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  1. Just plain horrible if you ask me. With next to no options for these wrestlers to get new work due to the virus, WWE cans them all. Really a disgusting move.
  2. Well I'd imagine that would get addressed sometime during the series itself. Can't reveal everything in episode one after all.
  3. No, the timing is not "suspect" at all. She made a sanctimonious tweet about supporting other women, prompting the women who know Tessa doesn't support others to speak up about the kind of woman she actually is.
  4. A day or so after allegations of racism and bullying by Tessa have come forth no less. https://lastwordonprowrestling.com/2020/01/12/tessa-blanchard-lallegations/
  5. Unless I'm mistaken it's the first story arc in the New Mutants comic: The Demon Bear Saga.
  6. It just seems to me like they put all the effort into casting the female characters, minus Dr. Reyes, then just didn't bother when it came to the guys.
  7. Perhaps they have secondary mutations that drain the melanin from their skins? 🙄
  8. Only if you ignore every other appearance of the character where he's a very dark skinned Latino gentleman, sure. His origin in the comics even involves him being attacked by a racist BECAUSE of his dark skin so no, the white guy they hired to play him does not match up to him pretty well at all.
  9. You and me both. I admit I used to be a fan of Lesnar during his first WWE run. These days however, not so much.
  10. Given that in the comics Roberto is a very dark skinned Latino male and the actor they cast to play him could pass as a white guy, no I'm not joking.
  11. You mean, when she actually joined the New Mutants team? 'Cause she joined the New Mutants after being rescued from Belasco.
  12. Illyana, Rahne and Dani look more or less spot on, particularly Illyana. The boy playing Sam, not quite as much. The guy playing Roberto is, as I'm sure you've all guessed by now, way WAY off.
  13. Can't disagree with you there. I'm sure some of them would be quite happy to actually be wrestling again.
  14. So Luke Harper and Sin Cara have been let go by WWE today. Folks are already wondering if there's more to come.
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