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  1. Well according to the recap I read, McIntyre acknowledged that he tested positive for it on the show. Despite that they kept on acting as if the match was still going to go on, despite obvious reasons why that's a bad idea.
  2. And to make things worse, there's no evidence as of yet that Vince plans to cancel the McIntyre/Goldberg match because of this.
  3. Fair point, it's still a major bonehead moment for WWE in any case. I mean honoring the Legends is all well and good but given there's a pandemic going on, perhaps they should've been left at home this time?
  4. Good job WWE, he has it and since he was at legends night he probably passed it on to all of them as well.
  5. Admittedly, it does have my interest given that I'm fond of all those guys.
  6. Well we don't know what he's doing there yet, do we? I mean for all we know he could be the new on air commissioner or something.
  7. So a friend linked me to the first issue of Power Pack's Outlawed tie in and I have to say Ryan North actually gets the characters. He writes them well and before Civil War Jr used the comic as it's commode the story was fun, interesting and generally delightful. The Power Pack was handling the situation like true professionals, like a super team should (Champions take note) and if the story had ended with the Powers thwarting Boogeyman and going home it would have been perfect. Instead we have "blatantly fascist organization that Captain America would be beating the crud out of if Marvel h
  8. Very sadly. I'm guessing Slott was the one who decided to begin stripping away the interesting new stuff from Peter in order to return him to the status quo since crapping on Peter Parker is the only thing he seems capable of.
  9. Of course Slott also wrote Superior Spider-Man and Spiderverse, so I'm a tad conflicted on that recommendation. I mean Into the Spiderverse was awesome but the Spiderverse comic was just interesting alternate versions of Spidey being slain by uninteresting characters related to a villain I can't stand. I mean seriously, I'd take a Spider Ma'am comic over anything involving the Inheritors any day of the week.
  10. So how many people have actually written Spider-Man well? I mean giving him stories with actual character development and such, rather then heaping calumny on Peter and calling it story telling. 'Cause, due to chatting with somebody on the subject, it's starting to seem like it's been a long line of hacks weeing all over the character's history and such with the Clone Saga, One More Day and "Superior" Spider-Man being particular low points.
  11. I'd question the point of ever letting Orton win the title but then, I'm notoriously anti Orton.
  12. Ugh, I utterly despised the MCU Spider-man movie. I actually didn't watch Far From Home because I despised the first one so much, I actually walked out in the middle of it because I disliked it so much. Barely competent Spidey would be bad enough but condescending abusive Tony Stark was a step to far.
  13. I dunno, jobbing out a popular face to Randy Orton AGAIN seems like a pretty crappy decision.
  14. In my opinion Bride of Chaotica is the best episode of Voyager. Definitely one I always watch when it's on TV.
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