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  1. Denis Loubet is in the Facebook group. Getting in touch would be easy if you were a member there. Affording him - eh. Words are cheap, art is expensive.
  2. Snake Oil could have either effect.
  3. Dumb question from an Australian: is immigration policy a state or federal issue in the US? I get that law enforcement is fragmented in the US, but surely in this case, the laws being enforced are federal laws? Then again, Australia has no equivalent to the National Guard. The closest our state and territory governments can come to that is the recruitment of "special constables" (under police control) in an emergency. (That came close to being a military force in New South Wales in a dispute with the federal government in the 1930s.)
  4. Unfortunately the only other source I can find doesn't include the sign translator, which is what makes it.
  5. Watch the sign language interpreter. Police press conference reporting on an incident.
  6. The names were canonical for 3e and 4e. The "not a coincidence" bit is my speculation.
  7. This is why I would use her as a niece rather than a sister. When she was given a civilian name it was Christine Saunders. Crusader's name was Sam Saunders. In a superheroic world, this is not a coincidence.
  8. The article reads like it went through an auto translation program twice.
  9. Georgia, at least, has the lost city of Atlanta. Tennessee has no excuse.
  10. Depending on the giants, they may eat or enslave humans. They can be pedestrian dullards, they can fly around in cloud ships, or anything in between. Not all giants are necessarily malevolent. The friendly ones can make useful allies. They can also be intermediaries with the gods - Thor as king of the Storm Giants, and nemesis of the Frost (and Fire) Giants. Regardless of type, mountains are a good place to put giants. You don't seem to have a sea, which would be another option.
  11. Not at all what I had in mind, of course, but interesting. I would have folded characters like that into the (less rainbow unicorn) Justice Warriors, but it raises an interesting point about differences of opinion within the teams. Since different members of the teams will usually have different disads/complications, it's possible that both Rivalry and Hunted/Watched could appear.
  12. Tractics. Unfortunately, the tendency at the time was for wargames rules to lean towards overcomplication. Tractics was a classic example. Courtesy of Google, the authors apparently wrote a simpler set of rules as well.
  13. Oh, and obviously neither like the Scarecrow and his Strawmen. However, they have different ideas of how to deal with them.
  14. The question is: whether you support the Justice Warriors or the Power Brotherhood, the other team are awful. How do you represent this? Are they Rivals, or Hunteds? Either way, the (S)JWs and the Power Bros have an ideological difference that could well result in violence. Keep the politics nice, obviously.
  15. I've pretty much stopped using taverns, for this reason. OK, there are some cities that have them, but in general if you are in a city for no good reason, you aren't welcome.
  16. "Operate" is the key word here. If it implies vigilantism, then there are a lot of places where supers logically wouldn't be allowed to operate.
  17. Sounds like an upgraded/localized 911. I can't really see that being a problem beyond a few idiots for a while.
  18. That's not necessary. Characters can fight for their communities without significant individual gain, delusion or for the sake of tyrannical bastards. Obviously that depends on the community, but it doesn't require them to be unduly sanitised.
  19. I remember a short story in Space Gamer magazine in the early 80s that started with a young super getting a message on his pager. He then went and logged in to a secure network to get the details of his mission. So even in the early 80s, the idea of an on-call gig based system for superheroes was around. There were stats for the characters at the end of the story. IIRC, for V&V, Superhero 2044 - and first edition Champions.
  20. I tend not to make a big deal of it, and treat it as one of a number of unfree statuses. Even "free" people are typically constrained by clan/tribe/whatever membership. Even kings and things, at least notionally. The only truly free people are vagabonds, beggars and murder hobos.
  21. 4000 years is nothing special - even the Americas have been settled 3-4 times longer than that. Australia more than ten times longer. The effects of magic and the gods can be whatever you want them to be. They can work in favour of a higher population density - or a lower one. Your choice. But yes, a higher population density sounds likely.
  22. Just for fun, I looked up the population density of my own state in Australia. Queensland has a population density of 2.8/km2 (7.3/sq mi). Most of the population is concentrated in the south east corner, with most of the rest up the east coast. That leaves a huge sparsely populated area in a modern, developed country. Western Australia is even more sparsely populated: 1.0/km2 (2.6/sq mi) While we're at it, Alaska is 1.26/sq mi (0.49/km2) So very low population densities aren't incompatible with developed societies. (Insert Alaska joke here.) Obviously there will be more densely populated areas.
  23. Another drawback Champions Complete has is that the villains included are weird. They may be good for demonstrating that "you can build anything", but they mainly aren't the kind of characters useful for a starting campaign.
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