not. Details can then be dug up elsewhere. (I found a really cool-looking West African vampire that is definitely going into the second Realm Hunter storyline.)
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