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  1. It's an unfortunate weakness, but moviemakers tend to assume we don't want to hear funny characters be funny in action sequences. You'd think Spider-Man would have helped with that. dw
  2. In Soviet Russia, Explain This Comics Guys!! listens to you!! Get all the info on all six Red Guardians and the rest of the Black Widow supporting cast in our 30th episode!! dw https://explainthis.podbean.com
  3. Look sharp, fellow Explainers!! The team has defied tradition and gotten an episode Explaining the This of Black Widow BEFORE the movie came out!! Learn the hidden connections between the MCU and Rocky and Bullwinkle here: https://explainthis.podbean.com/ dw
  4. Explain This, Comics Guys!! does whatever a podcast can this week with the conclusion of the career of Steve Ditko!! We discuss both Ayn Rand and Hawk & Dove in this, so it's shall-we-say free ranging. https://explainthis.podbean.com/ dw
  5. Okay, the Explain This, Comics Guys!! crew has gathered our wits and posted Part Three of our Falcon and Winter Soldier analysis. Join us in celebrating one full year of This-Explaining!! dw https://explainthis.podbean.com/
  6. Hey kids, comics!! Explain This, Comics Guys returns with the second part of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, with in-depth Explainings of John Walker, Flag-Smasher, the Barons Zemo and Sharon Carter!! Get your fix here: https://explainthis.podbean.com/ and help keep this nutty operation from having to turn to the Red Skull for funding here: www.patreon.com/ExplainThis_ComicsGuys dw
  7. Explain This, Comics Guys!! returns with a brand-new episode in which we start breaking down "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" for y'all! Who's who, what's what, how is the show different from the comics, and what did we love and not love about it? https://explainthis.podbean.com/ dw
  8. Hey all! Explain This, Comics Guys!! ignores the boundaries of time and space by putting up an extra-special early episode, about the early life and career of Steve Ditko! So web-sling over there and check it out! https://explainthis.podbean.com/
  9. Explain This, Comics Guys!! presents a special Giant-Sized episode this week, taking on the snarled continuity of Hawkman!! Gang, if you love inexplicable editorial confusion and stubbornness, then this is your show! https://explainthis.podbean.com/
  10. So the upcoming episode of Explain This, "Hawkman," will be double-sized at 86 minutes. We originally planned to cut it in two but decided it was such a clusterf*ck that listeners should be able to just rewind when we're like "And then Fel Andar reappears in the story..." Wait, which dumb idea was he again? So, you're welcome, comics fans!! dw
  11. Explain This, Hostess Guys!! is now live. We hope you enjoy this very special episode. Note: The cosmic cube can do anything. dw https://explainthis.podbean.com/
  12. Check your calendars, and note that this Wednesday a very special episode of Explain This, Hostess Guys!! will drop, in which we take a break from our regular podcast about Hostess products in order to talk about Hostess comicbook ads. dw
  13. I was working at Arena Stage in Washington, DC in 1990 when he played Troy in Fences there. Absolutely magnetic personality, and always polite and kind to the crew. And of course, crushed the part. RIP, sir. dw
  14. Coming to you live from the battlefields of the Siancong War, it's Explain This, Comics Guys!! This week we take on Floating Comicbook Timelines, or how the relentless march of history has garbled the backstories of so many of our apparently ageless heroes!! https://explainthis.podbean.com/ dw
  15. Glad you liked it! Upcoming topics include "comic book time" and topical references (or, what war precisely did Tony Stark sell weapons for?), and our April Fool's Day special on the world of Hostess ads. We'll be recording a deep dive into the career of Steve Ditko in the next week or two as well, in which he is given appropriate credit for several things people don't remember he invented as well as puzzled shrugs about all the Objectivism malarkey. dw
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