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  1. Are you sure it's a teen and not an elementary school kid? Just sayin'.
  2. If it's anything like the British Invasion, at least we'll get some cool tunes out of it.
  3. To quote the letter: The mental and physical condition of the Commander in Chief cannot be ignored. Where were they during the prior administration?
  4. Would you drink it, from a vat? Would you drink it, with a cat? Would you drink it, lying flat? Would you drink it, with this or that? Would you drink it, by the crate? Would you drink my vodka straight? NT: The next Chinese booster rocket isn't going to fall safely into the sea, but hey, it's not all bad. Where's the next one going to crash to Earth?
  5. Do you think they can get Jon Stewart to play John Stewart?
  6. It also contains access to the totality of human disinformation and stupidity, with little to differentiate it from actual knowledge.
  7. There is a supervillain origin story in there somewhere.
  8. Obviously he was never trained in Stooge-Fu, otherwise he'd know how to block that with one hand raised between the two fingers. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk! Coitenly!
  9. Hide the bodies. ...what? Why are you all looking at me weird? Okay, seriously, sometimes I'll solicit feedback from the players on what worked or didn't work, suggestions for making things better, etc. I keep any of my typed notes that I hand-wrote on (for the rest, I have the electronic files). The exception is the weekly news sheet - I always save them in a separate binder, for later reference. I usually keep the speedsheets (on which I write the number of XP awarded), so I know who was captured and who got away. Then I hide the bodies.
  10. Sooo... I ran the adventure "She Blinded Me With SCIENCE!" featuring Zarkon (among others) Sunday evening. Went very well. His Zarkonoid robot got time for one soliloquy -- "I am Zarkonoid Zed-naught-one. Cower before the night of my Kill-o-Z..." -- and then was immediately taken out of the fight by a hero's AoE attack. (Zarkonoid Z-01 is just a 75-point Follower with 7 PD [5 resistant] / 7 ED [5 resistant], a 6d6 Blast... and Regeneration with Resurrection. And no, the Zarkonoid does not have any of the fun Automaton powers like Takes no STUN. Even though the heroes are 300-point starting characters, that attack isn't likely to do much more than tickle them. My plan is for Zarkon to spend XP on increasing the number of Zarkonoids, then maybe later start upgrading their attacks, and then possibly, if he gets around to it, maybe making it so they can take a hit) Zarkon's announcements of how awesomely powerful he is - with him going from Zarkon, to Lord Zarkon, to Baron Zarkon, to Dark Lord Zarkon all in the same breath - were greatly enjoyed by the players. I completely forgot to do the accent, though He Talked As If Every Word He Spoke Was Capitalized And Every Sentence Ended With Three Exclamation Points!!! By the end of the fight, Zarkon and DeCay (gamma radiation-powered rage monster) were the last two standing. He was surprisingly effective, both in harming / hindering the heroes as well as being cheesy to the nth degree. Many thanks to all for the suggestions.
  11. I prefer the 4th A & B (I'd use A for team leaders and B for the grunt troops), though I have added Nest-specific touches. (For instance, in one campaign the local Nest leader had cold powers, and his agents had fur accents and boots with metal spikes to help them run on ice.) The 5E look is too generic to me. And yeah, while I like much of the 1st and 3rd edition VIPER looks, the Spaceballs helmet never looked good to me.
  12. I'm imagining a cop getting a suspect's blood on him from beating up the suspect - and then charging the guy with assault because he got his potentially-viral blood all over him. 🤕
  13. I like the groupings of fives with a group called V. Very Roman of you. Let us know if you do write that up - I'd be interested in seeing it.
  14. Darkness vs. Clairsentience, or indeed vs. any senses used through Clairsentience, would work fine for blocking it. In my past Champions campaign one of the PCs had Precognition / Retrocognition (based on psychometry - she touched people or things and got visions of the past or future related to that person or object) and frequently used it to figure out various mysteries. I set up one crime where a mage had a spell for Darkness vs. Clairsentience so she couldn't see what had happened. (Another time, he committed a crime and then monologued / gloated at her as if she was there at the time - knowing she'd get a vision of it. Man, did that piss her off!)
  15. Heh. In my Boston Champions campaign I had the A-Team. Their main membership requirement seemed to be having a name that started with "A" - Armadillo, Ankylosaur, Airstrike, A-Bomb, Achilles, etc. They also tried to incorporate "A"s in their operations - for instance, I printed Google Earth views of the areas where their crimes were taking place, and the players never noticed that in every case, the street layouts made giant "A"s. Even had the intro: “In the early 2010s, various crack supervillains were sent to prison by a federal court for crimes they probably committed. These men recently escaped from a maximum security superprison to the New York City underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem with superheroes, if no one else can help, and if you have enough money… maybe you can hire The A-Team.” (cue theme music)
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