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  1. It's really hard to get people to try HERO, trying to sell them a Lucha Libre game is even harder. I like the crazy pulpy feel of the classic lucha movies, but what I would really love doing would be a in-ring game, where the players are the members of a new young stable lead by a old veteran. A sort of Bloodsport/WrestleMania mish mash where wrestling is real. The problem with that is that you need your group to both master the relatively complex martial art system and be wrestling fan. Not necessarily an easy feat. Still, it's one of my white whale of gaming. At least my GM is planning a western/vampire hunter game, and this one has been on my list for while. Good luck finding players tikiman. Also, if anyone lives in Montreal or around and want to do a Lucha Libre game, I'd be very interested.
  2. Re: Justice Inc Rides Again! Just saw the date of the last post.... Am I too late? Let me know, I wouldn't mind joining mid-game.
  3. Re: Justice Inc Rides Again! I'd be very interested, I've had this long running idea for a character and I haven't had a chance to try pulp. I already have my character so should I send it to you?
  4. Just got the LL book this week, I was curious. Does anyone have a Lucha game going? I was thinking of doing a Lucha in the ring game. I'll be posting a few character when they'll be finished. I would like anyone who have Lucha characters, campaign our resources to post it here in this thread. El General Marcos
  5. Re: I love me some xenomorphs! This is a great website with a complete Aliens settings, with vehicles, spacemap and more. Hours of fun. It's not Hero, it's Fuzion but it's easy to convert. Been passing about 2 hours a day on that website since I found it. http://www.serenadawn.com/AlienRPG-Contents.htm
  6. Re: Predators vs. Military Does anyone as a good write up of a Predator? I've seen a character using his equipement in one of Edsel campaign log, but I can't seem to find a decent write up of the beast itself.....
  7. Re: Urban Fantasy Setting: Here There Be Monsters Well, the equivalent of the FBI is the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), but I don't think there was ever a official or unofficial group inside who was supposed to check for supernatural events........ I think your best bet would be to create your own agency, or make it a part of either the RCMP or the CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service, roughly speaking the equivalent of the CIA)
  8. Re: [uF] Designing a campaign Awesome work, again and again. Nuff said.
  9. Re: Monster Hunting Damn, that's disappointing. I've read the omega team and weekend warrior campaign log, I would have been very anxious what you could pull off in a game like that.....maybe next time
  10. Re: Monster Hunting Will it be FTF or on Hero Central? Beacause if it's on HC I want in. Nobody plays Hero where I live, much less monster hunter........ Let me know when that happens.
  11. Re: Monster Hunting I've tought about it and I take I'll finally choose 75+75 characters. It gives more room for improvement without making the characters uber hunters who speak ancient greek, are master swordsman and sharpshooter. I also feel it forces the player to come up with specialized character: one scholar, one mystic, one fighter (almost sound like a AD&D party, now that I think of it). For Susano, in the Phenomena Department you make mention of Nightwalkers. I don't know if you have a writeup of these creatures, but I didn't find any on your site. If you do, would you mind posting it here? Thanks in advance. Generalissimo Marco
  12. Re: Lucha Hero Quote Of The Day I came her to chew bubblegum and fight, and I'm all out of bubblegum. Roddy Piper Now, who says there's no real heroes these days
  13. Re: Monster Hunting I'm already familiar with Surbrook wonderful work. I've read most of this stuff 10 times or more, I was looking for new input. But thanks anyway for the link, I'll go see if there's been an update.
  14. I've been toying around with the idea of a monster hunters game (think Supernatural with more katana). I was wondering if someone here as done such a game. If that's the case, I'd like you to share characters, monsters and general game guideline you used in those games. I'm thinking 100+100 character, with very limited power possible but not the norm. Give me your idea, 'cause I'm Mentok, the Mindtaker. General Markov
  15. Re: Effects of Drugs in Hero Thanks for the help everybody. It was in Eye for an Eye, that's the one.
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