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  1. How about: он продает америку россии
  2. You need Constant on the Mind Control if you're going to make it Persistent. MC is inherently an Instant power, so it needs to be turned into a Constant power before you can make it Persistent. Having both Constant and Persistent would make the 10d6 MC part be 125 Active Points, 83 Real Points (and 12 END just for the MC). Technically, unless the floor of the building doesn't have any intervening walls / rooms / hallways, I think you'd need Indirect as well. Personally, I'd drop the MC dice a bit and add Cumulative. Maybe something like: Mind Control 6d6
  3. "These are some pretty good tires. And since it's fall, they're pumpkin-spice flavored. Just in case you feel the need to lick your car's tires." NT: Other (perhaps ill-advised) flavors for other seasons / holidays (e.g. candy-cane flavored donuts and muffins for the Christmas season). Bonus points if you match the seasonal flavor to an inappropriate product.
  4. Has anybody else had a problem with AC #26? When I try and open it, I get a message that the file is damaged. I tried re-downloading from BoH, and the new file has the same problem.
  5. NT: The president (for life?) of the fictional Central Asian Republic of Gatchastan has decided to emulate Trump's tweeting. What are his first three Tweets?
  6. "Inane tweeting, 11:40 am to 11:30 am" (hey, I gave him a 10-minute bathroom break)
  7. For simplicity, increased OCV / No Range Modifier / AOE Accurate may be better. However... Waaay back in the days of 4E Champions, someone wrote up a very complex home-rule Advantage for Homing, which I used for a while. IIRC, it gave the attack a base movement (that I think you could increase with +1/4 advantages), a PER Roll, DCV, etc. If the attacker missed his initial attack roll, in following Phases he could make attack-based PER rolls to continue to lock on and then make additional attack rolls until either the attack hits or is intercepted by something else.
  8. Heck, a few years of Spongebob Squarepants would be a serious improvement.
  9. What did the drummer name his twin daughters? Anna One, Anna Two...
  10. They get really tetchy when you move their carts, too. I remember one woman whose cart was almost completely blocking the aisle. I shifted it a little sideways and said, "There, now it's blocking the *entire* aisle. That was what you were aiming for, wasn't it?" She didn't seem to appreciate my help.
  11. Sorry, I forgot to check back in this thread. While Duke's was greatly amusing and Steriaca's evoked a great mental image of dozens of androids ready for activation, I'm giving this one to Sveta8.
  12. I dunno - is there such a thing as an orange dwarf?
  13. I dunno. Given his track record of bankruptcies and unwise financial decisions, he may just be running America like he runs his own business. Which is a very scary prospect.
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