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  1. Re: Jurassic Park using mainly the book but I will be using some of the ideas from the film
  2. I am a big Jurassic Park fan and when the lost world came out I ran a Jurassic Park adventure which went own well with my group. That was many years ago. Now I have a new group, no players are the same. i started reading the book again, and watched the film and thought about how good my old JP adventures were. So time to give them the old HERO heave ho. We are creating characters tonight, probably doing a meeting adventure. Any help anyone can give on adventure seeds would be helpful thanks. It is going to be set on first island first of all just after the events of JP.
  3. Re: Three years later... These ideas are fantastic, I like the stalking one. Right now I need some help with a bad guy and why they would want to put them back together/challenge them?
  4. Re: Three years later... Well i did have my own world but the Champions Universe was so structured it was brilliant so had an adventure arc where the two worlds combined called the shattering. So its a modern day campaign with supers in the 350 including disads. characters are:- Xzargon - an Iron man type character (team leader) Bullvye - Minotaur who was teleported forward in time by a chronomancer Psycore X - energy projector Shinobu - Cyborg Ninja also will be having at least one new character join JT can you expand on what you did cos that sounds quite good
  5. Re: Three years later... Well It is 5e, Its the kickstarting. They were the foremost group in USA, but somehow VIPER (their major enemy) have managed to tear them apart at the seams and a new group have taken over, whilst they have all gone their seperate ways. I need some new Villainous act to bring this old team back together and to get rid of the old team. I know as soon as I kickstart this off I will be fine, its just brushing the cobwebs away.
  6. Well it has been a very long time since i have been on the discussion boards or even played champions. Actually three years. But i managed to get my group back together and they want to replay their group from back then. Lo and behold the man from delmonte (thats me) he said yes. So has anybody out there done anything like this with any of their groups could do with a little bit of help with plots and stuff. Like I said its been a while.
  7. Re: Wild West Hero sorry everyone i have been away for a while been extremely ill. Just starting to recover hope to be posting starting soon
  8. Re: Wild West Hero Thank you again Captain. i have decided to make everything look like the sheriff is crooked but in the long run he will be their greatest ally. His deceased son on the other hand didn't die and has joined the notorious blackeyed gang. Running first adventure tonight
  9. Re: Wild West Hero I am back from my little excursion now. Took some of my books away with me and read through some things that I have printed off (thanks for the help with those guys). When I was away watched some of twin peaks and thought i would try to make it have that feel about it in the game. A local rail tycoon is trying to muscle his business into the town but a lot of the town officials dont want the railroad there. The tycoon has two brothers one is the Mayor of the town(Chapel), the other is the head of the notorious Blackeyed gang. He is using both of these to help him muscle in. There are spies in the town from the gang, and the mexicans. The Mexicans are trying to get some major influence in the town as it would be a good location for them to set up something (i haven't decided that yet). There are also spies from the indians and mexicans in the notorious Blackeyed gang. The town blacksmith has just been killed and a new blacksmith is due in the town today...... This is the premise i am starting on, my group will all be coming into town and one of them is the new blacksmith. Thats what i have been working on when i was away. I did steal the idea of the sheriff off courtfool (thanks again). Any help from where to go from here will be appreciated thanks.
  10. Re: Wild West Hero i love this idea. My group are going to expect supernatural. If people can give me more ideas on this basis. I also need to get my hands on a generic town map for a wild west town. I have looked online and cant find anything. And I am leaving in an hour for the weekend so have no use of computer. So if anyone can help that would also be much appreciated. Captain, is that a true story about those smugglers?? Because I think i may be stealing that at the same time. The first person has got his character concept and is working on making his character, he is going to be the town blacksmith. Would like it if i could see some character sheets for blacksmiths of this genre if you guys have time too, 50 points and 50 disads.
  11. Re: Wild West Hero Yeah I just cant be bothered with the western movies. My brother watched them all the time growing up and psychologically scarred me. I have watched a few and they just dont grip me. As said though the genre in whole whats not to like, horses, bar room brawls, indians, bad teeth, and saloon gals. I have run deadlands game but we focused a lot more on the supernatural side of things, i want this game to be very true to western genres(even though stereotyped). Thanks to everyone who has given feedback so far, and please keep them coming its all helping
  12. Re: Wild West Hero Um.... Like I said I don't really watch a lot of westerns I dont really like them. I want indians, and stagecoach fights, and robberies and trains. And bandits, and saloons. You know completely stereotypical
  13. Re: Wild West Hero Ok like I said I am going to be writing this adventure during this week. And have no chance of getting Western Hero by the time I start playing the game. Also I havent got any other 4th ed books so I don't really want to be spending money on any 4th ed stuff. I am going to set the adventure in a stereotypical western town, with the group being predominant characters in the Town. No Supernatural exploits. I like deadlands but my group have very rarely played any games without some sort of magic or supernatural feel. Basically I need some quick plot hooks, some quick maps and stats if possible of all you guys out there.
  14. Im Away this week so whilst away i am going to write an adventure for a wild west game. I have no idea where to start, I am not a big fan of western films but I do like the idea of running an adventure set during this period. I am going to give them only 50 points +50 disadvantages Any help with any aspect of this genre would be much appreciated
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