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  1. Though if they'd opened fire themselves, I imagine there's a pretty good chance they'd have ended up shooting each other.
  2. If it's a private road then they're scamming money from the city of St Louis because the zoning law says said roads are being maintained by the city of St Louis. If they city's maintaining it then it's public property plain and simple but there I go being logical rather then mindlessly swallowing whatever story de jour they're using to vilify the black people being threatened by the gun wielding idjits.
  3. Only the house is private property, the street and the sidewalk are maintained by the city and are thus public property. So long as they didn't actually walk onto the front yard of the house, which they clearly didn't, they're not trespassing.
  4. But they're not defending their home. The black guys are walking by on the sidewalk and there's no indication that they have any intention of causing trouble for these people. They'd probably have walked on by if this nitwits hadn't utterly failed at trying to appear badass.
  5. So people were claiming that it was a private street. However somebody on Twitter pointed out the city zoning laws are available to the public and while the houses, as houses generally are, are private, the street is maintained by the city and thus public.
  6. Their poor firearm safety is liable to get themselves killed, rather then anybody else. They had their fingers on the triggers and had the guns pointed at each other almost as often as they had them at the people they were threatening.
  7. Yeah I saw that on Twitter a little while ago. The amount of racists bending over backward to justify the behavior of those two is absolutely disgusting.
  8. https://www.f4wonline.com/tna-news/impact-terminates-relationship-tessa-blanchard-title-vacated-314166 https://www.f4wonline.com/tna-news/michael-elgin-not-appearing-any-further-impact-programming-314186
  9. I follow a few of the former CHIKARA roster and twitter and they're hurt by this too. From all accounts the promoter who ran it, Mike Quackenbush, was quite a piece of work.
  10. Joey Ryan and Dave Crist have been fired from Impact Wrestling as a result of those misconduct accusations. Michael Elgin has only been suspended thus far.
  11. She also revealed that small towns in Canada have more people then Trump's rallies. 🤣
  12. Quite a few I'd imagine. I'm certainly not gonna take the cops' word for it that those were the only instances.
  13. It doesn't look like it'll be finished by year's end either, though hopefully by then Trump's attempt at dictatorship will have horribly blown up in his face. I mean I don't know if I ought to be hoping for a full on revolution but....well in my opinion Trump and his followers deserve that fate WAY more then the Romanovs.
  14. Apologies for misunderstanding what you said. I'm just a bit high strung at the moments, due to these unfortunate events.
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