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  1. Always nice to see you around here, Mr. Bretz. :)

    1. Theron


      Thanks. I'm still around, once in a while.

  2. When I was playing actively, I either made cardboard heroes using online tools like Hero Machine and DTP software, or made counters using headshots from the internet or online tools, punched out of label stock and stuck to 1" wooden craft disks.
  3. 4e remains my favorite, with a few house rules.
  4. Well, I don't see ANYTHING in the way of Skills. None. Given his complications, I would be tempted to make the "power armor" mystical in nature and not entirely understood by the wearer. So, some familiarity with the occult, some basic social skills, maybe some CSLs.
  5. I'm playing with mine right now that I went ahead and updated my Hero Designer (it was waaaaaaay old) so I can plug in the Prefabs. I agree that the card numbers (not the numbering on the cards, but their numbers in the set) can be hard to read, depending on the background color (yellow is particularly challenging). Will let you know how it goes.
  6. I saw the announcement over on Facebook and was just gobsmacked. Such a great guy. I'll miss him.
  7. I'm a big fan of the Wearing the Cape series. And the new one is sort of time travel, sort of a "What if?" story. I'm not 100% happy with it, but it's pretty satisfying in most ways. Folks already mentioned "Devil's Cape," it's a good one. "Black and White" and "Shades of Grey" by Caitlin Kittredge and Jackie Kessler were among my intros to superhero fiction. Actually, I just remembered I wrote this a couple of years ago. Needless to say, some books have been added to the genre since, but it's a decent overview, if I say so myself. https://theron
  8. Another bit of Hero history for your enjoyment: I found four issues of the Hero Games Newsletter I got back when I had a subscription to AC. I got Jason Walters' permission to scan and make them available, so enjoy. https://myolddice.blogspot.com/2017/11/another-blast-from-past.html
  9. Coolness. On the iPhone feed (not the iTunes), it only goes back to episode 3. As I recall, there's a setting somewhere on your end that allows people to access older material. I'd love hear this from the beginning.
  10. Re: Delaying and Interrupting - How Do You Play It? And, for what it's worth, all of this discussion reminds me of a conversation I once saw back on Red October. Wayne Shaw had posted a lengthy set of rules questions for 4e. As was his style, he thoroughly discussed each issue, so it was a monumental string of posts. In one of them, he mentioned that there was a rule that a Martial Art had to have at least ten points of maneuvers (or something like that). Said question brought out a whole flock of folks, including Aaron Allston (who'd written Ninja Hero) expressing complete and ut
  11. Re: Delaying and Interrupting - How Do You Play It? Yes. As noted above, he did in fact win the DEX roll. Our GM has decided thusly for our table: "Your Phase starts as soon as your DEX comes up in the Segment, and at that point, your CSLs go unset and your maneuver mods disappear, regardless of whether you delay your action. However, you cannot be interrupted on your phase until you've had a chance to set your levels." So, in my case, knowing that Green Dragon was going to take a whack at me, before I could get off my intended Nerve Strike, I would have been
  12. Re: Delaying and Interrupting - How Do You Play It? Given what ghost-angel pointed out (which my GM also mentioned via email), this seems to put us back at square one. My DCV is stratospheric, so the bad guy delays. On my action, he uses his delay, but I haven't actually taken my action yet. So, I guess I lose the benefit of the Martial Dodge, but what about the CSLs? It just feels weird.
  13. Re: Delaying and Interrupting - How Do You Play It? Useful and good to know. Thanks!
  14. So, last week, I played Champions for the first time in several years (it's been even longer since I've GMed). I was playing a Martial Artist who, between Martial Dodge, base DCV, and Levels could reach an obscenely high DCV. All well and good. I was engaged with another martial artist who had a higher DEX, so I aborted to a Dodge as soon as he attacked me in the first phase (we were the same speed) and he couldn't hit me. When the next phase came up, the GM declared he was going to delay. When my action came up, we rolled off and he won the DEX roll, thus interrupting my action.
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    Re: ARMED Acronym Advanced Response Metahuman Emergency Directive
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