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  1. The last issue of Haymaker! came out in October 2016. So yeah, it has been a while. However, John Desmarais was contacted recently about adding some Haymaker! goodness to the Bundle of Holding. He contacted contributors to see who would give permission to have their work included, and organized what went into the Bundle. Did a darn good job, too, IMO. So as far as I'm concerned, he's still the Coordinator. The 'zine did go on a long hiatus before - from 2004 to 2008 - and it came back pretty strong for a good number of years, so I wouldn't count it out completely just yet.
  2. I had to get it mainly for the Adventurer's Clubs. I had most everything else already. I knew this was in the works, but thank you Duke for letting us know it was available. Yay! Some of my stuff is in among the Haymaker! archives. Though some of that stuff is older - gah, including my first submissions to Haymaker!, please forgive my lack of experience and polish back when I wrote up the Malachite Islands. That was almost 20 years ago, after all. I was surprised to see that John Desmarais (the current Coordinator of Haymaker!) included a number of filler pages I
  3. I still love the song "Hard to be Humble". RIP, Mac.
  4. I always liked my friend's response to things like Duke's statement. "I'm sorry, I don't share your culinary expertise."
  5. I apologize for adding to the bicycle debate, which I agree has no place in a Funny Pics thread. And further discussion should be moved to a different thread. In the spirit of this thread...
  6. In fairness, I see a lot of bicyclists doing the same thing, as if their wheels need to be on the line, not to the right of it. Although this is the Ann Arbor, MI area, where pedestrians have always laughed at crosswalks, bicyclists seem to outnumber cars lately, and drivers are, well, Michigan drivers so the expletives noted above most likely apply as well.
  7. "... before you could say PG-13 rating ..." (chuckle) I like these "behind the scenes" moments. In my mind, they really flesh out the characters, make them more three-dimensional, and generally make them more likable and relatable as well. I hope we'll get to actually 'see' the newbies seeing the news (at least some snippets if not a full scene of it) and not just character interaction immediately afterward. It could be interesting to see their reactions (all, not just Hussar's) to different bits and sources, including what Eel and Valerosa say and think. Wonder how
  8. Autocorrect must be acting up - you spelled "cleavage" wrong.
  9. It's not an election, per se, but Vlad really, *really* wants to see Trolls World Tour win a Best Picture Oscar. NT: I'm getting major work done in my basement next week, including jackhammering up some concrete. What surprising things are the workers going to find buried in the concrete?
  10. I can't see how Lucius' post fits in, so I'm ignoring it. Clove
  11. Scooped by Archer, WCW... I only hope it makes a difference, but I'm not counting on it.
  12. Sonde Mentale is a French mentalist able to not only read people's minds, but also to pick up traces of their thoughts even after they've left an area. An average-looking young woman, she often pretends to be the Faceless Man's shy assistant rather than appearing as a heroine in her own right.
  13. I agree with using Multiform for the boss character. That's how I did it with a similar character I created. As to the cosplayer minions, if their powers can change from one cosplay to another, I'd suggest Followers with either a Variable Power Pool or a Multipower for their powers. (Personally, if you can afford it I'd use a VPP.) Alternately, you could give just give the Followers a basic power suite (some defenses, an attack, a movement power, etc.) and then give the boss guy a Major Transform with Improved Results Group (probably in his base form) that he uses t
  14. New Topic: The wacky reason Sveta8 wasn't able to post a new topic.
  15. Though we do have a monopoly on Florida-style crazy stupid.
  16. Agreed. (Though I'm surprised Hussar didn't cart the car out when he left - did they just leave it in Mr. Dirkly's office?) I wonder what Aspirant would experience if he mind-probed Pogo. I'll bet his head would be spinning.
  17. Since csyphrett didn't put up a new team, and that's six members to the Irregulars, lets go with something more current. Viral Load is a team of six former medics or pandemic survivors whose minds were twisted by the virus or being caught in its consequences. They think that they (and they alone) are qualified to save the world from the pandemic, as well as other threats (future pandemics, climate change, clueless politicians, unthinking civilians, etc.). Of course, the end justifies any means necessary...
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