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  1. I'm considering using Brangomar in an adventure set in New Zealand. Because of the LOTR movies, of course.
  2. The original horse scarers were steam engines. Traction engines operating in the streets were the reason for laws about vehicles having to be preceded by people carrying red flags. Speed limits, too.
  3. Which was mad beyond belief.
  4. Gygax himself played at least a couple of magic users to high level. Mordenkainen was the most notable of them.
  5. Although there's no mystic element, it would be worthwhile to look at John Gay's The Beggar's Opera and Bertolt Brecht's Die Dreigroschenoper for insights into Elisha Mulraven. Of course he could be a mix of Peachum and Macheath.
  6. Looking at history: the transportation of convicts to New South Wales was still going during the 1840s, so it is likely that the followers of a "Beggar King" would be present there. On the other hand, the Metropolitan Police had been formed in London in 1829, resulting in policing in London becoming more professional and organized. It's not hard to see why the Beggar King would flee to New South Wales. That's the mundane side. The other question is the mystical one. Now that I think of it, it could be coincidence that he settled in the area that would become Canberra, and that his house would be suitable for the purposes of the Edomite. If Mulraven House hadn't existed, another location, perhaps in a different city, or in no city at all, could have been chosen. No foresight or mystical conspiracy needs to be involved. Mulraven House was there, and suitable. But still, how deeply involved was Elisha Mulraven with the occult? He would have had some involvement, I think, purely on narrative grounds.
  7. Also not news: Scott Morrison filmed performing bizarre dance after HMAS Supply twerking scandal
  8. "Mr Morrison said Australians had become used to recording days of zero community transmission but that would need to change. "If we were to lift the borders and people were to come, then you would see those cases increase," he told 6PR radio. "Australians would have to become used to dealing with a thousand cases a week or more."" Australians warned to prepare for ‘1,000 virus cases a week’ if international borders reopen
  9. What do "veteran officers" actually do most of the time? How often do they get into violent conflict situations, as opposed to how much of their time is spent doing entirely routine things? Most police officers aren't Special Forces grade combatants. Digression: many years ago I worked as a civilian computer programmer for a law enforcement agency. We had police officers attached to us to work as intermediaries between us civilians and the people out doing the job (and, in some cases taking the bribes - but that's another story). Anyway, at lunchtime one day, one of these officers arrested someone - a drunk who had collapsed on the ground in front of a pub near Police headquarters. The Computer Branch officers were uniformed, although many were older than the usual street cops, but stashed their guns in their lockers. Apparently most of them did wear their guns to and from work, "just in case". And in the case I described above, while going out to buy lunch. So, put these guys into a violent situation, and what happens? Well, they weren't American cops, so ..., but the death rate of Black people in police custody in Australia is a long term cause of political activism.
  10. That depends on which substance they were using.
  11. Overwhelmingly, superheroes do work outside the system. That's what all the masks and stuff are about. Otherwise they would be cops - or super-soldiers.
  12. Mulraven House is a location mentioned in DEMON - Servants of Darkness. It's described as "a mansion built by Elisha Mulraven, the Beggar King of London, after he fled England in 1843". Sometime after that it came into the possession of Prince Blackwell, one of the identities of the Edomite. It's located in Canberra, Australia. What is interesting is that the city of Canberra didn't exist in 1843. It was founded and formally named in 1913. There were Real World(tm) buildings in the area before then, some of which have been preserved. Clearly, in the Champions Universe, Mulraven House was one of these. The obvious question is: was its location in what would become the capital of Australia coincidental, or did someone foresee what Canberra would become? Coincidence is possible - it was probably the obvious choice for a home base for the Edomite in Australia. But why did the Beggar King build his mansion in the area that would become Canberra, rather than in the many other possible places? Or was the location of Canberra chosen because Mulraven House was there? Or, perhaps most likely, Canberra and Mulraven House were located where they were because of a common factor. Correlation, rather than causation. Maybe there is something of mystical significance about the location. In any case, the thought that DEMON has (or had, before 2012), a major stronghold next to the centre of power in Australia is interesting. How much influence does/did it have on Australian federal governments? What mystical influences are still at work, after DEMON's big "Oops!"? I'm ignoring Champions Online canon here, and sticking to the written game text. Some of the online canon might be applicable, potentially. I'm also ignoring the satirical potential of Australian federal governments being riddled with the followers of bizarre religious cults. It's too easy.
  13. Nice. I may actually have a use for this character. I might drop the UNTIL connection, and put him in Nouvelle-Calédonie - on the other side of the Coral Sea from Australia.
  14. The Australian government couldn't organize a p*ss-up in a brewery. Scott Morrison abandons target to have all Australians vaccinated against COVID-19 by the end of the year
  15. I'm thinking that Doctor Panic (Peter Panich) will probably team up with Black Opal. In fact, they might recruit other villains.... The Min Min lights will definitely make an appearance, since Min Min is relatively(!) near Winton.
  16. Thinking about Seeker - he appeared on a lot of covers back in the day. Clearly artists liked drawing him. I wonder if it was a mistake dropping him.
  17. She's also a villain.
  18. Unfortunately my copy of Strike Force is somewhere in a pile of books. The characters created by the original players have largely been mangled in the comic books. The example characters from the various editions are rather meh. There were a couple of interesting characters in Champions Worldwide, but the fact that I can't name them rules them out as iconic to me. Can't really think of any, to be honest. No doubt someone will come to mind eventually.
  19. Obviously not, but Champions is not an incel revenge fantasy support group. Tone matters.
  20. This is yet another thing I would let a character have for free (in a developed country, etc).
  21. I don't do silly adventures, but my default villains, and thus the scenarios they appear in, are a bit silly. The nefarious Doctor Nefarious is always up to something nefarious. It usually involves a McGuffin and/or a DNPC. The Red Herring is the villain you run into by accident when you take a wrong turn while investigating the latest plot of Dr Nefarious. Just yesterday, I invented the mysterious Rando the (haven't quite found a suitable synonym for Weird). He's that weird guy you run into and wish would go away. Except he has magic.
  22. In general, I deal with "representation" as being a matter for heroes, not villains. It's like this: a bunch of teenage boys are sitting around imagining punching women. Is that our game? It's OK to punch Nazis. Anything else works according to that framework. Back from that, WITCH was a male interpretation of 2nd wave feminism. Back in the day there was in fact a group called the Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell. On the other hand, SCUM (the Society for Cutting Up Men) was a mix of an actual document and a male editor making up the acronym. So WITCH was located in a particular time and space - that little space and time when the more confused remnants of the Sixties and Seventies radicals were engaging in the kind of activities that supervillains might engage in. That's pretty much the period in which 1e and 2e Champions was published. 3e was published at the end of it. Gremlin, as she originally was published, was an opponent of Gargoyle, who was created by Mark Williams. Gargoyle was a strength build, Gremlin was a speed build. She's the closest thing to a writeup of Gargoyle that we will ever see. Summary: supervillains are punchable. Some are curable, victims, or working for a noble cause, but in general, they shouldn't be people you wouldn't want to smack in the face.
  23. Cars are another example of relatively high point things normals routinely get for free.
  24. I'm not sure if Rando the Mysterious is a hero or a villain. Either way he looks a bit like Mandrake. I'm not sure where he lives.
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