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  1. It's pretty much what all these characters deserve anyhow.
  2. As long as Endgame brings back all the characters slain by Thanos, I'll be happy.
  3. So who is everybody talking about after WWE's tribute to Mean Gene? Who is trending after the tribute to their former employee? Hulk Hogan. ?
  4. Pretty sure that was the one movie where he was a good guy.
  5. So apparently Becky Lynch is no longer wrestling Rhonda Rousey at Survivor Series. From what I heard, she got potatoed by Nia Jax resulting in a broken face and concussion.
  6. Because somebody in WWE management think the guy showing up for work as little as possible makes him a 'draw.'
  7. So apparently WWE put the Universal Title back on Brock Lesnar over in Saudi Arabia. I hope he doesn't find his title defense schedule of once every other blue moon to stressful.
  8. Which means Aries has burned bridges with ROH and Impact. Not sure of the circumstances of his WWE release so I can't comment there. He might be damaged goods at this point.
  9. And they fired him because of their 'family values' because nothing says family values like enabling the smear campaign of a right wing rape advocate. Also haven't Disney owned companies hired Victor Salva in the past? No seriously, I'm asking.
  10. The 'humanity virus' portion of the trailer seems like it's being said by the villain, well the human villain anyway since it's likely King Ghidorah will be the big bad of the movie, of the piece. I've watched quite a few Godzilla movies after all and folks who support an anti-humanity stance in them tend to always be villains. Ergo the 'species shaming' didn't bother me all that much. Villains are supposed to express horrible views after all.
  11. If Rorschach was feeling charitable that day.
  12. True, though I don't actually think he'd throw his own mother in jail for jaywalking. He's hard on crime sure but he's not gonna jail people for misdemeanors.
  13. That reveal didn't do much for me either, fortunately I found the rest of the movie enjoyable enough to move past that. I had hoped that Trevor being just an actor was a ploy and he really was the Mandarin after all, the idea being that he'd used Killian to take the heat off his organization, but I'm quite happy with what the one shot implied as well.
  14. Yeah the end credit scene killed my enjoyment of Ant Man and the Wasp, sad to say. If I were making a list that would drop the movie several spaces down just because of the sheer aggravation that scene caused me. Infinity War would be at the bottom but I've not seen it as Thanos is the most overrated villain in Marvel Comics and should never have been brought back, both the comics and the movies were better off with Thanos a lifeless statue that couldn't inflict itself on otherwise interesting comics and movies.
  15. I enjoyed the whole damn movie, it was fun which was more then I could say for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Or any movie with an Infinity War tie in. ?
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