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  1. In my opinion Bride of Chaotica is the best episode of Voyager. Definitely one I always watch when it's on TV.
  2. Re: Lucha Libre Hero Plot Threads
  3. Re: Lucha Libre Hero Plot Threads Has this been released yet?
  4. Re: Golden Age Campaign Csyphrett does have a point about the game. It has been awhile since it was running. That said, I'm still interested in hearing any ideas you might want to post and hope that this thread is helpful to anybody else running a golden age game.
  5. Re: Conan vs. Elric Conan shags Xena and Gabrielle, seperately and at the same time. Elric angsts about not getting any.
  6. Re: Rifts HERO? No kidding. There's several places where Tolkeen should've had a clear advantage but they don't simply because the writer wants the Coalition to win. I remember the books talking about how a Coalition victory was inevitable yet people on the Palladium forums were talking about how they could be taken out with the spells from the first rulebook.
  7. Re: Rifts HERO? Presumably you didn't hamstring Tolkeen or give the Coalition the ability to pull millions of troops out of thier hindquarters either. At least I hope you didn't. Did I mention that I really really REALLY hated Tolkeen Wars? The last book in the series was particularly heinous.
  8. Re: Rifts HERO? Tell me you redid the Tolkeen/Coalition War so that it didn't suck large. Tell me this and I will rep you as many times as I can and encourage others to do the same.
  9. Re: Jedi Ghosts and fade-to-deaths?
  10. Re: Jedi Ghosts and fade-to-deaths? Fair enough. I still think clueless and out of touch is a bit harsh however, I mean the council was running an orginization that spanned a galaxy and were heavily involved in a violent war the second and third movies as well. From thier point of view they had more important things to worry about then Anakin. Remember, Palpatine was the one with clairvoyance there's no evidence that the Jedi Council had it as well. Besides, shouldn't it have been Obi Wan's job to properly deal with Anakin's whiny emo behavior?
  11. Re: Jedi Ghosts and fade-to-deaths?
  12. Re: Jedi Ghosts and fade-to-deaths?
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