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  1. The previous world having been destroyed allows for some interesting survivals. Potentially including some of the reasons for that destruction...
  2. True, The Gaean Reach RPG uses that in an interesting way. A Big Bad doesn't have to be that big
  3. It would be an awesome plague. It might increase crop yields afterwards though, so you would want to conquer that bit of land.
  4. The player characters aren't kings, barons or other army/city/big scale leaders yet but they are involved in complex conflicts which take place at their social level. Does anyone have any experience or good ideas for such a situation?
  5. From New Zealand: Artist 'broken' after judge rules copyright of her work must be shared in divorce
  6. The no edged weapons seems to come from the portrayal of Bishop Odo on the Bayeaux Tapestry. It has no other historical basis, but existed as a factoid before (probably) Gygax wrote it into the Cleric class. Historical clubs, sceptres, maces and so on were symbols of authority. It's possible Odo's club had that meaning. Duke/King William himself used a club elsewhere in the tapestry. The armour and fighting ability stems from the crusaders, yes. The Paladin class is arguably redundant.
  7. According to Arnesen, a PC became a vampire and wandering monster in the Blackmoor dungeon. Sometime later a player wanted to play a Van Helsing type, which became the first prototype "cleric". I haven't heard anything about the subsequent evolution of the character class. The published version might owe a lot more to Gygax than Arnesen.
  8. Surprise level zero on the potential looting.
  9. I might just relax and indulge my fondness for silly names. So Kaive is a Dwarf city, Elves live in Elvas, the Dark Lord's stronghold is Ermagord and barbarian PCs come from Jonda (pronounced "yonder", with a non-rhotic accent). Not sure about the starting town.
  10. I tend to overlook D&D style clerics. Any priest types I use tend not to carry the D&D style baggage.
  11. I used to draw fantasy maps for fun. I haven't done it for ages. Maybe I should change that. Something quick and full of silly names would be a good start. Except I would be tempted to include Smurfs. I must resist that.
  12. An option I have considered is to use the prologue from Romeo and Juliet as a starting point. It would need a bit of expansion to help the players locate their characters within the framework, but the atmospheric work would be more or less done. You don't have to mention terms like Guelph or Ghibelline in order to milk them for further setting ideas. Venice might be a more fruitful inspiration than Verona. It had an empire that could get the PCs traipsing all over a Mediterranean sized area and beyond. Anyway, the players can start with a relatively familiar concept - Shakespearean Europe - and work from there. If they come up with Dwarves, well, good on them.
  13. assault

    Green Arrow

    What about the atomic warhead arrow?
  14. Bizarre ‘save Australia’ protest blocks New York streets
  15. I'm starting to consider the idea of a previous "Age" for my First King setting. It takes away from the purity of the concept, but it would be easy to fit into the mythology and allow me to introduce anomalous stuff - magic Items, places of mystery and so on. Good for a game, bad for the concept. It might be worth it. It's not like Great Floods are without precedent in the material I am drawing from. Pre-human civilizations are another option.
  16. A thought about changing into a dragon. Changing into a wolf is dangerous. There is a chance of being possessed by the wolf's spirit and thus becoming a werewolf. A dragon's spirit is much more powerful. Taking a dragon's form is a recipe for becoming a dragon. With the right player that could be fun, but in most cases you might want to suggest that it's a bad idea before it happens.
  17. Diderot was an 18th century Enlightenment philosopher and intellectual precursor to the French revolution. I prefer not to draw from modern fantasy literature - most of it sucks, and a lot of it is riddled with libertarianism.
  18. The setting that I described as "fairly hard line early Bronze Age-ish" is actually mainly Neolithic, and is missing a lot of what you would otherwise associate with "Bronze Age". The word "early" is there for a reason. If I had to give it a title, it would be "The First King". This is inspired by Denis Diderot's comment: “Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” So it's a setting point that urban society is rudimentary at best. Influences include very early Sumerian society, pre-Dynastic Egypt, pre-colonial New Guinea, and of course, indigenous Australia. A few bits of Neolithic and Bronze Age Europe have snuck in too. Where does magic fit in? It's all through it. Nothing would work without it. It doesn't change things - it makes them possible. And not-Cassowaries have been domesticated.
  19. I've currently got two different settings fighting it out for attention in my head. One is fairly generic. I'm not sure that the notionally largest city is, but I don't see anywhere bigger than 20000 actually showing up in practice. (But PCs, of course, would inevitably gravitate to bigger places, because they're PCs, and no plan survives contact with them.) The other is fairly hard line early Bronze Age-ish. In that one, the largest "city" would max about at about ten thousand, but only during religious festivals. At other times it would be less than half that. The festivals would tend to deplete the local food supply, forcing most of the population to disperse back to smaller villages, or even to nomadic groups. In neither case are there significant nonhuman populations, although there might be Dwarves/Gnomes and possibly other groups scattered around in the first case, if I am feeling a little silly.
  20. First catch your dragon...
  21. "We must not look at goblin men, We must not buy their fruits: Etc On examples of giant humans: Andre "He is the brute squad!".
  22. I'm considering a book I'm not sure what would be in it yet. Obviously something special - sacred or magical. The Book of Kells is a possible inspiration. Back when I was a programmer, there was a Known Error List for the operating system and other system software. It was of course known as the KEL. A Book of Known Errors in reality could be interesting. See Time Bandits for further details. A bit silly though. The shapeshifting idea is good. Clearly there are ethical issues with some changes. After all, if you need to wear a wolf skin to change into a wolf, what do you have to wear to change into another human form? Some might not be too problematic. I could see women warriors taking and wearing "trophies" from defeated male enemies as a "don't mess with me" symbol. The kind of enchantments that could be applied to such an object are obvious. But such an object probably couldn't be inherited, but would have to be created by each such wearer. (Obviously not a particularly "civilized" practice.)
  23. The ring is of course a riff on the ring of Gyges, and thus somewhat mandatory. Because Plato.
  24. I'm making a short list of magic Items that might be important to my setting. I'm short a couple though. So far I've got: An amulet which provides magical protection, and boosts the abilities of wizards A talisman that does the same only more so. A sword that does normal magic sword stuff, and also is required if you want to conquer the Big City. A ring of invisibility. All of these are potentially campaign shaking. They aren't just casual loot. But I want a couple more. Any ideas?
  25. The one place you would have thought would never have this problem. Clown shortage in Northern Ireland
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