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  1. I saw this on Turner Classic Movies a little while ago. Absolutely adored it.
  2. Actually, the Queen in Snow White came first.
  3. You never realize how dim some WWE fans are, until you hear one declaring with complete sincerity that Vince's inability to effectively book talent coming out of NXT is the fault of NXT. 😑
  4. And there was a disqualification in a friggin' Hell in a Cell match.
  5. Heard they got the title back. Wouldn't be surprised if it turns into a storyline though.
  6. If memory serves I found my copy on Amazon. Reasonably priced too.
  7. Escape to Witch Mountain by Alexander Key. Surprisingly the Disney adaption was pretty faithful to the book in many ways with the big changes being the addition of the flying car scene at the end of the movie and the addition of Aristotle Bolt. If you can track down a copy I highly recommend it.
  8. The On The Run series by Gordon Korman. It's about a brother and sister who escape from a juvenile detention facility in order to clear the names of their parents, who've been falsely convicted of treason. They have to find a man named Frank Lindenauer who had recruited their parents into what they were told was a CIA operation to battle terrorism and his disappearance caused the Falconer parents' conviction. On top of all that they have to avoid being caught by the FBI or being killed by the mysterious assassin called (by the kids) Hairless Joe.
  9. True, though from all accounts the booking of the Kofi/Orton match was beyond stupid. Orton really ought to have jobbed clean to Kofi.
  10. Well credit where it's due, WWE booking actually did the smart thing and gave the Universal Title to Seth Rollins.
  11. Well with the big read belt gone, at least the company can focus on the belt that's actually important to the company: The World Title that Kofi Kingston is holding. After all it's only the belt that's been the top prize in the company since the 1960's.
  12. If you'd told me five years or so ago that in 2019 I'd have dumped ROH for bad booking, while enthusiastically watching the former TNA I'd have said you were crazy, but that's precisely what's happened. ROH has hired the Beautiful People and are pushing them over all the talented folks in their women's division while their heavyweight title is currently around the waist of the man who makes Randy Orton look charismatic, Matt Taven. Combine that with the constant focus on Bully Ray and the Briscoes and I can't bear to sit through an episode of ROH TV to see the wrestlers I actually do like. Meanwhile over on Impact they have the World Title on the awesome Brian Cage who has an actual interesting storyline going with Michael Elgin and Johnny Impact, LAX is having awesome title defenses against pretty much whomever they face, the Deaners have started a fun looking feud against the Desi Hit Squad and the roster is pretty much choc a bloc with wrestlers I like. I'm hoping ROH can turn things around like Impact Wrestling has, because I really want to be a fan of both.
  13. It's pretty much what all these characters deserve anyhow.
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