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  1. It would have been Victoria, except the dirty southerners got in first.
  2. When the war starts, the Palestinians will be blamed... Israeli forces raid Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, allowing Jewish settlers to pray at site
  3. Not what the headline says, but the actual story. A planeload of US military personnel in the Northern Territory have been declared close contacts after a fellow US Army soldier tested positive for COVID-19.
  4. You probably wouldn't be alone in that - and how many supervillains can fit on a small island? What would happen when the Indian Government and UNTIL find out? It could be an interesting twist on The Island of Doctor Destroyer. I wonder how much magic the North Sentinelese have?
  5. Have you seen the interior of (North) Sentinel Island? As far as we know it could be Alien Wakanda. With Sentinels. Or the home of the Ghost Who Walks.
  6. To be honest, none of them really float my boat. The Price of Dreams (Teen Champions) Obviously, as potential child soldiers, they can't do official missions. That just makes it another super school game, with extra authoritarian bits. Turncape: The Defectors (Cold War period Champions) This feels like it would require heavy handed GMing to avoid it going off the rails - and I would be at the front of the derailing queue. Universal Rejection (Champions) Probably the most traditional game, which is why I voted for it - but it's really just a traditional game with a bit of extra fluff. Wrongfully Convicted, Divinely Conscripted (Champions) Meh.
  7. The effect of the oil differs depending on how it's used. Sometimes the effect is slippery, and sometimes it is slipper-y.
  8. Former micro-nation Hutt River in Western Australia hits the market for the first time in 50 years Technically the Hutt River Province was dissolved last year, but you could easily reform it.
  9. That's an interesting interpretation, since 60s Marvel and comparable books like the Doom Patrol were clearly on Ron's mind when he was designing it. It would be interesting to see your characters. Unfortunately I've been distracted by other things for the last few months, so I don't have any recent ones of my own to show. A couple of possibilities: perhaps you are overloading characters with skills, or else you are applying standards to character abilities carried over from 5e/6e Champions. I realize that Ron doesn't approve of character modelling, but it might be worthwhile putting together some Marvel-style character examples to explore what can be done with the system.
  10. Yes, that's why I haven't watched it yet.
  11. Applied to somebody else's feet, they fall over a lot.
  12. Denis Loubet is in the Facebook group. Getting in touch would be easy if you were a member there. Affording him - eh. Words are cheap, art is expensive.
  13. Snake Oil could have either effect.
  14. Dumb question from an Australian: is immigration policy a state or federal issue in the US? I get that law enforcement is fragmented in the US, but surely in this case, the laws being enforced are federal laws? Then again, Australia has no equivalent to the National Guard. The closest our state and territory governments can come to that is the recruitment of "special constables" (under police control) in an emergency. (That came close to being a military force in New South Wales in a dispute with the federal government in the 1930s.)
  15. Unfortunately the only other source I can find doesn't include the sign translator, which is what makes it.
  16. Watch the sign language interpreter. Police press conference reporting on an incident.
  17. The names were canonical for 3e and 4e. The "not a coincidence" bit is my speculation.
  18. This is why I would use her as a niece rather than a sister. When she was given a civilian name it was Christine Saunders. Crusader's name was Sam Saunders. In a superheroic world, this is not a coincidence.
  19. The article reads like it went through an auto translation program twice.
  20. Georgia, at least, has the lost city of Atlanta. Tennessee has no excuse.
  21. Depending on the giants, they may eat or enslave humans. They can be pedestrian dullards, they can fly around in cloud ships, or anything in between. Not all giants are necessarily malevolent. The friendly ones can make useful allies. They can also be intermediaries with the gods - Thor as king of the Storm Giants, and nemesis of the Frost (and Fire) Giants. Regardless of type, mountains are a good place to put giants. You don't seem to have a sea, which would be another option.
  22. Not at all what I had in mind, of course, but interesting. I would have folded characters like that into the (less rainbow unicorn) Justice Warriors, but it raises an interesting point about differences of opinion within the teams. Since different members of the teams will usually have different disads/complications, it's possible that both Rivalry and Hunted/Watched could appear.
  23. Tractics. Unfortunately, the tendency at the time was for wargames rules to lean towards overcomplication. Tractics was a classic example. Courtesy of Google, the authors apparently wrote a simpler set of rules as well.
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