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  1. Thinking about it... it's really only Superman that's a problem. The rest can be sorted by "not being greedy", or not going overboard on what they can do. It just needs Superman to be sorted out in order to provide the benchmarks.

    Batman: Don't be greedy.
    Wonder Woman: Kind of neat, with some interesting powers, but not really All That Awesome.
    Flash: Get Superman right first.
    Green Lantern: Not all that, inferior to Batman aside from his powers, and get Superman right.
    Aquaman: Surprisingly easy once you work out that it is Fish Telekinesis, not Fish Telepathy.
    Martian Manhunter: The Superman Plus stuff is massively overrated.

    Once you have the founders of the JLA in place, everything is fine.

    It reduces to Superman.

  2. From memory, there was no reason why the villains in Deathstroke would bother attacking the PCs. Perhaps they might have bothered if they had had a connection to VIPER, and the PCs had played VIPER's Nest. Then it could be payback.

    At times I have thought that the Island of Doctor Destroyer would work better as the Island of Doctor Draconis. There would need to be a time lag, and possibly an Escape From Stronghold, that would let Doctor D (pick which one) set up their base to be a proper threat with a proper Master Plan.

    Hmm... so I've just described a campaign based on the earliest published Champions adventures. There needs to be at least a few months stuck in the middle though.

  3. Obviously some of the key characters are point hogs, but there are a bunch of others that aren't 


    So while a write up for the Man of Steel will be over the top, there could also be a 1938 version of him and a cut down Maid of Might as well.


    Teenage partner versions would be possible as well. There are useful analogues of most of the main characters, as well as others like Cybernetic Organism, Animal Shapeshifter and so on.


    I wouldn't go out of my way to include bought in characters in Volume 3. If they fit,they fit, but I wouldn't make them a priority.


  4. 1 hour ago, Tjack said:

         That was when they were trying to copy the Punisher,  now they’re copying Deadpool.


    Peacemaker first appeared in 1966, and at that time was pretty much the opposite of the Punisher (1974) in every way. He was originally published by Charlton Comics, not DC.

    The Comedian in Watchmen was partly based on him, although there was little in common between them after the other influences kicked in.

  5. I've looked at a description of the source material. It looks like there are characters that specialise in nearly anything. I'd take that as my starting point, and not try to be able to do everything at first.


    Pick a character type and concentrate on that. That way your character will be good at doing one thing and not be terrible at everything.


    You can expand their abilities with experience.

  6. 3 hours ago, Foklin said:

    I have not played Champions in years(the mid 90's) and really only made one character, now my nearly 17 yo son wants to run a game.  For this game I am trying to make a Colossus type Champions character that his alter ego activates on a 13- character roll as he is new to his powers, that I will eventually buy off with XP as we progress.  My question is would I place all his powers under a Multipower frame work with fixed costs for each power? 


    First, what edition are you using?

    Second, I wouldn't use Multipower here. It's more for "or" cases rather than "and" ones. (This power OR that power, not this power AND this one AND that one.)


    2 hours ago, steriaca said:

    I believe there is a Colossus type build in the first Book of Templates. I have to check it out when I get home.


    There is. Nearly everything is held together by Unified Power.  His Resistant Protection is the only major thing that isn't.

    A good start for the original poster if 6e is being used.

  7. 15 minutes ago, Spence said:

    The second is sell back.  One of the major arguments is that 5th and earlier prevented you from building what you wanted because of one line that says you can only sell back one figured stat.  Initially we completely missed that on and later thought it was stupid and ignored it. 


    That restriction was introduced in 2e Champions. It blocked one of the major bugs in 1e - the perpetual motion machine you could create by buying, say, 10 000 Con, and selling back almost all of the resulting figured characteristics. Or you could buy 20 000, 100 000, a million... You could do the same thing with Str.

    Of course there were other ways to block it. Capping the value of Str or Con you could buy would do the trick (well enough). You might also need to make sure any limitations the character had on their Str and Con were strictly enforced.


    Obviously this is just sensible GM vetting of characters - but having such a bug in the rules as written is a blatant invitation for players to try it on - and not all GMs would spot the issue or deal with it well.

  8. There has been an interesting development in Australia that could point to a possible path to de-escalation in the US.


    The Murdoch newspapers and TV network here have suddenly decided that climate change is real. I'm not sure all the flying monkeys have got the memo yet, but it is a major political shift by a mainstay of climate change denialism.


    So what happened? Reality. The economic and political costs of maintaining the status quo became too great.


    It's conceivable that the cost of the extreme polarisation in the US might become too great, resulting in the more mainstream idiots toning things down for the greater good of US capital.


    That wouldn't stop the fringe crazies, but it would undercut their support.


    I wouldn't worry about the "left" - the Democrats have a long history of turning radicals into hacks.

  9. 17 hours ago, Chris Goodwin said:


    I think it was Crusaders for the armor and weapons, 


    The no edged weapons seems to come from the portrayal of Bishop Odo on the Bayeaux Tapestry. 

    It has no other historical basis, but existed as a factoid before (probably) Gygax wrote it into the Cleric class.

    Historical clubs, sceptres, maces and so on were symbols of authority. It's possible Odo's club had that meaning. Duke/King William himself used a club elsewhere in the tapestry.

    The armour and fighting ability stems from the crusaders, yes.

    The Paladin class is arguably redundant.

  10. According to Arnesen, a PC became a vampire and wandering monster in the Blackmoor dungeon.


    Sometime later a player wanted to play a Van Helsing type, which became the first prototype "cleric".


    I haven't heard anything about the subsequent evolution of the character class. The published version might owe a lot more to Gygax than Arnesen.

  11. An option I have considered is to use the prologue from Romeo and Juliet as a starting point.


    It would need a bit of expansion to help the players locate their characters within the framework, but the atmospheric work would be more or less done.


    You don't have to mention terms like Guelph or Ghibelline in order to milk them for further setting ideas.


    Venice might be a more fruitful inspiration than Verona. It had an empire that could get the PCs traipsing all over a Mediterranean sized area and beyond.


    Anyway, the players can start with a relatively familiar concept - Shakespearean Europe - and work from there. If they come up with Dwarves, well, good on them.

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