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  1. My quote of the week, comes from a player outside of the game. They were up against an ex good guy blaster named the Danish Bolt II. After the rest of the players came up with their idea, on how to beat him. I asked the player in particular what he was going to do, and he just started shouting ' I dont know What am I supposed to do again' at this point everyone kinda ignored him and then he kinda flipped 'No really someone has got to tell me what to do I have no idea'
  2. I have also been in another star wars game with the same characters as above. CB: Melissa I turned your droid into a new Holo-Droid M: Thanks Melissa got back everyone had left the planet and she was left with a hollowed out shell of a droid and found it very difficult to get off the planet.
  3. It was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away........ Set during the first star wars film. One of the characters Clef Blade was a bounty hunter working for the imperials, he was hired by Grand Moff Tarkin himself. The other a female y-wing pilot Melissa. Melissa was taking Clef Blade back after a major fight scene. Clef Blade tells Melissa that he is a High officer in the Rebel Alliance. M: So Where can I take you? CB: Um....where are you going? M: The Rebel Base, you know where that is right.... CB: Yeah its on .....um..... M: Yavin 4..... As soon as the y-wing landed Clef Blade was on the intercom to the imperials.
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