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  1. I've heard this too Essentially they run on batteries while submerged The other trick used during exercises is for the smaller diesel subs to go places where the bigger nuke subs can't. Shallow water, or brown water. Apparently subs aren't supposed to suddenly appear out of nowhere and shout "gotcha!". A somewhat separate question is when drones will start to encroach on the current role of subs
  2. There's a lot of politics involved in this The current government are coal huggers, but are beginning to realise that the game is up. Naturally, they want a nuclear industry instead of commie hippie solar and wind (despite, you know, Australia being the perfect place for these forms of energy). At the very least they will try to revive the largely moribund uranium mining industry and, being malicious idiots, will probably try to set a radioactive waste dump for the US and UK It's unlikely that any nuclear power plants will be set up here as the economics doesn't work out, even with massive taxpayer handouts Not to mention the massive political opposition to all this. The official parliamentary Opposition is lukewarm at best but there are plenty of other people who will organise around this stuff
  3. Loubet is in the Facebook group. You could ask him there.
  4. Thanks to archer for taking the time to go through that. I personally rely heavily on the site/source reliability heuristic to filter out nonsense. It saves a lot of time.
  5. It is by D&D standards. Dentist dude is evil. Stealing his stuff is "good". D&D isn't a philosophical tract.
  6. Hmm. Yes, that's CG. Florida Man is Chaotic by definition.
  7. From a hard-left source, but still... Why the Nuclear Sub Deal Will End Badly for the Australians
  8. How far is Queens from Manhattan? How long does it take Spider-Man to travel between the two?
  9. 'Territorial' ravens disrupt surge in Wing drone deliveries under Canberra's lockdown Just wait until the ravens work out that the drones are carrying burritos... "Smash! Crash! Burrito party!"
  10. The new subs won't have that problem, since both their price and delivery times are unknown. I've seen it suggested that AUKUS would be better named USUKA, pronounced "you sucker".
  11. Incidentally, the thread title reminds me of the ancient Greek meaning of Stasis.
  12. I sometimes place my Krypton and Skrull homeworld homages "far beyond Uranus", skipping the Pluto/Neptune issue.
  13. The issue of lettuce has been keeping me awake. On the one hand, it is bland, and can be left out, but on the other, if it isn't there, it's not a properly balanced burger. Reluctantly, then, I have to change my strict four ingredient list to: lettuce, tomato, onion and either tomato or barbecue sauce. Slight preference for the latter.
  14. I'm pretty sure KFC has pepper and MSG as well as salt, but salt is the main one. The other 8 thingies are inconsequential. (Merged responses... The following is the second.) The small city (Toowoomba) where I live has a remarkable selection of food alternatives. In fact, the fact that it has alleyway cafes and street art has led to it being (sarcastically) dubbed "the Melbourne of Queensland". Melbourne poses as the "culture" capital of Australia. Toowoomba is also sometimes dubbed "the buckle of the (Australian) bible belt". Indian curries for lunch at work? Heck yes, although I prefer Thai. I work in a suburb, rather than the centre of town, so my choices are limited.
  15. Cheese, tomato and onion are more or less mandatory. That only leaves one. But you need a sauce. So there are actually very few choices here. It's only beyond this point that things get interesting. Unless you are really interested in what sauce you choose. Of course there are people with issues about meat and cheese, but that's no different than having an issue with beef. Irrelevant in this context. EDIT: Bacon is the fifth ingredient. I've also disregarded salt and/or pepper. So, hamburgers are a bit rubbish without at least six or seven ingredients.
  16. At this point I am basically asking questions out of curiosity To what extent are your games about exploring "places of mystery" ("dungeons"), exploring the world, epic quests, politics/intrigue, romance or whatever? OK, partly I am fishing for things I might be interested in, because endless dungeon crawling bores me to sleep, and in any case HERO isn't the best system for that, in my opinion.
  17. Queensland has finally gotten around to doing a statewide walk in and get vaccinated weekend. Until now we've been the Australian state with the lowest vaccination rate, mainly because we have been sheltering behind closed state borders. It will be interesting to see what difference this weekend makes.
  18. Practicing is tricky, unless you talk to individual people. Still, there are usually big clues - if someone is wearing the typical bling and/or stuff of their religion it usually suggests they have at least a strong cultural identity with it.
  19. A question for GMs and setting designers: when you are naming people and places, what do you do? Even if you are using a published source, you will end up needing more names. How do you deal with the range between Qwertyuio and Bob? One is gibberish, the other mundane. Where do you locate suitable names in this range, and how do you tell the difference? When you steal names, where do you steal them from? And so on... An example: The Cat of (name). In the Great Temple of (name), there is always a Cat living within the Most Holy Place. Since it appears to suffer no harm from trespassing in the Most Holy Place, the priests of the Temple leave it alone, believing its presence to be divinely ordained, or at least tolerated. (Also, they aren't allowed to enter the Most Holy Place to chase it out!) A bit silly, but it works. But the obvious lack is (name). In this context, (name) could be a place, a deity, or both. How would you go about choosing (name)?
  20. Which is why "scr*w these guys" is an appropriate response. You can't negotiate with them without enabling them, so violence becomes an option. During WW2, say, you could differentiate between a committed Nazi and a Wehrmacht conscript, but not while they are shooting at you. These days, there's no such excuse.
  21. Context: Jobkeeper was a wage subsidy scheme meant to protect employment during COVID-19. Although it worked, a whole bunch of company owners used it as a subsidy for their Hookers and Blow funds. Also, in Australia, Pentecostal churches manage to be wealthy and influential, despite only about 1% of Australians attending them. I guess it's the right 1%. /Context Pentecostal church given $660,000 in jobkeeper, then returns 3,620% increase in profit
  22. Presumably ships and boats would be more important in terms of communications and transport. There would probably be sizeable canal systems in some areas. Pre-electric telegraph systems would be in place, coupled with Pony Express-type (or Inca-type!) courier and mail systems. Of course these run into problems when you have to communicate over large bodies of water. But sailing ships can be pretty awesome, although still subject to unfavourable winds and such. So communication can be a lot faster than you might imagine. More generally, you could potentially have a 19th Century type set up without steam engines. I won't go into the potential effects of magic, since it can both help and hinder communication.
  23. I dislike agents that make the PCs feel less super. I dislike agents that require the PCs to be built on inflated points to be viable. I accept that a few "agents" are actually low-powered superbeings, through equipment, training or both. Most shouldn't be.
  24. Strangely, we can't provide enough housing for people on Earth. Not enough astronauts, presumably.
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